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You searched for GA Gooch in first-class matches where score is at least 100
InnScoreTeam ScoreHow OutFielderBowlerMatchDateMatch Id
1114*242-8noEssex v Leicestershire24 Aug 1974f30268
2100  302-9cAGE EalhamRA WoolmerEssex v Kent31 May 1975f30590
3100*224-3dnoEssex v Kent12 Jun 1976f31108
4136  499-8cHG WilcockAP PridgeonEssex v Worcestershire10 Jul 1976f31159
5111  317lbwPG LeeEssex v Lancashire08 Sep 1976f31251
6105*308-2dnoEssex v Warwickshire02 Jul 1977f31638
7108  337-3bDL UnderwoodEssex v Kent31 May 1978f32063
8129  457-5dlbwPJ WattsEssex v Northamptonshire03 Jun 1978f32072
9109  335-4bKJ BarnettEssex v Derbyshire16 May 1979f32551
10115  324c[unknown]CG RackemannEngland XI v Queensland28 Dec 1979f32874
11205  459-8cA OdendaalN RussomEssex v Cambridge University26 Apr 1980f33016
12108*197-1dnoEssex v Glamorgan30 Apr 1980f33018
13122  225-8cCJ TavaréGR DilleyEssex v Kent07 May 1980f33036
14108  351lbwST ClarkeEssex v Surrey24 May 1980f33047
15134  335-9dstAJ BrassingtonMJ ProcterEssex v Gloucestershire31 May 1980f33064
16123  269lbwMA HoldingEngland v West Indies19 Jun 1980f33103
17117  355bR NananEngland XI v Trinidad and Tobago07 Feb 1981f33460
18116  224cJ GarnerCEH CroftEngland v West Indies13 Mar 1981f33506
19122  294-8dcAB WilliamsRA AustinEngland XI v Jamaica04 Apr 1981f33512
20153  285cDA MurrayMA HoldingEngland v West Indies10 Apr 1981f33513
21164  387-4dlbwLB TaylorEssex v Leicestershire27 Jun 1981f33605
22146  300-7dbSarfraz NawazEssex v Northamptonshire22 Aug 1981f33705
23105  256-7dcDI GowerAME RobertsEssex v Leicestershire26 Aug 1981f33710
24113  411-9dcAL JonesBJ LloydEssex v Glamorgan29 Aug 1981f33718
25122  240-6cDJS TaylorIT BothamEssex v Somerset09 Sep 1981f33733
26119*186-0dnoEngland XI v South Zone04 Dec 1981f33852
27127  328cRJ ShastriRJ ShastriEngland v India13 Jan 1982f33927
28109  283bVAP van der BijlSouth African Breweries English XI v South Africa12 Mar 1982f34007
29149  261-4dcMR BensonGW JohnsonEssex v Kent07 Aug 1982f34194
30140  281-4dcGP HowarthA NeedhamEssex v Surrey28 Aug 1982f34241
31127  300-6dbDL UnderwoodEssex v Kent01 Sep 1982f34246
32104  260-7dcNV RadfordNV RadfordWestern Province v Transvaal04 Mar 1983f34544
33126  295roWestern Province v Northern Transvaal11 Mar 1983f34549
34174  375-4dcKI HodgsonSJG DoggartEssex v Cambridge University27 Apr 1983f34579
35110  394lbwJC BalderstoneEssex v Leicestershire10 Aug 1983f34743
36103  413-8dlbwDN PatelEssex v Worcestershire24 Aug 1983f34770
37111  288cK SharpSJ DennisEssex v Yorkshire10 Sep 1983f34804
38163  587-7dcDJ BrickettP WilleyWestern Province v Eastern Province05 Nov 1983f34876
39171  353-6dcP WilleyTG ShawWestern Province v Eastern Province10 Feb 1984f35083
40220  449-5dbCL SmithEssex v Hampshire28 Apr 1984f35153
41108  257cBN FrenchK SaxelbyEssex v Nottinghamshire23 May 1984f35182
