Bowling in Hallyburton Johnstone Challenge Shield 1939/40 (Ordered by Average)

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MS Strathdee (Ot)18285185-286.37 10
TM Bond (Auck)12585277-287.42 10
EM Page (Auck)14074354-298.60 00
IM Lamason (Well)192166773-159.57 00
MJ Fulford (Well)276188083-1410.00 00
VE Russell (Cant)003032-2210.00 00
AE Hurcomb (Well)11978583-1610.62 00
JW Francis (Well)3011111-1111.00 00
RE Symons (Cant)003433-1811.33 00
JP Pilcher (Well)230137163-2111.83 00
ZE Hocking (Cant)001211-1212.00 00
SA Cawtheray (Cant)001311-1313.00 00
M Campbell (Ot)6614132-1213.66 00
JG Lamason (Well)48824185134-3514.23 00
ME Marks (Cant)001511-715.00 00
B Campbell (Ot)7823221-1016.00 00
E Page (Well)150410663-3417.66 00
MC Bishop (Ot)248165432-2718.00 00
VM Garland (Ot)11455633-5218.66 00
MJ Taylor (Cant)003922-2419.50 00
EM Hulse (Auck)132105222-3626.00 00
P Blackler (Cant)005321-1926.50 00
KE Batty (Auck)10805621-2128.00 00
HM Steere (Cant)003311-2033.00 00
IM Trapani (Auck)18150    
IE Stephen (Ot)18070    
H McCutcheon (Auck)24170    
J Little (Ot)18090    
M Freeman (Ot)180160    
AH Fache (Ot)540320    





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