First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 1953/54 (Ordered by Average)

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DD Coleman (Auck)18130    
NN Tuiyau (Fiji)6040    
AP Arnold (Cant)12060    
KFH Smith (Well)6090    
JB Morris (Auck)181110    
PW O'Malley (Cant)240110    
WS Haig (Ot)181120    
RI Long (Ot)422140    
PGZ Harris (Cant)662210    
SN McGregor (Ot)180240    
KO Butler (Auck)360350    
EM Meuli (CD)905400    
JG Leggat (Cant)180520    
ME Giles (Well)1324640    
PJ Skelton (Ot)141511-55.0000
AR MacGibbon20496464-3510.6600
EW Dempster12644342-1310.7500
RW Blair17497154-3214.2000
HB Cave (CD)148297408286-4214.5710
R Allen (Well)165711175-5815.8510
BD Morrison (Well)88238367227-4216.6821
KKT Mara (Fiji)295813784-7717.1200
DB Clarke (Auck)99533418245-4717.4120
NS Harford (CD)10863521-1117.5000
EHJ Cameron (Ot)4382612373-3017.5700
ST Jones (Ot)9033622-2018.0000
MJ Fenn (Fiji)96428379215-6418.0410
RWG Emery (Cant)201117442-3818.5000
GN Gearry (Cant)52620241136-3218.5310
C Burke (Auck)93638379206-4718.9510
AM Moir (Ot)155443783418-11919.0931
FW Stanley (Ot)3361415985-2519.8710
TB Burtt (Cant)1723100686348-3520.1730
LD Smith (Ot)72537263135-5220.2310
FJ Cameron (Ot)118945455226-8120.6810
JF Jones (Well)49223213104-3921.3000
RE Brown (CD)6263918484-2923.0000
GO Rabone5404722-4723.5000
JC Tynan (Well)6604821-1124.0000
RH Scott (Cant)15027633-4625.3300
EL Child (Auck)132076458185-3725.4420
NM Uluiviti (Fiji)3012611-2426.0000
DD Beard (CD)127585398153-7426.5300
DE Brian (CD)98347321123-3226.7500
RM Carrington (Auck)4592319274-927.4200
TS Hambrook (Auck)75234330123-2327.5000
DJ Reid (Cant)6182524994-5827.6600
N Kavuru (Fiji)21048531-628.3300
JA Hayes (Cant)93426427154-4328.4600
GWF Overton14475722-3428.5000
TS Malloch (Well)4321718262-5930.3300
RS Challies (CD)5221728293-2831.3300
EJD Newbigin (Well)4061222273-3731.7100
A Driu (Fiji)105936508164-9831.7500
JA McKeown (Well)16239632-5032.0000
HJ Apted (Fiji)156410432-3634.6600
E Loganimoce (Fiji)312717752-4535.4000
IM Sinclair (Cant)90641417103-6441.7000
AA Hunter (CD)228138421-1442.0000
DD Taylor (Auck)15778521-2142.5000
DW Stark (Cant)16828822-5944.0000
JCA Thomson (Well)8863741284-9351.5000
EA Watson (Ot)8405511-3755.0000
FE Fisher (Well)9845845483-6756.7500
SN James (Ot)12037311-5073.0000
MF Simmons (Fiji)5281130441-4276.0000
WR Perkins (Well)3181115811-45158.0000





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