First-class Bowling in England for 1865 (Ordered by Average)

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AEA Williams (Kent)6891633-95.33 00
S Tubb (Ham)285366997-327.66 10
H Arkwright12496986-538.62 10
W Catling (Mx)3221922-139.50 00
JC Shaw (Nt)1495187476448-3210.81 32
WS Jervis200188786-3010.87 10
J Jackson (Nt,AEE,Nth)1105124340297-2511.72 20
G Wootton (MCC,Nt,AEE,Nth,Play)25272579778410-5411.91 85
SC Voules (MCC,OU,GEng)28722123105-4212.30 10
T Hearne (MCC,Mx,Eng,Play,Sth)1072117370305-3112.33 31
J Southerton (Ham)67248270217-4512.85 30
A Taylor (Sy)4041311-1313.00 00
J Lillywhite (Eng,Sx,Sth)39594761147877-3013.18 82
A Shaw (Eng,MCC,Nt,Nth,Play)851103239194-1713.27 00
WG Grace (Eng,GEng,Gent)62664268208-4013.40 21
G Figg (Sx)1141117395296-4213.62 30
FR Evans (OU,Gent)2972711195-3213.87 10
GF Tarrant (Cam,AEE,Nth)1753185566456-4814.15 42
EM Grace (Eng,MCC,GEng,Gent,Sth)1238126474336-2914.36 31
WF Maitland (OU,Gent)74449360367-?14.40 31
EF Taylor (Sy)192128764-5914.50 00
R Iddison (La,Yor)62824337245-4514.65 10
T Hayward (Cam,AEE,Nth,Play)56448264247-7314.66 30
G Wells (Sx)62047220157-6714.66 10
J Grundy (MCC,Nt,Nth,Play)3574491946728-7014.78 52
W Mortlock (Sy,Play,Sth)1621103739495-4215.08 31
T Humphrey (Sy,Play,Sth)120593520346-2915.29 40
AJA Wilkinson (Mx,Yor,Gent)109399412266-5215.84 20
R Lipscomb (Kent)78461337218-3516.04 11
W Shepherd (Sy)2761811374-4216.14 00
E Willsher (Kent,Eng,Play,Sou,Sth)2458276715477-4316.25 32
A Walker (CU,Yor)29010196125-2516.33 10
CC Oldfield (GEng)208266743-3716.75 00
G Griffith (Sy,Play,Sth)24471791007606-5516.78 50
EL Fellowes (OU)2483085177-?17.00 10
RC Tinley (Nt,AEE,Nth)137286652387-5817.15 41
RD Walker (MCC,Mx,OU,Eng,Gent,Sou)2731294909635-1317.48 30
G Bennett (Kent,Eng,Play,Sth)24721781138658-6117.50 21
J Smith (La,Yor)2862414283-4017.75 00
W Saunders (Cam)50551183104-5018.30 00
J Street (Sy)59770222123-2918.50 00
FP Miller (Sy)296259454-4918.80 00
W Cuttell (Yor)1125103396236-4818.85 10
VE Walker (MCC,Mx,Gent,Sou,Sth)863604012210-10419.09 11
HH Stephenson (Sy,Play,Sth)101275518276-9119.18 30
MA Troughton (Kent)157911765-7019.50 10
J Caesar (Sy)136213922-3919.50 00
I Hodgson (Yor,Eng)1642182588295-12720.27 10
FR Reynolds (Cam,La)1185131413266-?20.65 20
AS Teape (OU)184206342-5321.00 00
T Lockyer (Sy,Play,Sth)1676135784376-6421.18 51
FG Pelham (CU,Sx)1559118689347-9021.53 20
EF Dyke (CU)4393919893-1822.00 00
JH Maxwell-Heron (GEng)10994422-3222.00 00
JJ Sewell (Mx,Sou)4852211-2222.00 00
T Sewell (Kent,Sy,Sth)2525247933425-5722.21 10
GR Atkinson (Yor,Nth)1437133422224-7822.21 00
F Harwood (Sy)4304515873-3922.57 00
EL Ede (Ham)8436832-122.66 00
L Greenwood (Yor,Play)1256119460207-4323.00 10
HM Plowden (Ham)7234622-4623.00 00
ID Walker (Mx,Gent,Sou,Sth)94253452224-3423.78 00
G Howitt (Mx)878102263113-1423.90 00
H Perkins (Cam)8472411-2424.00 00
EM Kenney (OU)136184985-?24.50 10
C Morgan (GEng)11685021-2225.00 00
G Knight (Sx)6472511-2525.00 00
CH Ellis (Sx)65657327134-7525.15 00
CE Green (CU)103995436174-4525.64 00
W Gibbs (Sx)4484318073-4925.71 00
GM Kelson (Kent,Eng)240258331-627.66 00
WG Marten (Kent)4444414152-3928.20 00
TS Curteis (CU)59451285113-6428.50 00
E Storer (La)6052911-2929.00 00
AB Rowley (La)236228833-6129.33 00
T Darnton (Yor,Eng)5363528293-6331.33 00
D Buchanan216189732-4032.33 00
F Walton (Ham)10476622-6633.00 00
JT Carroll (Kent)8053611-2036.00 00
J Dawes (Yor)4483519652-2439.20 00
H Holmes (Ham)124124511-445.00 00
WS Norton (Kent)116134611-2746.00 00
F Norley (Kent,MCC)172214611-3346.00 00
R Fillery (Sx)6085623543-3758.75 00
CF Buller (MCC,Mx,Gent,Sou)208188965-?89.00 10
HT Frere (Ham)3803415311-142153.00 00
G Freeman (Yor)9202944-?? 00
ES Carter (OU)00021-?? 00
HW Fellows (MCC)1211111-?? 00
RP Carpenter (Cam,AEE,Nth,Play)6061711-?? 00
R Slater (La)8130    
CG Lyttelton (MCC,Gent,Sou)8060    
J Makinson (La)20160    
EB Rowley (La)24370    
EHL Willes (Ham)20270    
C Booth (CU)20370    
JS Frederick24280    
JF Scobell (OU)323100    
LA Cockerell120100    
SH Swire (La)80110    
AWT Daniel (Mx,Gent,Sth)160120    
J Berry (Yor)362130    
H Jupp (Sy,Play,Sth)161140    
EW Pooley (Mx,Sy)442160    
H Maturin (Ham)160170    
RSN Gilchrist160190    
D Pollard (Yor)321190    
C Calvert (Mx,Sou)363260    
SME Kempson (MCC)605280    
W Perry (La)280290    
CH Smith (Sx)887300    
TA Mantle (Mx)363340    
WH Fryer (Kent)13214570    
H Stubberfield (Sx)1289620    
RAH Mitchell (OU,Gent)11611660    
JSE Cockburn-Hood (CU)15691070    





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