First-class Bowling in Australia for 1904/05 (Ordered by Average)

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VT Trumper (NSW)6060    
J Darling (SAus)6070    
EW Harrison (Tas)6090    
CB Jennings (SAus)12090    
ES Hawson (Tas)120120    
B Grant (Vic)180190    
JC Watt (Tas)180240    
DRA Gehrs (SAus)300250    
GHS Trott (Vic)481270    
LA Cuff (Tas)180290    
VS Ransford (Vic)663350    
FRV Timbury (Qld)1022740    
ER Crouch (Qld)192322-31.5000
C Hill (SAus)121311-33.0000
LN Rainey (Vic)156124666-467.6610
LW Pye (NSW)7312633-268.6600
CJ Eady (Tas)2351499116-589.0021
JDA O'Connor (NSW)37814147155-279.8021
AH Christian (Vic)219184953-189.8000
RN Hickson (NSW)1911011-1010.0000
AE Frost (Tas)13838665-6914.3310
AJ Bowden (NSW)216108764-5214.5000
EA Goss (Vic)15494633-2115.3300
AP Penman (NSW)44423170113-1615.4500
MA Noble (NSW)40117162105-5116.2010
AJY Hopkins (NSW)69034279174-1416.4100
JGM Garland (Vic)16295932-2119.6600
EAC Windsor (Tas)150112265-5320.3310
JC Reedman (SAus)73824391197-5420.5721
FB Collins (Vic)102225631276-6423.3730
A Cotter (NSW)82817427187-7723.7220
AE Sullivan (NSW)174612053-6724.0000
FB Johnson (NSW)98920484204-6824.2000
GL Garnsey (NSW)51213308123-3925.6600
WW Armstrong (Vic)100047364144-5726.0000
JV Saunders (Vic)102052482184-4426.7700
FJ Laver (Vic)55916314114-3128.5400
RF Cowan (SAus)204114554-10429.0000
JPF Travers (SAus)87930392136-10230.1510
JS Redgrave (NSW)21099133-3330.3300
TS Warne (Vic)8416522-5032.5000
WP Howell (NSW)65427328103-5232.8000
TTT Long (Qld)264813342-5733.2500
FE Chancellor (Tas)147210332-3534.3300
T Byrne (Qld)66022408115-16937.0910
N Claxton (SAus)8163534495-13038.2210
K McPhillamy (NSW)204311633-5138.6600
CE McLeod (Vic)69717402104-4240.2000
HJ Fry (Vic)16238121-2640.5000
DR Smith (Tas)15048422-8442.0000
FT Hack (SAus)9054711-1747.0000
JF Giller (Vic)15059622-9648.0000
JH Pellew (SAus)14329721-3548.5000
RM Osborne (Vic)204110122-3750.5000
WB Hayes (Qld)204516032-6553.3300
HW Short (SAus)8405711-5757.0000
GD Paton (Tas)168412122-12160.5000
JW Lewis (Qld)3841125742-14564.2500
NY Deane (NSW)150106511-4365.0000
HB Griffith (Qld)6007211-7272.0000
A Henry (Qld)10227811-7878.0000
A Marshal (Qld)228415822-8379.0000
PH Coombe (SAus)3761916721-583.5000
J Fitzgerald (Qld)234120111-110201.0000





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