ListA Batting and Fielding in New Zealand for 2001/02 (Ordered by Average)

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NameMatchesInnsNot OutRunsHSAve10050CtSt
NJ Astle (NZ,Cant)773357122*89.25214 
AC Parore (Auck)2218256*82.000121
SP Beare (Ot)1106161  61.00010 
SB Styris (ND)33112084*60.00011 
PJ Ingram (CD)220105100  52.50100 
NV Knight (Eng)770367126  52.42124 
CD McMillan (NZ,Cant)771281109*46.83111 
MJ Horne (Auck)1010042876  42.80064 
OA Shah (Eng)55212457  41.33012 
AR Adams (NZ,Auck)86312231  40.66001 
LG Howell (Auck)771242106*40.33111 
ME Parlane (ND)55019579  39.00021 
RT King (CD)88223155  38.50024 
RA Lawson (Ot)87026980  38.42020 
L Vincent (NZ,Auck)77122182  36.83013 
GP Thorpe (Eng)77121359*35.50023 
GR Stead (Cant)11101318101*35.33117 
MS Sinclair (CD)99127590  34.37021 
GP Sulzberger (CD)66117054  34.00010 
RA Jones (Well)1010130578*33.88023 
CJ Nevin (NZ,Well)15151470111  33.5713172
DJG Sales (Well)1010130263*33.55025 
JAH Marshall (ND)1313139799*33.08015 
WA Wisneski (Cant)6419745*32.33006 
GE Bradburn (ND)1313525646*32.00005 
CR Pryor (Ot)87022091  31.42011 
NKW Horsley (Auck)77215689*31.20011 
HJH Marshall (ND)1313233468  30.36029 
PJ Wiseman (Cant)99220865*29.71014 
SL Stewart (Cant)99026376  29.22014 
GT Donaldson (Well)88217274  28.66011 
CJM Furlong (CD)99511132*27.75005 
MDJ Walker (Well)108216261*27.00015 
MH Richardson (Auck)3308147  27.00000 
BF Smith (CD)99024283  26.88021 
LK Germon (Ot)76016152  26.83017 
AJ Hore (Ot)980213102  26.62116 
N Hussain (Eng)66015850  26.33011 
AJ Redmond (Cant)6527843*26.00001 
RD Burson (Cant)3322615*26.00000 
MP Vaughan (Eng)3307759  25.66013 
AC Barnes (Auck)99119955  24.87020 
SB Doull (ND)1212029580  24.58022 
MN Hart (ND)1212029278  24.33035 
SP Fleming (NZ,Well)77114276*23.66013 
MD Bell (Well)1010120865  23.11016 
EP Thompson (CD)3212316  23.00003 
JEC Franklin (Well)3322219  22.00000 
CD Cumming (Ot)98017570  21.87015 
A Flintoff (Eng)66110545*21.00005 
RG Hart (ND)1310216340  20.3700222
MHW Papps (Cant)66011665  19.33013 
RG Morgan (Auck)3305825  19.33000 
PG Fulton (Cant)3305629  18.66000 
BBJ Griggs (CD)97110843  18.000013 
AF Giles (Eng)6313521*17.50002 
CJ Cornelius (Cant)2211715*17.00001 
CL Cairns (NZ,Cant)77011358  16.14013 
MR Jefferson (Well)10736416  16.00002 
WC McSkimming (Ot)2211614*16.00000 
DJ Reekers (Cant)1110114026  15.550051
BGK Walker (Auck)10829220*15.33006 
MG Croy (Ot)88110329*14.710041
PD Collingwood (Eng)6625821  14.50002 
KD Mills (Auck)5515723*14.25001 
ME Trescothick (Eng)6608541  14.16007 
AM Wilkinson (Ot)1101414  14.00000 
DL Vettori (NZ,ND)7515528  13.75002 
DP Kelly (CD)6608136  13.50002 
JC Nelson (CD)2202715  13.50001 
ND Morland (Ot)4304028  13.33000 
PA Hitchcock (Well)10515321  13.25002 
JW Sheed (Ot)1101313  13.00001 
RA Young (Auck)8616423  12.800094
TK Canning (Auck)108010227  12.75005 
JM How (CD)5506236  12.40002 
CJ Anderson (Cant)11836118*12.20004 
MN McKenzie (Cant)1101212  12.00000 
MD Bailey (ND)6606425  10.66000 
CZ Harris (NZ,Cant)7606323  10.50006 
GW Aldridge (ND)942218*10.50002 
MJ Haslam (Auck)10523116  10.33002 
JI Englefield (Cant)3303112  10.33000 
KP Walmsley (Ot)9733915*9.75001 
MY Pasupati (Well)10706728  9.57002 
JAF Yovich (ND)13935615  9.33003 
C White (Eng)7614617  9.20003 
DR Tuffey (NZ,ND)181146217  8.85004 
BJK Doody (Cant)6605221  8.66002 
AM Schwass (CD)7504313  8.60004 
GJ Hopkins (Cant)7403420  8.500073
JG Hatwell (ND)9705622  8.00001 
CB Gaffaney (Ot)8705529  7.85004 
AJ Penn (Well)7412312  7.66001 
TG McIntosh (Auck)3302110  7.00001 
IG Butler (NZ,ND)6311410*7.00000 
D Gough (Eng)73275*7.00002 
RGT Smith (Ot)21077  7.00003 
MJ Mason (CD)9512617*6.50003 
JM McMillan (Ot)75462*6.00000 
LJ Hamilton (CD)53263*6.00001 
BB McCullum (NZ,Ot)550299  5.80001 
NL McCullum (Ot)9823210  5.33002 
GG Robinson (ND)3301612  5.33000 
TC Crabb (Auck)22099  4.50002 
CS Martin (Cant)941135  4.33001 
MR Gillespie (Well)63185  4.00001 
SJ Cunis (Cant)851134*3.25000 
BE Hefford (CD)9501610  3.20000 
JS Foster (Eng)21033  3.00004 
AR Caddick (Eng)31022  2.00000 
CJ Drum (Auck)96196*1.80001 
GR Todd (CD)11011  1.00000 
RA Pudney (Auck)11000  0.00000 
JN Snape (Eng)1111313* 000 
DG Sewell (Ot)4111111* 000 
GS Shaw (Auck)222109* 000 
DJ Nash (Auck)11166* 000 
AD Turner (Well)41144* 001 
GS Coleman (Auck)31100* 001 
SE Bond (Cant)21100* 000 
MJ Hoggard (Eng)51100* 001 





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