Bowling in Newstalk Inter-Provincial Championship 2014 (Ordered by Wickets)

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J Cameron-Dow (NCU)78023408187-10722.66 11
MC Sorensen (Lein)63818330174-3419.41 00
EJ Richardson (Lein)52122225154-4215.00 00
JF Mooney (Lein)51224243154-2216.20 00
CA Young (NW)49921283145-3720.21 10
SC Getkate (NCU)29710155124-2512.91 00
EH Kemm (NW)65030257123-1521.41 00
AR McBrine (NW)46619211115-5219.18 10
A van der Merwe (Lein)47016209104-5420.90 00
T Khan (NW)3021017296-5519.11 10
AR White (NCU)5702022673-3132.28 00
NR Waller (NCU)14538754-2417.40 00
MR Adair (NCU)15687742-3119.25 00
SR Thompson (NW)228813142-1332.75 00
J Thompson (NW)2821217242-3743.00 00
NR Allen (NW)6522232-77.33 00
TE Kane (Lein)228813731-2045.66 00
Imad Wasim (NCU)16066522-2132.50 00
AJ Coulter (NCU)15087022-1735.00 00
ZBC Rushe (NCU)11417422-3337.00 00
AD Poynter (Lein)131411-44.00 00
N Gill (NCU)10263511-2335.00 00
GJ Thompson (NCU)5403611-3636.00 00
GKR McKinley (NCU)6014011-4040.00 00
DD Simpson (NCU)10265111-2551.00 00
J Barnes (NW)2581312711-30127.00 00
JA McCollum (NCU)6010    
S Campbell (NW)24230    
JNK Shannon (NCU)6050    
CR Ervine (NCU)6060    
NJ McDonnell (NW)12060    
AK Riddles (NW)241110    
KED Carroll (Lein)120150    
PD Collins (Lein)481150    
J Anderson (Lein)543190    
KJ O'Brien (Lein)180200    
LT Nelson (NCU)601280    
Simranjit Singh (Lein)1323710    





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