First-class Batting and Fielding in England for 1823 (Ordered by Average)

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NameMatchesInnsNot OutRunsHSAve10050CtSt
T Flavel (Eng)1215029*50.000013
S Baker (Kent)1214637*46.00001 
J Evans (Kent)24113690*45.33011 
W Hooker (Sx,Play)34017192  42.75020 
J Saunders (Sx,Eng,Play)58032589  40.62041 
AF Greville (MCC)1103939  39.00000 
C Town (Kent)24014751  36.75010 
W Ward (Ham,MCC,Eng,Gent)7122328120  32.801131
J Broadbridge (Sx,Eng,Play)57118848  31.33003 
W Searle (Eng,Play)24012556  31.25010 
Lord F Beauclerk (MCC,Eng,Gent)710124770  27.44023 
R Searle (Sx)2322719*27.00001 
T Crimble (Ham)1205352  26.50013 
T Beagley (Ham,Play)35013061  26.00013 
R Lane (MCC,Eng)2417729*25.66000 
J Jordan (Kent,Play)360140109  23.33102 
TC Howard (Ham)1212313*23.000002
J Brand (MCC,Gent)46013763  22.83012 
W Slater (Sx,Play)3416624  22.000017
J Bayley1102222  22.00000 
EH Budd (Ham,MCC,Gent)710020667  20.600152
J Bowyer (Eng,Play)3509242  18.40000 
T Price (Ham)1101717  17.00000 
H Morley (Sx)1101414  14.00000 
W Broadbridge1101212  12.000011
CJ Barnett (MCC,Gent)4725824*11.60003 
W Deedes (Kent,MCC,Eng,Gent)612111832  10.72000 
H Holland (Ham)1202111  10.50000 
J Townsend (MCC,Gent)2303015  10.00001 
J Sparks (Eng,Play)3605516  9.16000 
F Mellersh (Sx)11099  9.00000 
GT Smith (MCC)11099  9.00000 
T Nicoll (MCC,Eng,Gent)4806519  8.12002 
HT Lane (Kent)2412415  8.00000 
J Grinham (Eng)1201510  7.50001 
PH Dyke (Kent,MCC,Eng)51016623  7.33000 
F Nicholas (MCC,Gent)3522215  7.33002 
T Vigne (MCC,Eng)5824314  7.16003 
HJ Lloyd (MCC,Eng,Gent)61025216*6.50006 
T Duke (Kent)1201313  6.50000 
HC Lowther (MCC)220128  6.00001 
JJ Willan (Ham)11066  6.00001 
J Dale (Sx)231115  5.50002 
H Bowley (Sx)11055  5.00001 
JB Baker (Sx)3401919  4.75001 
HW Barnard (Kent)12095  4.50001 
J Beagley (Ham)12095  4.50000 
G Brown (Ham,Play)2401711  4.25000 
W Ashby (Kent,Sx,Eng,Play)7113305*3.75009 
H Bates (Kent)230115  3.66003 
D Denne (Kent)241106  3.33000 
H Faithful (Sx)23098  3.00001 
T Nordish (Kent)12066  3.000011
H Hoare (MCC)12053  2.50000 
J Sherman (Eng)12043  2.00000 
W Keen (Eng)12033  1.50001 
JW Ladbroke (Eng)12022  1.00000 
B Aislabie (Kent,MCC)24032  0.75000 
WH Sewell (MCC,Gent)22011  0.50000 
J Tanner (MCC)12000  0.00003 
GT Vigne (MCC)12100*0.00000 
CM Williams (MCC)11000  0.00002 
R Broadbridge (Sx)11000  0.00000 
S Maynard (Ham)11177* 000 





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