ListA Batting and Fielding in West Indies for 2006 (Ordered by Average)

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NameMatchesInnsNot OutRunsHSAve10050CtSt
DA Minors (Berm)3328746*87.000022
LOB Cann (Berm)2217240  72.00002 
RR Sarwan (WI)11102527115*65.87153 
V Sibanda (Zim)771316116  52.66123 
M Kaif (Ind)55120566*51.25032 
CH Gayle (WI)10101452123  50.22126 
V Sehwag (Ind)55023797  47.40023 
S Chanderpaul (WI)88132493  46.28032 
Yuvraj Singh (Ind)44018393  45.75020 
WW Hinds (WI)2214532  45.00000 
CJ Chibhabha (Zim)66026067  43.33023 
BRM Taylor (Zim)99132598  40.620211 
DJ Bravo (WI)98415962*39.75024 
CS Baugh (WI)6537825*39.00004 
IH Romaine (Berm)33011062  36.66010 
BC Lara (WI)1110130269  33.55022 
RS Morton (WI)870228109  32.57114 
S Chattergoon (WI)3316354*31.50011 
RS Dravid (Ind)550149105  29.80103 
IDR Bradshaw (WI)8322912  29.00003 
MS Dhoni (Ind)5519546*23.75005 
D Ramdin (WI)5424537  22.50006 
NB Mahwire (Zim)8856522*21.66001 
E Chigumbura (Zim)98014160  17.62017 
Harbhajan Singh (Ind)5313526  17.50001 
SK Raina (Ind)5516927  17.25002 
T Gibbons (Berm)2203333  16.50000 
T Duffin (Zim)99014560  16.11011 
T Mupariwa (Zim)7626421*16.00001 
KO Meth (Zim)2101616  16.00000 
GH O'Brien (Berm)2101616  16.00000 
JJ Tucker (Berm)3304617  15.33000 
DR Smith (WI)7516130  15.25003 
HP Rinke (Zim)99012472  13.77010 
S Dhaniram (Can)2202614  13.00000 
GM Strydom (Zim)6506348  12.60002 
A Bagai (Can)2202416  12.00003 
DES Maxwell (Can)1101212  12.00000 
JM Davison (Can)2202322  11.50001 
KM Dabengwa (Zim)4413321*11.00001 
H Osinde (Can)2211111*11.00000 
KT Sandher (Can)221119  11.00000 
Y Venugopal Rao (Ind)1101111  11.00000 
SP Heaney (Can)2202119  10.50001 
S Mukuddem (Berm)3303025  10.00001 
JE Taylor (WI)831199  9.50002 
MN Samuels (WI)8706419  9.14003 
Umar Bhatti (Can)11099  9.00000 
AB Agarkar (Ind)5403121  7.75001 
HS Dhillon (Can)2201413  7.00000 
RR Powar (Ind)3311312  6.50000 
KL Tucker (Berm)331135  6.50003 
IK Pathan (Ind)4402414  6.00001 
S Thuraisingam (Can)220129  6.00001 
CK Coventry (Zim)2201212  6.00002 
H Durham (Berm)331108  5.00002 
P Utseya (Zim)94286  4.00001 
AR Pitcher (Berm)33063  2.00001 
MM Patel (Ind)32122*2.00000 
RDM Leverock (Berm)21022  2.00000 
DWO Morgan (Berm)22021  1.00000 
DR Chumney (Can)11011  1.00001 
RS Higgins (Zim)63022  0.66002 
GEF Barnett (Can)22011  0.50001 
RV Uthappa (Ind)11000  0.00000 
AJ Ireland (Zim)31000  0.00000 
GR Codrington (Can)1114545* 000 
EC Rainsford (Zim)322109* 001 
FH Edwards (WI)82232* 002 
S Sreesanth (Ind)32232* 000 
RP Singh (Ind)10      0 
CD Collymore (WI)50      2 
RD Steede (Berm)10      0 
TL Best (WI)10      0 
KAD Hurdle (Berm)10      0 
D Mohammed (WI)30      0 





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