Cheshire County Cricket League Premier Division 2004

 Points Table

24 Apr 2004  Bowdon v Neston South Downs Road, Bowdon chesp643
24 Apr 2004  Didsbury v Oxton Wilmslow Road, Didsbury chesp644
24 Apr 2004  #Macclesfield v Widnes Victoria Road, Macclesfield chesp645
24 Apr 2004  #Nantwich v Chester Boughton Hall Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich chesp646
24 Apr 2004  #Oulton Park v Alderley Edge Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth chesp647
24 Apr 2004  Poynton v Hyde Poynton Sports Club, Poynton chesp648
01 May 2004  Bowdon v Alderley Edge South Downs Road, Bowdon chesp649
01 May 2004  Chester Boughton Hall v Poynton Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester chesp650
01 May 2004  Hyde v Macclesfield Werneth Low, Hyde chesp651
01 May 2004  #Nantwich v Oulton Park Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich chesp652
01 May 2004  #Neston v Didsbury Parkgate, Neston chesp653
01 May 2004  Oxton v Widnes Townfield Lane, Oxton chesp654
08 May 2004  Alderley Edge v Poynton Moss Lane, Alderley Edge chesp654a
08 May 2004  #Didsbury v Chester Boughton Hall Wilmslow Road, Didsbury chesp655
08 May 2004  Hyde v Oxton Werneth Low, Hyde chesp656
08 May 2004  #Neston v Macclesfield Parkgate, Neston chesp657
08 May 2004  Oulton Park v Bowdon Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth chesp657a
08 May 2004  Widnes v Nantwich Beaconsfield Road, Widnes chesp657b
15 May 2004  #Alderley Edge v Didsbury Moss Lane, Alderley Edge chesp658
15 May 2004  Bowdon v Nantwich South Downs Road, Bowdon chesp659
15 May 2004  #Macclesfield v Chester Boughton Hall Victoria Road, Macclesfield chesp660
15 May 2004  Oxton v Neston Townfield Lane, Oxton chesp661
15 May 2004  Poynton v Oulton Park Poynton Sports Club, Poynton chesp662
15 May 2004  Widnes v Hyde Beaconsfield Road, Widnes chesp663
22 May 2004  #Alderley Edge v Widnes Moss Lane, Alderley Edge chesp664
22 May 2004  #Chester Boughton Hall v Oulton Park Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester chesp665
22 May 2004  #Didsbury v Macclesfield Wilmslow Road, Didsbury chesp666
22 May 2004  Hyde v Bowdon Werneth Low, Hyde chesp667
22 May 2004  #Nantwich v Neston Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich chesp668
22 May 2004  Poynton v Oxton Poynton Sports Club, Poynton chesp669
29 May 2004  Chester Boughton Hall v Oxton Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester chesp670
29 May 2004  #Macclesfield v Alderley Edge Victoria Road, Macclesfield chesp671
29 May 2004  Nantwich v Poynton Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich chesp672
29 May 2004  Neston v Hyde Parkgate, Neston chesp673
29 May 2004  #Oulton Park v Didsbury Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth chesp674
29 May 2004  Widnes v Bowdon Beaconsfield Road, Widnes chesp675
05 Jun 2004  #Alderley Edge v Nantwich Moss Lane, Alderley Edge chesp676
05 Jun 2004  Bowdon v Chester Boughton Hall South Downs Road, Bowdon chesp677
05 Jun 2004  Hyde v Didsbury Werneth Low, Hyde chesp678
05 Jun 2004  Macclesfield v Oxton Victoria Road, Macclesfield chesp679
05 Jun 2004  Neston v Poynton Parkgate, Neston chesp680
05 Jun 2004  #Widnes v Oulton Park Beaconsfield Road, Widnes chesp681
12 Jun 2004  #Chester Boughton Hall v Alderley Edge Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester chesp682
12 Jun 2004  #Didsbury v Widnes Wilmslow Road, Didsbury chesp683
