Bowling in West Indies for 2006 (Ordered by )

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S Chattergoon (WI)12060     3.00
SK Raina (Ind)60100     10.00
GR Codrington (Can)240230     5.75
GM Strydom (Zim)300240     4.80
Umar Bhatti (Can)300350     7.00
RP Singh (Ind)420450     6.42
KO Meth (Zim)900900     6.00
BC Lara (WI)000     0.00
M Kaif (Ind)000     0.00
T Duffin (Zim)000     0.00
T Gibbons (Berm)000     0.00
SP Heaney (Can)000     0.00
S Chanderpaul (WI)000     0.00
RS Morton (WI)000     0.00
DR Chumney (Can)000     0.00
KL Tucker (Berm)000     0.00
DWO Morgan (Berm)000     0.00
RS Dravid (Ind)000     0.00
CS Baugh (WI)000     0.00
V Sibanda (Zim)000     0.00
HS Dhillon (Can)000     0.00
CK Coventry (Zim)000     0.00
DES Maxwell (Can)000     0.00
LOB Cann (Berm)000     0.00
Y Venugopal Rao (Ind)000     0.00
E Chigumbura (Zim)000     0.00
D Ramdin (WI)000     0.00
A Bagai (Can)000     0.00
AR Pitcher (Berm)000     0.00
BRM Taylor (Zim)000     0.00
MS Dhoni (Ind)000     0.00
GEF Barnett (Can)000     0.00
DA Minors (Berm)000     0.00
RV Uthappa (Ind)000     0.00
RR Sarwan (WI)60111-11.00006.001.00
D Mohammed (WI)11437663-3712.660019.004.00
WW Hinds (WI)3002822-2814.000015.005.60
JM Davison (Can)11425943-1814.750028.503.10
AB Agarkar (Ind)282516392-2518.110031.333.46
T Mupariwa (Zim)39011273153-1918.200026.004.20
DJ Bravo (WI)3776283143-2420.210026.924.50
JE Taylor (WI)4026286144-2420.421028.714.26
GH O'Brien (Berm)12008342-4120.750030.004.15
IDR Bradshaw (WI)3903236113-3321.450035.453.63
DR Smith (WI)222215774-2922.421031.714.24
KT Sandher (Can)10217632-3225.330034.004.47
S Dhaniram (Can)10205122-3425.500051.003.00
NB Mahwire (Zim)3906281113-2925.540035.454.32
IH Romaine (Berm)9007832-2226.000030.005.20
Yuvraj Singh (Ind)3602711-1727.000036.004.50
H Osinde (Can)8435821-1929.000042.004.14
H Durham (Berm)138011842-3129.500034.505.13
IK Pathan (Ind)192317963-4529.830032.005.59
P Utseya (Zim)52011307103-3530.700052.003.54
JJ Tucker (Berm)138012842-2932.000034.505.56
CH Gayle (WI)453526282-2132.750056.623.47
KAD Hurdle (Berm)6006622-6633.000030.006.60
AJ Ireland (Zim)126310832-2636.000042.005.14
MN Samuels (WI)366225372-3036.140052.284.14
FH Edwards (WI)384825873-4236.850054.854.03
EC Rainsford (Zim)156211331-2537.660052.004.34
RR Powar (Ind)174115342-3838.250043.505.27
RS Higgins (Zim)307323062-3938.330051.164.49
HP Rinke (Zim)7408721-143.500037.007.05
CJ Chibhabha (Zim)126013432-3944.660042.006.38
S Thuraisingam (Can)9906011-2760.000099.003.63
V Sehwag (Ind)7806111-2961.000078.004.69
Harbhajan Singh (Ind)294419231-3264.000098.003.91
RDM Leverock (Berm)12066411-1464.0000120.003.20
S Mukuddem (Berm)168312922-3564.500084.004.60
RD Steede (Berm)6006811-6868.000060.006.80
TL Best (WI)6007011-7070.000060.007.00
MM Patel (Ind)156215121-4875.500078.005.80
S Sreesanth (Ind)173115821-5779.000086.505.47
CD Collymore (WI)180411011-49110.0000180.003.66
KM Dabengwa (Zim)144013111-35131.0000144.005.45





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