Match report day 1: Lancs v Leics in Championship 2003
by Neil Adams

Scorecard:Lancashire v Leicestershire

Summary for Day 1

On the day Liverpool received the award for European City of Culture, Lancashire County Cricket Club visited Aigburth to entertain Leicestershire in the County Championship. Once again, the hosts dominated proceedings after winning the toss and electing to bat. In truth, Leicestershire played very ordinary cricket and it became apparent why they find themselves bottom of the division one table. The bowling line-up lacked a cutting edge, the fielding was average and the lack of team spirit was palpable. The bad weather came at just the right time for the visitors. It prevented them from taking a further mauling. After surviving a couple of early leg before wicket appeals, Sutcliffe and Chilton added 104 for the first wicket. Mal Loye blasted a super half century, and by mid afternoon a familiar pattern had emerged - Lancashire in control and at the mercy of the weather.


Bowling Performance of the Day

Leicestershire did not bowl particularly well. DeFreitas bowled a tight line early on. Dagnall received a warning from umpire Holder in the 12th over for running on the wicket. Masters captured the only wicket of the day immediately after the lunch interval. This was probably the best spell from any bowler.


Batting Performance of the Day

Although Mark Chilton scored the highest number of runs during the course of the day, the best performance came from Mal Loye who scored very briskly and aggressively. His 50 came from just 73 balls and included 10 boundaries.


Fielding Performance of the Day

Darren Maddy held a smart catch at second slip to remove Sutcliffe. Otherwise the fielding was very uninspiring.


Highlights of the Day

  • Lancashire negotiated the first session without losing a wicket for the third time this season (Not achieved once last season). They also built two successive hundred partnerships.
  • Iain Sutcliffe scored a patient 50 against his old club.


Lowlight of the Day

A large expectant crowd was deprived of any cricket from 3.37pm, just when the hosts were in full flow due to the persistent rain.


Contentious Discussion Point of the Day

During one DeFreitas over, the bowler pulled away at the last minute and did not release the ball. Two balls later, Loye pulled away from the crease just as DeFreitas was about to release the ball. The very next delivery, Loye also pulled away with DeFrietas in his delivery stride. Umpire Holder was not impressed. Not sure if there was a genuine reason for 3 failed deliveries in such a short space of time, or if there was some "history" between the players.


Key Notes of the Day

  • Lancashire won the toss and elected to bat
  • Iain Sutcliffe replaced Alec Swann - the only change from Canterbury
  • Dagnall warned for running on the wicket - 26 for 0 in the 12th over - Chilton 17*
  • 51 for 0 in the 20th over - Chilton 27* Sutcliffe 23*
  • Sutcliffe 50 from 103 balls (8 x 4) - 96 for 0 in the 33rd over - Chilton 42*
  • 103 for 0 in the 34th over - Sutcliffe 55* Chilton 43*
  • Lunch - 104 for 1 from 35 overs - Sutcliffe 55* Chilton 44*
  • Sutcliffe caught Maddy bowled Masters 55 (His first ball after lunch) - 104 for 1
  • 50 Chilton from 114 balls (10 x 4) - 116 for 1 in the 41st over - Loye 4*
  • 150 for 1 in the 48th over - Chilton 64* Loye 22*
  • 50 partnership - 155 for 1 in the 50th over - Chilton 65* Loye 26*
  • 50 Loye from 73 balls (10 x 4) - 201 for 1 in the 58th over - Chilton 80*
  • 100 partnership - 205 for 1 in the 59th over - Loye 53* Chilton 82*
  • 3.37pm rain stop play - 210 for 1 in the 61st over - Chilton 87* Loye 53*
  • Early tea taken - sporadic rain forces abandonment shortly after 6pm
  • 43.2 overs lost to rain - only 60.4 overs played
  • Lancashire 1 point, Leicestershire 0 points


(Article: Copyright © 2004 Neil Adams


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