First-class Bowling in South Africa for 1904/05 (Ordered by Average)

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EH Solomon (GW)6060    
CE Floquet (Tvl)30270    
GC Anderson (Nat)18080    
GL Dalton (Nat)180110    
AH Tummell (Rhod)120130    
C Pfaff (SWD)120160    
MG Linnell (Rhod)180240    
CP Richardson (Rhod)240260    
WR Blanckenberg (Rhod)241270    
WGR Druce (GW)240290    
WS Taberer (Rhod)481310    
CH Vintcent (SWD)962380    
LG Robinson (Rhod)20111-11.0000
CAC Fock (WP)11452886-143.5010
M Bisset (WP)20411-44.0000
WVD Mackay (EP)216155764-229.5000
AT Lyons (EP)2701922-109.5000
GA Rowe (WP)43814143148-2510.2111
RO Schwarz (Tvl)57922268266-4310.3010
JH Sinclair (Tvl)45015212206-5110.6021
RW Norden (Tvl)38619163158-1210.8611
A Peiser (SWD)2402222-2211.0000
HC Lovemore (EP)3021111-1111.0000
S Webb (GW)193138977-8912.7110
G Anderson (Rhod)16829177-9113.0010
PJ Heather (Nat)5413933-3913.0000
JJ Kotze (WP)40917161127-1813.4110
HW Carolin (WP)60325217166-4613.5610
GA Faulkner (Tvl)4522821-614.0000
A Rose (Tvl)12026043-4315.0000
CA Bain (WP)132103422-3417.0000
AEE Vogler (Tvl)16867342-2318.2500
JG Whitehead (WP)3471713374-6619.0000
G Rogers (SWD)13896033-6020.0000
AJ White (EP)226148143-4920.2500
D Hill (SWD)3602611-2626.0000
AM Morkel (SWD)3622611-2626.0000
GH Whyte (Nat)10816122-6130.5000
WC Hazelhurst (Tvl)4142315952-2831.8000
J Budgen (Nat)16237822-7839.0000
T Crage (EP)4204011-640.0000
GA Verheyen (GW)10828322-8341.5000
AW Powell (GW)6614511-4545.0000
AW Nourse (Nat)10834711-4747.0000
CP Carter (Nat)14439522-9547.5000
CE Duff (Rhod)180510422-10452.0000
AM Searle (SWD)10856111-6161.0000





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