First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 2001/02 (Ordered by Average)

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GR Stead (Cant)6100    
JI Englefield (Cant)13210    
RA Lawson (Ot)10140    
RM Frew (Cant)12140    
BF Smith (CD)201120    
RKJ Dawson (Eng)421140    
MP Vaughan (Eng)301150    
GG Robinson (ND)241160    
AJ Hore (Ot)240170    
RT King (CD)240290    
Aminul Islam (Bang)481370    
MG Orchard (ND)782470    
JM How (CD)300490    
DJ Nash (Auck)1086570    
Mohammad Ashraful (Bang)540590    
MJ Horne (NZ,Auck)1629650    
SL Stewart (Cant)1987940    
SJ Waide (Ot)13921080    
SP Beare (Ot)16448072-511.4200
CL Cairns (NZ)41614225167-5314.0610
AM Schwass (CD)156269663457-3614.7330
SE Bond (NZ,Cant)53222243165-3715.1810
CJ Drum (NZ,Auck)190597827536-3415.6032
LJ Woodcock (Well)203129464-315.6600
MN Hart (ND)2711210163-5116.8300
SB Styris (ND)122060477285-1817.0310
PG Fulton (Cant)224812274-4917.4200
AR Caddick (Eng)115560546316-6317.6130
AJ Penn (Well)182794732408-2118.3021
LJ Hamilton (CD)191894773426-3218.4030
BJ Nielsen (Auck)9053722-3718.5000
AR Adams (NZ,Auck)185278781425-4418.5920
C White (Eng)234137542-718.7500
WA Cornelius (Cant)133066649347-5319.0831
EJ Marshall (Ot)18659655-7919.2010
IE O'Brien (Well)4262117694-4919.5500
MR Gillespie (Well)61524315165-5019.6810
KP Walmsley (Ot)168171810395-5120.7610
JDP Oram (CD)330248642-1421.5000
MR Jefferson (Well)3331411252-922.4000
GS Shaw (Auck)88825475214-1222.6100
GW Aldridge (ND)127260527234-4322.9100
DR Tuffey (NZ,ND)98940528237-6922.9520
MDJ Walker (Well)149587495214-1523.5700
BE Hefford (CD)102049431184-2023.9400
MA Butcher (Eng)14487532-3425.0000
EP Thompson (CD)4202511-1125.0000
TK Canning (Auck)175598651265-3525.0320
ND Morland (Ot)105941477194-2625.1000
MJ Mason (CD)196990806325-2225.1810
BGK Walker (Auck)1894110716284-1025.5700
AD Turner (Well)5162123695-6626.2210
JAF Yovich (ND)1898591058406-10226.4521
WA Wisneski (Cant)103230584225-7426.5410
SJ Cunis (Cant)74535266103-4026.6000
RD Burson (Cant)135473566214-6526.9500
IG Butler (NZ,ND)119241706264-4627.1500
MJ Hoggard (Eng)91442498187-6327.6610
MJ Haslam (Auck)2861211142-127.7500
HJH Marshall (ND)4222811-2828.0000
JEC Franklin (Well)168062802274-5929.7000
BP Martin (ND)127564508173-2429.8800
Manjural Islam (Bang)5101927094-10530.0000
GP Sulzberger (CD)114461459154-6230.6000
CR Pryor (Ot)1655531001325-4531.2820
DG Sewell (Ot)185473974317-6431.4120
SL Andrews (ND)3121512642-2231.5000
PJ Wiseman (Cant)208379940295-9932.4110
AJ Redmond (Cant)98440395124-3532.9100
DP Kelly (CD)10236721-433.5000
AC Barnes (Auck)3422210132-2033.6600
NJ Astle (NZ,Cant)3702213942-3234.7500
RJ Nicol (Auck)4951824872-4435.4200
CZ Harris (NZ,Cant)8584032093-2935.5500
DL Vettori (NZ)88830417113-9037.9000
A Flintoff (Eng)71427381103-4938.1000
CJ Cornelius (Cant)2641111533-6738.3300
Mashrafe Mortaza (Bang)258415743-10039.2500
RG Morgan (Auck)4561815942-1439.7500
JS Patel (Well)107656482123-8040.1600
CB Gaffaney (Ot)7234211-1942.0000
KD Mills (Auck)83432426102-3042.6000
AF Giles (Eng)8113230474-10343.4200
WAS Silva (Auck)3481317443-7443.5000
Mohammad Sharif (Bang)3671026363-11443.8300
CJM Furlong (CD)5231523052-1246.0000
JAH Marshall (ND)10454611-946.0000
JW Sheed (Ot)6204711-3047.0000
TR Anderson (CD)16259722-3148.5000
CS Martin (NZ,Cant)108652546113-6749.6300
RGT Smith (Ot)111832598123-2149.8300
JM McMillan (Ot)5022620343-5950.7500
GE Bradburn (ND)5702423542-4358.7500
SB Doull (ND)15096811-1668.0000
CD McMillan (NZ)168214122-3970.5000
J Ormond (Eng)16278411-3784.0000
NW Rushton (Ot)3481416921-2984.5000
Hasibul Hossain (Bang)12638811-8888.0000
Khaled Mahmud (Bang)300617921-4089.5000
Enamul Haque (Bang)189810111-101101.0000
CD Cumming (Ot)4661421221-14106.0000





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