First-class Bowling in South Africa for 1912/13 (Ordered by Average)

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AE Cook (Tvl)12020    
AM Pollard (OFS)6040    
HW Taylor (Nat)120110    
RHM Hands (WP)180110    
DI de Villiers (WP)363150    
D Taylor (Nat)180150    
EC Murray (Tvl)180150    
JC Faure (OFS)300190    
AE Raaff (GW)300200    
RH Blake (Nat)300200    
PJ Heather (Tvl)300240    
AV Drake (GW)240250    
BH Floquet (Tvl)300310    
JVB Morkel (Tvl)480390    
KG Hill (OFS)300400    
DC Jackson (Tvl)663450    
WH Harvey (EP)421520    
FG Quested (OFS)90322-31.5000
T Crage (EP)5441233-124.0000
GL Tapscott (GW)10254374-376.1400
EA Budgen (WP)10723553-287.0000
WH Mars (WP)13255176-427.2810
KA Logan (Nat)14476285-277.7510
JM Blanckenberg (WP)2527128134-139.8400
WG Quaife (GW)3012522-1712.5000
HV Baumgartner (Tvl)53618258207-3412.9011
FL le Roux (Tvl)8435444-4013.5000
AW Redick (Tvl)7232822-1714.0000
JL Cox (Nat)42212208145-4814.8510
AW Nourse (Nat)75431362245-3015.0810
J Davidson (Nat)10236143-2015.2500
WH Short (WP)45312232155-2215.4620
PGW Compton (OFS)2181161104-316.1000
FW Cooper (Tvl)37317180114-1416.3600
HT Crouch (EP)58620316196-6816.6310
FW Porter (EP)3121315194-7016.7700
R de Smidt (WP)60615288164-4018.0000
HW Hill (OFS)177213174-2018.7100
F Smith (WP)222713473-3519.1400
RA Thompson (Tvl)36920213114-2419.3600
CP Carter (Nat)52218260133-3820.0000
CD Dixon (Tvl)7426233-5320.6600
W Dickens (GW)15078444-6821.0000
WA Glisson (EP)305920396-2522.5510
FC Wille (OFS)191118484-4123.0000
GP Taylor (WP)8434621-1823.0000
LR Tuckett (Nat)305518782-823.3700
JG Whitehead (GW)17959543-4923.7500
FW Elworthy (Tvl)186416775-8723.8510
JE Brann (EP)16859741-624.2500
AS Bensimon (WP)3602511-2025.0000
JG van Schalkwyk (OFS)286315663-2726.0000
WVS Ling (GW)7815322-5326.5000
DJ Meintjes (Tvl)168013454-2926.8000
AHC Cooper (Tvl)10938431-728.0000
HS Poyntz (OFS)228714253-3728.4000
FC Goddard (OFS)240614552-3529.0000
HW Chapman (Nat)7215821-329.0000
WAJ Love (OFS)8405922-1029.5000
RO Saunders (Tvl)268815354-10930.6000
W Walters (EP)2701013442-7233.5000
NV Lindsay (OFS)133310732-4335.6600
JEV Jewell (OFS)2413611-3636.0000
JH Moulder (Tvl)6023911-3939.0000
HB Stricker (Tvl)5424311-2343.0000
J Miller (OFS)6005111-5151.0000
SJ Pegler (Tvl)198611921-3659.5000
AG Taylor (EP)6006411-4864.0000
TC Stranger (Tvl)156610711-49107.0000
PHM Franklin (OFS)228217111-38171.0000





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