Bowling in World Series Cricket Supertests 1977/78 (Ordered by Average)

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MJ Procter (World)15125854-3311.60 00
GS Chappell (Aus)23239155-2018.20 10
DW Hookes (Aus)3202011-620.00 00
AME Roberts (WI,World)121828551266-6921.19 10
J Garner (WI,World)111510538255-5221.52 10
Imran Khan (World)4754294134-2422.61 00
MHN Walker (Aus)113620618267-8823.76 20
MA Holding (WI)4482291114-6026.45 00
RJ Bright (Aus)89719491175-14928.88 10
IM Chappell (Aus)4203211-1032.00 00
WW Daniel (WI,World)492230193-4533.44 00
GJ Gilmour (Aus)496627084-2633.75 00
DK Lillee (Aus)122011765215-8236.42 10
AW Greig (World)540528373-2740.42 00
CL King (WI)512625264-7842.00 00
DL Underwood (World)5041221052-5442.00 00
LS Pascoe (Aus)6637429103-7042.90 00
AL Padmore (WI)328614522-7172.50 00
W Prior (Aus)328423221-34116.00 00
RC Fredericks (WI,World)240100    
CH Lloyd (WI,World)481100    
IVA Richards (WI,World)160110    
DAJ Holford (WI)882470    
Asif Iqbal (World)1281860    





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