42113*183-2noEssex v Leicestershire02 Jun 1984f35211
43101  267-9dcHA GomesRA HarperEssex v West Indians23 Jun 1984f35242
44227  468-7dcKJ BarnettWP FowlerEssex v Derbyshire27 Jun 1984f35250
45131  524-7dcDL BairstowPA BoothEssex v Yorkshire30 Jun 1984f35268
46105*214-6noEssex v Middlesex08 Aug 1984f35330
47160*274-5dnoEssex v Surrey25 Aug 1984f35367
48202  297-5dcCEB RiceRA PickEssex v Nottinghamshire01 May 1985f35728
49125  260-8cMR BensonL PotterEssex v Kent24 Jul 1985f35866
50173*296-3noEssex v Somerset27 Jul 1985f35877
51132*300-4dnoEssex v Surrey24 Aug 1985f35921
52196  464cCJ McDermottCJ McDermottEngland v Australia29 Aug 1985f35937
53145  461lbwMW GattingEssex v Middlesex11 Sep 1985f35956
54142  413-8dcSN HartleySN HartleyEssex v Yorkshire14 Sep 1985f35960
55114  294bC SharmaEngland v India05 Jun 1986f36386
56151  370-5dcSJ RhodesNV RadfordEssex v Worcestershire19 Jul 1986f36463
57183  295-6dcW WatsonJG BracewellEngland v New Zealand24 Jul 1986f36477
58171  466-5dcGE SainsburyJW LloydsEssex v Gloucestershire25 Apr 1987f36958
59159  301-4dlbwA WalkerEssex v Northamptonshire17 Jun 1987f37033
60117  455-5droMarylebone Cricket Club v Rest of the World XI20 Aug 1987f37147
61275  616bRP DavisEssex v Kent21 Apr 1988f37491
62139  302bMA FelthamEssex v Surrey28 May 1988f37535
63146  301-3cPJL DujonBP PattersonEngland v West Indies02 Jun 1988f37547
64113  462-8dcAM GreenAM GreenEssex v Sussex11 Jun 1988f37558
65123  257-6dbMP BicknellEssex v Surrey30 Aug 1988f37695
66108  275-4bNGB CookEssex v Northamptonshire14 Sep 1988f37712
67148  522-3dcPD BowlerPG NewmanEssex v Derbyshire04 May 1989f38060
68124*262-2dnoEssex v Leicestershire17 Jun 1989f38143
69158  415bJP AgnewEssex v Leicestershire08 Sep 1989f38286
70239  405cRW StapleNO PerryEngland XI v Jamaica19 Feb 1990f38618
71137  300-5dcPR DowntonNF WilliamsEssex v Middlesex26 Apr 1990f38682
72215  761-6dcP WhitticaseCC LewisEssex v Leicestershire03 May 1990f38688
73121  447-4dcSJ RhodesPJ NewportEssex v Worcestershire19 May 1990f38714
74120  305-3dcKR BrownPCR TufnellEssex v Middlesex02 Jun 1990f38733
75102*449-8drhEssex v New Zealanders30 Jun 1990f38785
76154  435cRJ HadleeDK MorrisonEngland v New Zealand05 Jul 1990f38801
77177  351-4lbwMA AthertonEssex v Lancashire21 Jul 1990f38817
78333  653-4dbM PrabhakarEngland v India26 Jul 1990f38833
79123  272-4dcM AzharuddinSK SharmaEngland v India26 Jul 1990f38833
80116  519cKS MoreM PrabhakarEngland v India09 Aug 1990f38859
81174  390-7dcRG WilliamsRG WilliamsEssex v Northamptonshire29 Aug 1990f38893
82126  303-4dcAJ LambRJ BaileyEssex v Northamptonshire29 Aug 1990f38893
83117  335-5cGR MarshBA ReidEngland v Australia25 Jan 1991f39175
84101*311-2drhEssex v Cambridge University19 Apr 1991f39293
85154*252noEngland v West Indies06 Jun 1991f39361
86106  201-3dcMA RoseberryP FarbraceEssex v Middlesex28 Jun 1991f39394