12 Jun 2004  Nantwich v Hyde Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich chesp684
12 Jun 2004  #Oulton Park v Neston Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth chesp685
12 Jun 2004  Oxton v Bowdon Townfield Lane, Oxton chesp686
12 Jun 2004  Poynton v Macclesfield Poynton Sports Club, Poynton chesp687
19 Jun 2004  Didsbury v Poynton Wilmslow Road, Didsbury chesp688
19 Jun 2004  Hyde v Oulton Park Werneth Low, Hyde chesp689
19 Jun 2004  Macclesfield v Bowdon Victoria Road, Macclesfield chesp690
19 Jun 2004  #Neston v Alderley Edge Parkgate, Neston chesp691
19 Jun 2004  Oxton v Nantwich Townfield Lane, Oxton chesp692
19 Jun 2004  #Widnes v Chester Boughton Hall Beaconsfield Road, Widnes chesp693
26 Jun 2004  Alderley Edge v Hyde Moss Lane, Alderley Edge chesp694
26 Jun 2004  Bowdon v Didsbury South Downs Road, Bowdon chesp695
26 Jun 2004  #Chester Boughton Hall v Neston Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester chesp696
26 Jun 2004  #Nantwich v Macclesfield Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich chesp697
26 Jun 2004  Oulton Park v Oxton Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth chesp698
26 Jun 2004  Poynton v Widnes Poynton Sports Club, Poynton chesp699
03 Jul 2004  Alderley Edge v Oxton Moss Lane, Alderley Edge chesp700
03 Jul 2004  Chester Boughton Hall v Hyde Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester chesp701
03 Jul 2004  #Didsbury v Nantwich Wilmslow Road, Didsbury chesp702
03 Jul 2004  #Macclesfield v Oulton Park Victoria Road, Macclesfield chesp703
03 Jul 2004  Poynton v Bowdon Poynton Sports Club, Poynton chesp704
03 Jul 2004  #Widnes v Neston Beaconsfield Road, Widnes chesp705
10 Jul 2004  #Alderley Edge v Oulton Park Moss Lane, Alderley Edge chesp706
10 Jul 2004  #Chester Boughton Hall v Nantwich Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester chesp707
10 Jul 2004  Hyde v Poynton Werneth Low, Hyde chesp708
10 Jul 2004  Neston v Bowdon Parkgate, Neston chesp709
10 Jul 2004  Oxton v Didsbury Townfield Lane, Oxton chesp710
10 Jul 2004  #Widnes v Macclesfield Beaconsfield Road, Widnes chesp711
17 Jul 2004  Alderley Edge v Bowdon Moss Lane, Alderley Edge chesp711a
17 Jul 2004  Didsbury v Neston Wilmslow Road, Didsbury chesp711b
17 Jul 2004  Macclesfield v Hyde Victoria Road, Macclesfield chesp711c
17 Jul 2004  Oulton Park v Nantwich Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth chesp711d
17 Jul 2004  Poynton v Chester Boughton Hall Poynton Sports Club, Poynton chesp711e
17 Jul 2004  Widnes v Oxton Beaconsfield Road, Widnes chesp711f
24 Jul 2004  Bowdon v Oulton Park South Downs Road, Bowdon chesp712
24 Jul 2004  #Chester Boughton Hall v Didsbury Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester chesp713
24 Jul 2004  #Macclesfield v Neston Victoria Road, Macclesfield chesp714
24 Jul 2004  #Nantwich v Widnes Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich chesp715
24 Jul 2004  Oxton v Hyde Townfield Lane, Oxton chesp716
24 Jul 2004  Poynton v Alderley Edge Poynton Sports Club, Poynton chesp717
31 Jul 2004  #Chester Boughton Hall v Macclesfield Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester chesp718
31 Jul 2004  #Didsbury v Alderley Edge Wilmslow Road, Didsbury chesp719
31 Jul 2004  Hyde v Widnes Werneth Low, Hyde chesp720
31 Jul 2004  Nantwich v Bowdon Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich chesp721
