Bowling in Forrest Cup 1952/53 (Ordered by Average)

Runs conceded are not known for all matches
For each bowler, the average is computed taking into account only the runs and wickets in matches where his runs conceded are known
Click on column heading to see the averages sorted by that column

C Knapp (WC)004065-246.66 10
WA Kennedy (WC)002432-188.00 00
DP Mumm (Bul)004255-428.40 10
A Kerr (Bul)002733-279.00 00
JWF Kiddey (WC)004953-299.80 00
C Thorpe (WC)002522-2112.50 00
R Lee (WC)002011-2020.00 00
G Smallholme (Bul)002311-2323.00 00
AAAE Broad (Bul)004211-4242.00 00
TJ Phipps (Bul)00160    
RD Eyes (Bul)00180    





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