Bowling in Victoria Cricket Association Premiership 1892/93 (Ordered by Average)

Runs conceded are not known for all matches
For each bowler, the average is computed taking into account only the runs and wickets in matches where his runs conceded are known
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RS Houston (NM)3021153-72.20 00
CF Armstrong (NM)181711-77.00 00
J Smith (NM)300911-99.00 00
GL Wilson (Melb)2421011-110.00 00
EE Bean (NM)55836182175-910.70 10
H Trumble (Melb)153081450389-4411.84 22
J Marshall (SM)11123732-1812.33 00
RTB Kelly (Melb)21079984-1312.37 00
RW McLeod (Melb)148393428347-6812.58 30
J Carlton (NM)211170922668-6813.96 62
DJ Dunlop (SM)4211411-014.00 00
W Bruce (Melb)40926155103-615.50 00
IS Drape (NM)10843222-2316.00 00
F Musgrove (EM)251812173-517.28 00
JT Howlett (NM)65132194114-2617.63 00
S Morris (SM)57027238134-1218.30 00
T Ormerod (Melb)8953822-1019.00 00
W Hannah (Fitz)89153344185-6019.11 10
F Harris (SM)216119652-3119.20 00
GH Biddolph (EM)27057842-1719.50 00
R Mitchell (Fitz)100844435226-8219.77 10
P Costello (EM)66525279145-3319.92 10
AHN Fox (Fitz)59926262133-2220.15 00
PG McShane (StK)62623401196-6721.10 20
JF Wilson (Melb)46121222103-4022.20 00
GHS Trott (SM)96936422185-3623.44 10
W Over (SM)121860483205-10224.15 10
G Stuckey (NM)4021617072-2824.28 00
R Tandy (StK)1742244103-8624.40 00
AE Trott (SM)63422319135-5124.53 10
WT Ahern (StK)1212511-1625.00 00
HC Maplestone (NM)111652434175-4325.52 10
PF Lyons (SM)75943281113-3125.54 00
J Worrall (Fitz)5232220983-2126.12 00
J Bridson (StK)19268032-2726.66 00
CE McLeod (Melb)4862816562-4427.50 00
G Woodhouse (StK)258324895-4227.55 10
AS Carter (EM)305911843-829.50 00
GE Palmer (StK)79336365125-7230.41 10
C Letcher (EM)111063397135-4430.53 10
J Phillips (Melb)92438341113-2431.00 00
BCE Kemp (SM)12626322-5631.50 00
JC McKirdy (Fitz)143089442143-5731.57 00
G Beacham (Fitz)246713044-7932.50 00
JH Stuckey (NM)13217621-238.00 00
JB Morehouse (SM)2821012632-4642.00 00
FJ Laver (EM)9383438393-8342.55 00
J Harry (EM)254913532-7045.00 00
JP O'Halloran (Melb)2401110222-8651.00 00
JE Barrett (SM)17485311-1253.00 00
JA Bruce (EM)7215611-5656.00 00
H Chrystal (NM)10235711-3857.00 00
LJ Keogh (StK)10326311-3063.00 00
J Drysdale (Fitz)12028311-4983.00 00
EJ Keogh (StK)162411311-31113.00 00
JT Hayes (Fitz)6100    
GJP Vautin (EM)12200    
HC Donahoo (StK)0000    
MF Dawkins (Melb)6020    
H Graham (SM)12070    
AA Aitken (Melb)12070    
WA Tarrant (Fitz)120100    
WG Ingleton (SM)242110    
H McLean (Melb)180140    
MF Smith (StK)120150    
AW Jacobs (StK)00180    
T Flynn (Fitz)423200    
TP Horan (EM)360220    
PA McAlister (EM)360350    
H Irwin (Melb)843360    
FH Richards (Fitz)603480    





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