Bowling in Halifax Cup 1926 (Ordered by Average)

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WP O'Neill (Ger)00165258-516.60 40
HA Haines (Ger)005263-38.66 00
AL Castle (Mer)00223196-5711.73 20
R Waad (Fr)00296258-4511.84 30
EM Mann (Mer)002422-2412.00 00
SH Hart (Fr)0011884-3814.75 00
CG Woolley (Phil)00275187-4815.27 10
FA Henry (Fr)0010464-2017.33 00
E Hopkinson (Phil)001811-1818.00 00
PH Clark (Ger)003822-2719.00 00
JH Savage (Ger)0013474-4219.14 00
JS Ellison (Phil)009753-4619.40 00
JM Crosman (Mer)0016282-3420.25 00
FA Greene (Ger)008143-1220.25 00
WM Fellows (Phil)0010952-1021.80 00
GF Bottomley (Fr)0013462-4222.33 00
CC Morris (Mer)0020585-4725.62 10
FC Taylor (Phil)0023993-5826.55 00
EH Thorp (Mer)0010843-4027.00 00
WT Long (Fr)0017063-6728.33 00
CJB Dixon (Phil)0018463-4030.66 00
FH Tripp (Fr)003411-3434.00 00
SW Mifflin (Mer)0025753-6351.40 00
GT Hawley (Phil)005911-3059.00 00
H Comfort (Fr)00160    
R Lee (Mer)00240    
EJ Murphy (Phil)00250    
GW Cupit (Ger)00270    
WS Evans (Fr)00280    
W Graham (Phil)00520    





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