Deaths of Cricketers in 2019

6th SeptemberAbdul Qadir(Habib Bank Limited, Lahore C, Lahore City, Lahore City Blues, Pakistan, Punjab, Punjab A)
27th AugustK John(Papua New Guinea Women)
24th AugustMA Eagar(Gloucestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
22nd AugustP Chingoka(South Africa African XI)
21st AugustLB Reade(Central Districts)
15th AugustVB Chandrasekhar(Goa, India, Tamil Nadu)
14th AugustRO Scarlett(Jamaica, West Indies)
10th AugustMJ Hall(Nottinghamshire)
9th AugustLJ Morgan(scorer)
8th AugustO Thompson(North West)
AugustRE Hitchcock(Canterbury, Warwickshire)
30th JulyMA Nash(Glamorgan, Shropshire)
29th JulyShamim Kabir(Dacca, Dacca University, Dacca University and Education Board, East Pakistan, East Pakistan Greens, East Zone)
28th JulySC Trimble(Queensland)
26th JulyTJ Mottram(Hampshire)
26th JulyCM Wakeley(Shropshire)
19th JulyW Morton(Scotland, Warwickshire)
11th JulyJD Bond(Lancashire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Nottinghamshire)
11th JulyR Entwistle(Cumberland, Lancashire, Minor Counties)
11th JulyS Kundu(Bengal, Railways)
10th JulyJ Watson(North West)
30th JuneDA Ford(New South Wales)
29th JuneRC Shukla(Bengal, Bihar, Delhi, India)
28th JuneBL Rhodes(New South Wales)
28th JuneMA Sutton(Oxford University, Somerset)
27th JuneSS Mitra(Bengal, Hyderabad Blues)
26th JuneDL Burden(umpire)
25th JuneAJ Linehan(Ireland)
23rd JuneR Power(Church)
19th JuneDRW Silk(Cambridge University, Marylebone Cricket Club, Somerset)
15th JuneRW Stewart(Gloucestershire, Middlesex)
13th JuneD Henderson(Free Foresters, Oxford University)
11th JuneRiazuddin(umpire)
10th JuneAkhtar Sarfraz(National Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan, Peshawar, Peshawar Panthers)
8th JuneJP Causby(South Australia)
2nd JunePK Dharmalingam(Indian Air Force, Madras, Services)
30th MayAR Edwards(Western Australia)
28th MayTD Wainwright(LC Stevens' XI)
27th MayLL McFarlane(Glamorgan, Lancashire, Northamptonshire)
20th MayNH Peters(Surrey)
16th MayRJL Hawke(Australian Capital Territory)
15th MayE Chadwick(Orrell Red Triangle, St Helens Recreation)
6th MayISR Colquhoun(The Rest)
6th MayEG Witherden(Kent)
5th MaySM Nurse(Barbados, West Indies)
MayMA Appleton(St Helens Recreation)
MayD Bleazard(Lowerhouse, Lowerhouse Second XI)
MayAA Wardrop(Sidmouth)
30th AprilR Jones(Worcestershire)
23rd AprilA Bray(umpire)
18th AprilCD de Lange(Boland, Cape Cobras, Eagles, Free State, Knights, Northamptonshire, Scotland, Western Province Boland)
15th AprilRA Harry(Victoria)
15th AprilL James(Bermuda)
11th AprilDB Arnott(Rhodesia)
11th AprilLD Cooper(Queensland)
11th AprilFT Leonard(Huyton, Huyton Second XI, Huyton Third XI)
11th AprilANM Longmore(Oxford University)
6th AprilJ Houldsworth(Church, Church Second XI)
5th AprilMR Cassidy(Huyton, Huyton Second XI)
5th AprilE Theunissen(North West Women, South Africa Women)
AprilRMB Hollinshead(Sedbergh School)
28th MarchJH Harris(Somerset)
27th MarchB Yardley(Australia, Western Australia)
25th MarchE Barker(England Women)
21st MarchAH Holder(Barbados)
13th MarchVV Karhadkar(umpire)
12th MarchAE Moss(England, Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex)
5th MarchGE Beck(Oxford University)
4th MarchL Rodwell(Essex Club and Ground, Essex Second XI)
27th FebruaryAltaf Hussain(Dacca, East Pakistan, East Pakistan Greens)
27th FebruaryWR Playle(Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand XI, Western Australia)
22nd FebruaryRW Hooker(Buckinghamshire, Middlesex)
18th FebruaryMA Seymour(South Africa, South African Universities, Western Province)
12th FebruaryS Luthra(Delhi, Northern Punjab, Punjab)
5th FebruaryIH McDonald(Victoria)
5th FebruaryVV Oak(Maharashtra)
3rd FebruaryS Abrahams(Eastern Province B, South African Senior Schools Sports Association)
FebruaryD Markey(St Helens Recreation, St Helens Recreation Second XI)
FebruaryHW Morgan(Glamorgan)
30th JanuaryDN Dotiwalla(umpire, referee)
26th JanuaryN Héroys(Cambridge University)
23rd JanuaryMEW Brooker(Cambridge University, Staffordshire)
22nd JanuaryEM Massey(Australia Women)
22nd JanuaryB Notley(Nottinghamshire)
20th JanuaryMD Wettimuny(Sri Lanka)
13th JanuaryRD Ghodge(Goa)
11th JanuaryWL Blair(New Zealand Under-23s, Otago)
8th JanuaryKC Preston(Essex, Marylebone Cricket Club)
2nd JanuaryRV Achrekar(State Bank of India)
JanuaryPJ Eele(Devon, Somerset)





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