Bowling in Minor Counties Championship 1895 (Ordered by Wickets)

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P Rogers (Ox)1983157714608-5311.90 73
C Shore (Norf)130690516578-609.05 94
A Rogers (Ox)1783133634509-612.68 53
S Raynor (Wo)141186693507-4813.86 42
WF Brown (Bed)161499576496-5911.75 62
TA Brown (Bed)166995702498-6314.32 52
G Nash (Buck)93467374478-337.95 73
EG Arnold (Wo)1381108466466-2810.13 40
D Nichol (Dur)124492476386-5612.52 40
J Gregory (Dur)1488109522389-4113.73 42
S Brown (Ches)134490522345-1315.35 10
WF Whitwell (Dur)106577474338-1814.36 32
HE White (Hert)113182458317-2714.77 41
JF Darlow (Staff)106751564315-8118.19 20
VA Titchmarsh (Hert)1303106462285-5416.50 10
WH Turner (Staff)88864336267-5012.92 31
A Millward (Wo)102975400267-4515.38 10
MW Wright (Buck)87383273255-2510.92 31
T Morley (Norf)84657317256-2712.68 30
WW Broadbent (Lin)69835340218-4716.19 21
HW Pank (Hert)33321164198-98.63 11
ESP Mack (Norf)62139242184-2813.44 00
E Smith (Ches)83560359175-7021.11 10
A Bird (Wo)61245225165-2214.06 10
A Smith (Ches)32513125127-4610.41 10
H Pigg (Hert)34213167125-4113.91 10
SRB Cowles (Norf)45526192124-5316.00 00
H Bassett (Ox)61944225123-2318.75 00
AM Miller (Wilt)34321205115-4118.63 20
J Brown (Staff)65843270103-2327.00 00
EC Ryland (Ches)19878296-199.11 10
W Anderson (Dur)240149897-5810.88 10
CG Pope (Bed)2441010093-2211.11 00
F Smith (Nr)2831910397-2911.44 10
GJ Thompson (Nr)3702512993-2514.33 00
TJ Nicholson (Lin)3562713796-7815.22 10
LCR Thring (Bed)3951716994-4118.77 00
OG Radcliffe (Wilt)14576085-117.50 10
AE Relf (Berk)203178484-3610.50 00
ACM Croome (Berk)198147175-2610.14 10
EG Bromley-Martin (Wo)239179376-5413.28 10
WH Nicholls (Hert)2401212874-4518.28 00
W Bird (Wo)3772414273-2720.28 00
HR Bromley-Davenport (Ches)4102018872-3226.85 00
RD Burrows (Wo)12663964-356.50 00
FH Humphrys (Wilt)13294164-326.83 00
PR Cornell (Cam)11594263-37.00 00
GH Colson (Nr)12064466-277.33 10
DM Hayward (Cam)2291210563-4117.50 00
AW Welch (Dur)3101517563-4329.16 00
WS Case (Ox)9594253-228.40 00
A Pulling (Lin)170116554-3013.00 00
A Woodley (Lin)303278953-3517.80 00
J King (Staff)202813254-4826.40 00
J Manton (Bed)3682914252-1028.40 00
GB Raikes (Norf)4152615653-3031.20 00
H Gray (Cam)6762544-256.25 00
CB Maxwell (Berk)6533544-358.75 00
CHG Bland (Lin)11484044-4010.00 00
AP Sewell (Norf)12594842-912.00 00
AM Bury (Hert)8035244-5213.00 00
H Colman (Wilt)9945444-5113.50 00
FW Potter (Bed)171175542-1813.75 00
CE Chapman (Berk)10536143-2415.25 00
E Town (Ches)10538943-8722.25 00
W Brown (Staff)14568941-1422.25 00
CAW Gilbert (Staff)180414942-3337.25 00
CG Smith (Norf)5542832-239.33 00
JW Stratton (Buck)13585732-2419.00 00
J O'Connor (Cam)170117333-4424.33 00
J Bretherton (Ches)2401512232-5140.66 00
H Briscoe (Staff)2701712532-2541.66 00
AV McGregor (Dur)101822-84.00 00
W Barker (Berk)7562122-2110.50 00
CH Allcock (Buck)4502322-711.50 00
F Simpson (Dur)4532322-2311.50 00
J Lightfoot (Staff)9092722-1713.50 00
WE Harrison (Staff)3512722-2713.50 00
HE Kingston (Nr)8532922-814.50 00
O Briggs (Staff)5042922-2914.50 00
JF Skrimshire (Norf)6563022-3015.00 00
CJB Wood (Nr)9073522-1317.50 00
F Arnold (Ox)10583821-219.00 00
AS Crawley (Hert)3514221-921.00 00
FW Finch (Berk)10554622-4123.00 00
C Holden (Ches)9026021-1230.00 00
ED Shaw (Hert)12557922-7939.50 00
C Pigg (Hert)190910022-3050.00 00
JC Falkner (Cam)20211-22.00 00
EP Jobson (Wo)50511-55.00 00
WH Calkin (Staff)353611-66.00 00
E Fisher (Cam)151811-88.00 00
FA Tipple (Norf)4251211-212.00 00
WE Walker (Staff)2501511-1515.00 00
C Tillard (Norf)5061511-915.00 00
WBR Robbins (Wilt)4011511-1515.00 00
RH Mornement (Norf)3521611-1516.00 00
EA Massingham (Norf)5561711-1717.00 00
F Field (Hert)2501911-1919.00 00
CS Collier (Ox)4532111-621.00 00
W Hartley (Ches)2512211-2222.00 00
G Eades (Berk)4022411-2424.00 00
W Riley (Wo)9042511-1825.00 00
H Spencer (Staff)5973111-2731.00 00
RH Mallett (Dur)7063211-2132.00 00
NW Melbourne (Lin)5523211-3232.00 00
FG Willoughby (Wo)9043411-1334.00 00
CC Eales (Nr)7043411-334.00 00
P Briggs (Staff)6753511-735.00 00
J Goold (Ox)6223711-2137.00 00
R Clarke (Dur)115114211-3142.00 00
HJ Hill (Hert)6525011-1350.00 00
JW Morrison (Buck)5100    
EH Fryer (Norf)5020    
AJ Turner (Bed)10020    
J Wright (Ches)15230    
AB Crosby (Dur)10040    
CS Awdry (Wilt)10050    
TM Pike (Wo)7080    
T Horton (Nr)15080    
F Hunt (Wo)30280    
EE Langston (Lin)20180    
T Pointon (Ches)5090    
WE Smithson (Wo)20090    
A Glass (Wilt)251100    
J Woods (Hert)201110    
J Martin (Dur)503110    
FA Soames (Lin)150120    
CB Cheales (Lin)100120    
JB Fereday (Wo)250140    
ADHHR Pack (Lin)251150    
CC Mott (Staff)201150    
GEB Pritchett (Hert)250150    
J Cookson (Ches)200160    
HW Cobb (Wilt)200170    
J Young (Dur)301170    
AF Darnell (Norf)200170    
GE Bromley-Martin (Wo)452180    
FJ Stanley (Staff)251180    
CF Spackman (Wilt)402190    
WA Wells (Ox)251190    
W King (Ox)657190    
R Boucher (Wo)251200    
CY Adamson (Dur)251200    
LCW Thring (Bed)450220    
WO Nares (Berk)504220    
JW Welford (Dur)302220    
A Sulley (Staff)100240    
PE Mainwaring (Staff)350280    
JF Whitwell (Dur)401290    
EY Orlebar (Bed)453290    
WH Wilson (Dur)756360    
G Mayer (Staff)1058540    





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