ListA Bowling in Scotland for 2012 (Ordered by Average)

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WT Owen (Gm)5030     3.60
HT Waters (Gm)18080     2.66
SJ Mullaney (Nt)18080     2.66
SR Patel (Nt)240100     2.50
GG White (Nt)180160     5.33
A Carter (Nt)180180     6.00
SC Meaker (Sy)300210     4.20
PJ Franks (Nt)300250     5.00
Junaid Siddiqui (Can)542260     2.88
HF Gurney (Nt)300290     5.80
MNW Spriegel (Sy)3601622-168.000018.002.66
MA Carberry (Ham)120811-88.000012.004.00
K Ali (Ham)3601722-178.500018.002.83
SP Kirby (Sm)4802222-2211.000024.002.75
D Daesrath (Can)2401311-1313.000024.003.25
RM Haq (Sco)2321147113-4213.360021.093.80
DA Griffiths (Ham)3011411-1414.000030.002.80
SP Jones (Gm)1801411-1414.000018.004.66
DR Briggs (Ham)4813122-3115.500024.003.87
GJ Batty (Sy)3603122-3115.500018.005.16
AS Hansra (Can)1901611-1616.000019.005.05
Abdur Rehman (Sm)4103322-3316.500020.504.82
JW Dernbach (Sy)2402111-2121.000024.005.25
G Goudie (Sco)6004522-4522.500030.004.50
RG Mutch (Sm)4804622-4623.000024.005.75
LA Dawson (Ham)3002411-2424.000030.004.80
SM Sharif (Sco)2402511-2525.000024.006.25
MA Parker (Sco)8407732-3125.660028.005.50
JH Davey (Sco)174115862-4426.330029.005.44
J Lewis (Sy)4812711-2727.000048.003.37
PL Mommsen (Sco)8405521-1427.500042.003.92
H Patel (Can)3602811-2828.000036.004.66
D Soraine (Can)6005722-5728.500030.005.70
MJ Leach (Sm)4803011-3030.000048.003.75
PD Trego (Sm)4213011-3030.000042.004.28
CP Wood (Ham)4203111-3131.000042.004.42
RD Berrington (Sco)4803211-1632.000048.004.00
JOA Gordon (Can)6013511-3535.000060.003.50
GD Drummond (Sco)168111632-2838.660056.004.14
AC Evans (Sco)163212331-1341.000054.334.52
J Symes (Sco)112013722-3268.500056.007.33





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