First-class Batting and Fielding in England for 1821 (Ordered by Average)

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NameMatchesInnsNot OutRunsHSAve10050CtSt
GS Hume (CU)1219897*98.00011 
T Beagley (Ham,Play)231181113*90.50102 
H Hannington (CU)1217963  79.000101
J Sparks (MCC,Play)23015789  52.33021 
T Nicoll (MCC,Gent)35113871  34.50013 
H Page (CTC)1205755  28.50010 
J Thumwood (God,Play)35111332*28.25000 
W Martin (CTC)1205454  27.00010 
J Barnard (MCC)1205141  25.500013
Lord F Beauclerk (MCC,Gent)47115243  25.33004 
J Sherman (Play)1102121  21.00000 
W Ward (Ham,MCC,Gent)47112243  20.33002 
J Page (CTC)1204025  20.00001 
J Scott (CTC)1204036  20.00000 
EH Budd (MCC,Gent)3509845  19.600011
C Holloway (Ham,Play)2203939  19.50001 
G Fenner (CTC)1203534  17.50000 
W Beldham (God,Play)3516623*16.50003 
F Sullivan (MCC)1203320  16.50002 
G Wells (God)2414522  15.00001 
HC Lowther (MCC)1202817  14.00000 
H Lillywhite (Ham)1202820  14.00000 
CJ Barnett (MCC,Gent)4717517  12.50001 
T Flavel (God)2404624  11.50001 
W Deedes (MCC,Gent)2303426  11.33000 
C Oxenden (CU)1202117  10.50000 
Baxter (CTC)1202121  10.50000 
HJ Lloyd (MCC,Gent)3505122  10.20002 
M Page (CTC)1202015  10.00002 
J Sherman (Play)1101010  10.00000 
J Thumwood (Ham,God,Play)4605921  9.83003 
W Mathews (God)2403516  8.75000 
Hull (God)2403513  8.75004 
WC Dyer (Ham,Play)2302616  8.66001 
B Aislabie (MCC)2311511  7.50002 
TO Bache (MCC)362288  7.00001 
W Keen (God)2412120  7.000001
TC Howard (God)2402415  6.000001
W Searle (God)2402413  6.00000 
RS Battiscombe (CU)1201212  6.00000 
C Nevill (CU)120126  6.00000 
GR Marten (CU)120119  5.50000 
J Lillywhite (Ham)12099  4.50000 
R Lane (MCC)2401614  4.00000 
GT Smith (Ham)12142*4.00000 
J Tanner (MCC,Gent)460216  3.50002 
JEG Bayley (MCC,Gent)23176  3.50000 
G Wyndham (CU)12066  3.00000 
W Bird (CTC)12132*3.00000 
D Onslow (CU)12055  2.50000 
GLW Fauquier (CU)12055  2.50000 
F Nicholas (MCC)23062  2.00002 
J Fenner (CTC)12122  2.00001 
WH Caldecourt (Ham)12121*2.00000 
Earl of Aboyne (Ham)12033  1.50001 
T Vigne (Ham,MCC,Gent)35076  1.400016
JW Ladbroke (God)24142  1.33000 
H Bird (CTC)12021  1.00001 
J Greenwood (CU)12022  1.00000 
J Powell (Play)11011  1.00000 
J Hall (CTC)12011  0.50001 
GE Hollest (CU)12011  0.50000 
J Townsend (Gent)11000  0.00002 
W Ashby (Play)10      0 





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