Bowling in Sheffield Shield 1897/98 (Ordered by Average)

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AL Newell (NSW)39626143118-5613.00 10
WP Howell (NSW)2941311085-6013.75 10
VT Trumper (NSW)13748554-3217.00 00
W Roche (Vic)122161449256-8817.96 30
W Bruce (Vic)6613722-3018.50 00
GHS Trott (Vic)51911263145-2118.78 10
JJ Lyons (SAus)300911864-7019.66 00
E Jones (SAus)146854674336-7120.42 52
V Hugo (SAus)13838843-1122.00 00
AE Evans (SAus)83528411185-3322.83 10
H Trumble (Vic)78042300134-3923.07 00
MA Noble (NSW)103442497204-3224.85 00
JF Giller (Vic)6724120784-7025.87 00
JC Reedman (SAus)2941014152-1128.20 00
TR McKibbin (NSW)107231547194-6428.78 00
LW Pye (NSW)4922718052-4236.00 00
G Giffen (SAus)6402629585-6936.87 10
H Donnan (NSW)16278121-1640.50 00
JJ Ferris (NSW)252138321-3641.50 00
CE McLeod (Vic)5712824432-8881.33 00
A Jarvis (SAus)192510811-39108.00 00
A Green (SAus)24230    
TM Drew (SAus)361120    
AW Murray (Vic)300130    
J Harry (Vic)301210    
J Worrall (Vic)482260    
PC Charlton (NSW)904340    
A Coningham (NSW)1146710    





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