Bowling in Australia for 1905/06 (Ordered by )

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VS Ransford (Vic)12120    
EF Parker (WA)6070    
JC Barnes (NSW)12080    
SHD Rowe (WA)18080    
C Hill (SAus)120120    
LW Pye (NSW)303120    
CT Chamberlain (SAus)180150    
EV Carroll (Vic)180160    
HPD Edmondson (WA)240160    
E Harvey (WA)180170    
RA Duff (NSW)240200    
WC Whitting (NSW)785210    
KH Quist (WA)301220    
WT Evans (Qld)360230    
TB Faunce (Qld)240230    
WT Grounds (NSW)543230    
FT Hack (SAus)784310    
JS Hutcheon (Qld)541400    
JH Pellew (SAus)783440    
MJ Hartigan (Qld)480440    
VC Jones (WA)541520    
DL Miller (Qld)13221010    
EK Armstrong (Qld)12631040    
J Darling (SAus)000    
H Goddard (NSW)000    
GS Crouch (Qld)000    
EF Waddy (NSW)000    
CF Morgan (Qld)000    
CW Gregory (NSW)000    
J Ainslie (Vic)000    
JNS Rees (SAus)000    
ER Bubb (NSW)000    
EL Waddy (NSW)000    
TM Coombe (WA)000    
HGS Morton (Qld)000    
VT Trumper (NSW)000    
W Carkeek (Vic)000    
MMF Dunn (Qld)000    
WFP Hutton (SAus)000    
J Richardson (SAus)000    
PA McAlister (Vic)000    
A Diamond (NSW)000    
ABS White (NSW)000    
CB Jennings (SAus)000    
NK Foster (Qld)000    
JJ Kelly000    
EE Bean (Vic)000    
WJ Dunstan (WA)000    
HA Evers (WA)000    
JF Horan (Vic)000    
PM Newland (SAus)000    
JRM Mackay (NSW)000    
L Gouly (WA)000    
WR McIntyre (NSW)000    
HSC Jarvis (SAus)000    
H Carter (NSW)000    
HC Howard (WA)000    
A Atkins (Qld)000    
GC Gurr (SAus)000    
WM McPetrie (Vic)000    
W Bardsley (NSW)000    
J Carew (Qld)000    
M Ellis (Vic)000    
CF Jones (Vic)000    
TH Coyne (WA)13825765-279.5010
HV Hordern (NSW)2463164118-8114.9011
J Thomson (Qld)12726743-3516.7500
RA Selk (WA)5839307187-10817.0531
FRV Timbury (Qld)43816175104-4617.5000
FS Middleton (NSW)10044022-2420.0000
JW Lewis (Qld)7806332-1821.0000
GL Garnsey (NSW)128728772366-4821.4431
T Byrne (Qld)21878643-5921.5000
JDA O'Connor (NSW)128049673316-5021.7021
JPF Travers (SAus)97644370164-3423.1200
JV Saunders (Vic)135849793347-12223.3241
A Cotter (NSW)152154760326-16323.7520
WW Armstrong (Vic)119653409174-2624.0500
PH Coombe (SAus)78935316136-5924.3010
FB Collins (Vic)77818564226-5225.6310
C Munro (WA)2991013054-6326.0000
AW Wright (SAus)70121399157-6626.6020
MF McCaffrey (Qld)76916443165-20427.6810
ER Crouch (Qld)4202811-1428.0000
CG Macartney (NSW)99242423153-4028.2000
AH Christian (Vic)60220325113-2129.5400
JC Reedman (SAus)88338395134-11130.3800
N Claxton (SAus)90333408134-1931.3800
AP Penman (NSW)3751122575-4832.1410
CE Dolling (SAus)4803311-1533.0000
FB Johnson (NSW)144210232-2834.0000
WH Kelly (WA)230311232-4137.3300
WP Howell9053811-1238.0000
HG Hutton (SAus)7814011-2040.0000
DRA Gehrs (SAus)7814411-2044.0000
A Jarvis (SAus)234139521-1947.5000
MA Noble (NSW)5592824553-6549.0000
WB Hayes (Qld)318525353-15350.6000
RF Cowan (SAus)10855411-3054.0000
FJ Laver (Vic)8483144183-1655.1200
LH Hanson (SAus)390722642-10256.5000
TS Warne (Vic)193414422-9272.0000
LR Hill (SAus)336718322-9391.5000
JS Redgrave (NSW)198610011-45100.0000
GR Hazlitt (Vic)210612511-62125.0000





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