First-class Batting and Fielding in New Zealand for 1970/71 (Ordered by Average)

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NameMatchesInnsNot OutRunsHSAve10050CtSt
APE Knott (Eng)120197101  98.50110 
BG Hadlee (Cant)57228670*57.20020 
RE Redmond (Auck,NIs)7143609141*55.36143 
BL D'Oliveira (Eng)230163100  54.33110 
MC Cowdrey (Eng)1209954  49.50010 
GA Newdick (Well)6111460143  46.00112 
RM Harris (Auck)510235960  44.87043 
TW Jarvis (Cant,SIs)6112395107  43.88219 
RS Cunis (NZ,Auck)77412336  41.00003 
BW Sinclair (Well)58128667*40.85025 
GT Dowling (NZ,Cant,SIs)8151568102  40.57137 
RW Morgan (NZ,Auck,NIs)9160638106  39.873410 
JFM Morrison (Well)591312108  39.00118 
BAG Murray (NZ,Well,NIs)713145599  37.910513 
BE Congdon (NZ,CD,SIs)7120450120  37.502310 
ML Ryan (Cant,SIs)6110408129  37.09225 
GE Vivian (Auck,NIs)712331487  34.88023 
GM Turner (NZ,Ot,SIs)816151776  34.460412 
V Pollard (NZ,SIs)24110239*34.00000 
GD Alabaster (Ot)591269103*33.62112 
JH Hampshire (Eng)24110051*33.33011 
B Dunning (ND)48026493  33.00012 
ADG Roberts (ND)480263120  32.87113 
HC Sampson (CD)480261119  32.62100 
JG Gibson (ND)480252108  31.50101 
KJ Parker (Auck)1206261  31.00011 
JT Sparling (Auck)56212351*30.75013 
JW Burtt (Cant)57021199  30.14011 
PC Semple (Ot)59124078*30.00014 
PR Mathieson1205950  29.50011 
DH Payton (CD)48119668  28.000210 
MG Burgess (NZ,Auck,NIs)8121300104  27.271111 
GV Giles (ND)48021878  27.25013 
RM Gearry (CD)3535321*26.50001 
BW Yuile (CD,NIs)46015468  25.66014 
JV Coney1205143  25.50000 
KO Campbell (Ot,SIs)611027897  25.27025 
WA Greenstreet (Well,NIs)79412637  25.20004 
BD Smith (Well)2315037  25.00002 
SR Speed (Auck)69314334*23.8300165
MJF Shrimpton (NZ,CD,NIs)713128365  23.58022 
IJ Therkleson (Well)57211440*22.800012 
BW Luckhurst (Eng)2416829*22.66002 
P Lever (Eng)2306864  22.66010 
LR Pearson (Ot)510021444  21.40006 
R McGill (ND)36012658  21.00012 
KJ Wadsworth (NZ,CD,SIs)712220579  20.5001204
MJ Horton (ND)48016448  20.50000 
RM Schofield (CD)3416129  20.33000 
CT Maingay (Auck)1204031  20.00002 
DJ Brady1203938  19.50001 
R Illingworth (Eng)2305836  19.33002 
BF Hastings (Cant,SIs)611217352  19.22016 
HA Morgan (Well)56011550  19.16017 
LS Mountain (ND,NIs)59115151  18.870114 
JH Howell (CD)4517532  18.75006 
HJ Howarth (NZ,Auck)7729027*18.00006 
KJ O'Connor (Ot)3609728  16.16002 
BC Irving (Cant)443168*16.00002 
RW Hutchison (Ot)510113533  15.00004 
JD Riley (Well)69013538  15.00004 
BDM Furlong (CD)4617338  14.60006 
BG Foulds (ND)4532916*14.50001 
CM Kirk (Cant)5727220  14.40003 
JD Smith (ND)4616626  13.20002 
BR Taylor (Well,NIs)5717934  13.16002 
DO Neely (Auck)4404821  12.00000 
JC McLeod (ND)3615622  11.20002 
MG Webb (NZ,Ot,SIs)7853320*11.00004 
RA Roy (Ot)3505430  10.80004 
RJ McPherson (ND)3615226  10.40000 
JH Edrich (Eng)2403924  9.75002 
DG Trist (Cant,SIs)6807640  9.50000 
RA Baddeley (Auck)542197*9.50001 
KD Kennedy (ND)4834720*9.40000 
BD Milburn (Ot)5935625*9.3300113
JM McIntyre (Auck)2311810*9.00000 
RO Collinge (NZ,Well,NIs)8742311*7.66002 
B Andrews (Ot)5915619  7.00003 
WL Blair (Ot)1201411  7.00000 
BT Freeman (Ot)2402612  6.50003 
JT Ward (Cant)5704419  6.280083
BA Bolton (Well)4603714  6.16001 
K Shuttleworth (Eng)2301611  5.33000 
LC Sparks (CD)3502513  5.00002 
RGD Willis (Eng)120107  5.00000 
D Wilson (Eng)11055  5.00000 
AB Jordan (CD)5621810  4.50001 
RW Taylor (Eng)11044  4.000021
RC Merrin (Cant)230116  3.66000 
KWR Fletcher (Eng)12064  3.00003 
CRW Dickel (Ot)12033  1.50001 
RW Anderson12022  1.00001 
KI Ferries (Cant)33022  0.66000 
WK Lees12000  0.00001 
AR Hounsell (Cant)122149* 001 
DL Underwood (Eng)23398* 003 
JC Williams (Auck)11144* 001 
RE Sutton (Auck)11133* 000 
TG Beatson12221* 000 
RC Matthews (Auck)10      0 





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