First-class Bowling in Australia for 2006 (Ordered by Average)

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Rafatullah Mohmand (PakA)18090    
S Badrinath (IndA)360140    
MJ Cosgrove (AusA)301170    
RG Sharma (IndA)300270    
RS Sodhi (IndA)900500    
BR Dorey (AusA)1386730    
Mohammad Irshad (PakA)13241070    
Wasim Khan (PakA)18041220    
CA Pujara (IndA)3611622-168.0000
JS Patel (NZW)222811474-6816.2800
MG Orchard (NZW)15056132-3820.3300
CB Bailey (AusA)153610654-7121.2000
Y Venugopal Rao (IndA)144411354-7922.6000
MG Johnson (AusA)324721394-4523.6600
SR Watson (AusA)246613053-3926.0000
Abdur Rehman (PakA)4681619674-5128.0000
PP Chawla (IndA)59213303105-8630.3010
Mohammad Khalil (PakA)186711232-3237.3300
HK Bennett (NZW)9618621-1843.0000
CS Martin (NZW)21069021-4245.0000
RP Singh (IndA)4712125354-3350.6000
Mohammad Hafeez (PakA)198212222-11661.0000
BP Martin (NZW)172012422-5962.0000
SW Tait (AusA)3271419033-6763.3300
SK Trivedi (IndA)3961621132-6970.3300
DJ Cullen (AusA)294417822-10889.0000
SS Paul (IndA)12318911-5989.0000
TP Singh (IndA)180211911-12119.0000





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