31 Jul 2004  Neston v Oxton Parkgate, Neston chesp722
31 Jul 2004  Oulton Park v Poynton Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth chesp723
07 Aug 2004  Bowdon v Hyde South Downs Road, Bowdon chesp724
07 Aug 2004  #Macclesfield v Didsbury Victoria Road, Macclesfield chesp725
07 Aug 2004  #Neston v Nantwich Parkgate, Neston chesp726
07 Aug 2004  #Oulton Park v Chester Boughton Hall Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth chesp727
07 Aug 2004  Oxton v Poynton Townfield Lane, Oxton chesp728
07 Aug 2004  #Widnes v Alderley Edge Beaconsfield Road, Widnes chesp729
14 Aug 2004  #Alderley Edge v Macclesfield Moss Lane, Alderley Edge chesp730
14 Aug 2004  Bowdon v Widnes South Downs Road, Bowdon chesp731
14 Aug 2004  #Didsbury v Oulton Park Wilmslow Road, Didsbury chesp732
14 Aug 2004  Hyde v Neston Werneth Low, Hyde chesp733
14 Aug 2004  Oxton v Chester Boughton Hall Townfield Lane, Oxton chesp734
14 Aug 2004  Poynton v Nantwich Poynton Sports Club, Poynton chesp735
21 Aug 2004  Chester Boughton Hall v Bowdon Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester chesp736
21 Aug 2004  Didsbury v Hyde Wilmslow Road, Didsbury chesp737
21 Aug 2004  #Nantwich v Alderley Edge Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich chesp738
21 Aug 2004  #Oulton Park v Widnes Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth chesp739
21 Aug 2004  Oxton v Macclesfield Townfield Lane, Oxton chesp740
21 Aug 2004  Poynton v Neston Poynton Sports Club, Poynton chesp740a
28 Aug 2004  #Alderley Edge v Chester Boughton Hall Moss Lane, Alderley Edge chesp741
28 Aug 2004  Bowdon v Oxton South Downs Road, Bowdon chesp742
28 Aug 2004  Hyde v Nantwich Werneth Low, Hyde chesp743
28 Aug 2004  Macclesfield v Poynton Victoria Road, Macclesfield chesp744
28 Aug 2004  #Neston v Oulton Park Parkgate, Neston chesp745
28 Aug 2004  #Widnes v Didsbury Beaconsfield Road, Widnes chesp746
30 Aug 2004  Hyde v Chester Boughton Hall Werneth Low, Hyde chesp747
04 Sep 2004  #Alderley Edge v Neston Moss Lane, Alderley Edge chesp748
04 Sep 2004  Bowdon v Macclesfield South Downs Road, Bowdon chesp749
04 Sep 2004  #Chester Boughton Hall v Widnes Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester chesp750
04 Sep 2004  Nantwich v Oxton Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich chesp751
04 Sep 2004  Oulton Park v Hyde Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth chesp752
04 Sep 2004  Poynton v Didsbury Poynton Sports Club, Poynton chesp753
11 Sep 2004  Didsbury v Bowdon Wilmslow Road, Didsbury chesp754
11 Sep 2004  Hyde v Alderley Edge Werneth Low, Hyde chesp755
11 Sep 2004  #Macclesfield v Nantwich Victoria Road, Macclesfield chesp756
11 Sep 2004  #Neston v Chester Boughton Hall Parkgate, Neston chesp757
11 Sep 2004  Oxton v Oulton Park Townfield Lane, Oxton chesp758
11 Sep 2004  #Widnes v Poynton Beaconsfield Road, Widnes chesp759
18 Sep 2004  Bowdon v Poynton South Downs Road, Bowdon chesp759a
18 Sep 2004  #Nantwich v Didsbury Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich chesp760
18 Sep 2004  Neston v Widnes Parkgate, Neston chesp760a
18 Sep 2004  Oulton Park v Macclesfield Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth chesp760b
18 Sep 2004  Oxton v Alderley Edge Townfield Lane, Oxton chesp761

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.





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