87173  403-8dcDJ CapelAR RobertsEssex v Northamptonshire16 Aug 1991f39480
88174  364-3dbSD AnurasiriEngland v Sri Lanka22 Aug 1991f39493
89259  566-6dcPN WeekesNF WilliamsEssex v Middlesex17 Sep 1991f39524
90101*434-4drhEngland XI v New Zealand Emerging Players03 Jan 1992f39739
91114  321roEngland v New Zealand30 Jan 1992f39794
92160  424-4dcP WhitticaseAD MullallyEssex v Leicestershire07 May 1992f39888
93113  360cCW ScottJ WoodEssex v Durham12 Jun 1992f39955
94102  303-1dbIDK SalisburyEssex v Sussex17 Jul 1992f40027
95108*231-2noEssex v Sussex17 Jul 1992f40027
96135  320bMushtaq AhmedEngland v Pakistan23 Jul 1992f40048
97141  357-9dcWasim AkramAta-ur-RehmanEssex v Pakistanis01 Aug 1992f40063
98123*442-6noEssex v Derbyshire07 Sep 1992f40129
99101  382cMGN WindowsMW AlleyneEssex v Gloucestershire12 Sep 1992f40139
100102*408-4drhEngland XI v India Under-25s23 Jan 1993f40357
101105  323roEssex v Cambridge University01 May 1993f40491
102133  332hbEngland v Australia03 Jun 1993f40533
103120  422-6dcMA TaylorSK WarneEngland v Australia01 Jul 1993f40577
104159*286-6noEssex v Worcestershire29 Jul 1993f40611
105109  268lbwSD UdalEssex v Hampshire16 Sep 1993f40680
106114  196-5cKD JamesSD UdalEssex v Hampshire16 Sep 1993f40680
107123*270-2noEssex v Hampshire28 Apr 1994f41069
108236  541-5dcSA MarshAP IgglesdenEssex v Kent12 May 1994f41087
109210  567-8dcMD CroweSA ThomsonEngland v New Zealand02 Jun 1994f41116
110101  262bSR LampittEssex v Worcestershire09 Jun 1994f41131
111205  405-6cDA LeatherdalePJ NewportEssex v Worcestershire09 Jun 1994f41131
112140  422-6dbPN WeekesEssex v Middlesex28 Jul 1994f41200
113101  262-6cTJ NielsenGS BlewettEngland XI v South Australia04 Nov 1994f41320
114139  404cP WhitticaseVJ WellsEssex v Leicestershire27 Apr 1995f41717
115165  332cTM MoodyNV RadfordEssex v Worcestershire04 May 1995f41725
116123  248cWK HeggM WatkinsonEssex v Lancashire22 Jun 1995f41797
117142  662-7dlbwRR DibdenEssex v Hampshire03 Aug 1995f41848
118102  422stCP MetsonRDB CroftEssex v Glamorgan10 Aug 1995f41860
119109*300-4driEssex v West Indians19 Aug 1995f41877
120106  472stSA MarshMM PatelEssex v Kent24 Aug 1995f41884
121130  432bWKM BenjaminEssex v Hampshire09 May 1996f42399
122101  509cID AustinG KeedyEssex v Lancashire06 Jun 1996f42441
123128  308lbwJP TaylorEssex v Northamptonshire13 Jun 1996f42451
124149  425-9dcMA ButcherRM PearsonEssex v Surrey27 Jun 1996f42471
125201  465cME TrescothickGD RoseEssex v Somerset08 Aug 1996f42530
126111  532-8dhwCA WalshEssex v Gloucestershire22 Aug 1996f42546
127147  450-6droEssex v Warwickshire03 Sep 1996f42567
128170*367rnEssex v Glamorgan19 Sep 1996f42581
Batting details
How out Number
bowled 20
caught 63
handled the ball 1
hit wicket 1
lbw 13
not out 16
retired not out 6
run out 5
stumped 3
Total 128





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