First-class Bowling in Ireland for 1999 (Ordered by Average)

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QR Still30190    
RA Parsons (Sco)180100    
MJ Hay (Sco)483210    
GH Bodi300350    
JE Brinkley (Sco)146114953-179.8000
T Henderson11963232-1310.6600
NR Dyer (Sco)11864744-4711.7500
A Nel3171611493-1912.6600
RD McGerrigle (Ire)15077054-2414.0000
BJ Archer (Ire)8452821-514.0000
D Pretorius39618170124-3914.1600
JO Davy (Ire)14777153-3314.2000
ND Carson (Ire)12657443-3918.5000
Asim Butt (Sco)21079353-2018.6000
AGAM McCoubrey (Ire)16687843-3819.5000
PJK Mooney (Ire)2831416774-1223.8500
JL Ontong13265222-2326.0000
WK McCallan (Ire)300917163-6328.5000
AM Tennant (Sco)10256522-6532.5000
WR Wingfield6004011-4040.0000
GT Love2821313732-4445.6600
G Cooke (Ire)210811821-2159.0000
GL Molins (Ire)2521412622-6163.0000
MW Creed9017111-4871.0000
RW McDaid (Ire)2521015321-3476.5000





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