Bowling in Plunket Shield 1935/36 (Ordered by Average)

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CK Parsloe (Well)57624232187-6612.88 11
ED Blundell (Well)216155943-2914.75 00
BG Griffiths (Well)3872273186-5515.16 20
HG Vivian (Auck)80736284186-9215.77 21
WE Merritt (Cant)111432528317-12517.03 42
J Newman (Well)13825532-3018.33 00
RCD Silver (Ot)22269953-6819.80 00
LF Townsend (Auck)104355334165-3320.87 10
GR Dickinson (Ot)228214975-7821.28 10
JA Dunning (Ot)88128396185-5022.00 10
GH Hook (Auck)3012411-2424.00 00
CJ Elmes (Ot)62431259103-3825.90 00
FT Badcock (Ot)101465312124-9126.00 00
IB Cromb (Cant)63222297114-2927.00 00
JR Lamason (Well)12065421-727.00 00
M Graham (Cant)5402317562-3229.16 00
IAH Symes (Well)8153011-3030.00 00
AP Cobden (Cant)9026122-4030.50 00
FM Andrews (Auck)246146722-1933.50 00
AW Roberts (Cant)5643417052-5234.00 00
AM Matheson (Auck)6602820564-5734.16 00
DR Garrard (Auck)294714544-9536.25 00
DS Wilson (Well)9023811-3838.00 00
J Cowie (Auck)8583529574-3142.14 00
LD Smith (Ot)257215932-4053.00 00
ND Henderson (Ot)210411321-5456.50 00
JG Ashenden (Well)10826211-5362.00 00
GG McGregor (Ot)18220    
WA Hadlee (Cant)12080    
ML Page (Cant)23080    
LA Butterfield (Cant)240200    
JC Scandrett (Ot)241200    
GL Weir (Auck)662280    
AJ Postles (Auck)1085390    
FWJ Bellamy (Cant)1081560    
SG Lester (Cant)1324790    
N Gallichan (Well)1684850    





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