First-class Bowling in Australia for 1892/93 (Ordered by Average)

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W Munro (Qld)4831333-134.33 00
W Hoare (Qld)258204596-125.00 10
MF Ramsay (Qld)3931022-105.00 00
FD North (WA)3611422-147.00 00
SW Austin (NSW)362811-88.00 00
ES Grew (Qld)4831721-48.50 00
AP Haddrick (Vic)200185054-1010.00 00
AL Newell (NSW)50137131116-2511.90 11
W Delaney (SAus)10882521-1212.50 00
EJK Burn (Tas)9642522-2312.50 00
H Trumble (Vic)1374109298225-2713.54 31
R O'Brien (Qld)234136443-4016.00 00
J Phillips (Vic)80152227136-3917.46 11
AE Trott (Vic)8443522-3517.50 00
S Morris (Vic)9363621-818.00 00
CTB Turner (NSW)68843230126-4119.16 11
AR Carlton (Vic)2791013676-9319.42 10
HC Maplestone (Vic)156133921-619.50 00
RW McLeod (Vic)1788134448226-5420.36 21
H Donnan (NSW)3602014673-1420.85 00
E Jones (SAus)122447533246-5322.20 20
A Coningham (NSW)55829245115-7922.27 10
WV Duffy (WA)303718385-12422.87 10
G Giffen (SAus)2102123759339-14723.00 42
M Pierce (NSW)138435662288-11123.64 31
EG Bishop (WA)3541216675-6023.71 10
J Harry (Vic)21679842-4724.50 00
R Mitchell (Vic)3482212454-3824.80 00
ST Callaway (NSW)113660391155-2526.06 10
J Carlton (Vic)94340340133-2526.15 00
EAC Windsor (Tas)278916063-5626.66 00
JC Reedman (SAus)2751213853-4627.60 00
W Bruce (Vic)264169832-1732.66 00
WL Sidebottom (Tas)4213311-3333.00 00
A Jarvis (SAus)95047337104-4433.70 00
FJ Laver (Vic)5163117153-5334.20 00
WA Bateman (WA)10827122-3835.50 00
JE Bingham (Tas)204312432-4541.33 00
DH McLeod (Vic)252178422-5442.00 00
FA Iredale (NSW)228138621-343.00 00
AA Moffatt (WA)6604711-3047.00 00
H Wilson (Tas)16869622-8348.00 00
CJ Eady (Tas)204146311-5263.00 00
GT Parkin (SAus)228108511-3485.00 00
GHS Trott (Vic)360717922-3189.50 00
JE Barrett (Vic)663140    
DM Ballans (SAus)180150    
T Cullinan (WA)120190    
WW McGlinchey (NSW)480250    
WH Savigny (Tas)240280    
JJ Lyons (SAus)784340    
SE Gregory (NSW)963360    
J Worrall (Vic)1145390    
W Amos (SAus)903420    
PG McShane (Vic)966430    
EA Randell (WA)662460    
HR Orr (WA)782560    
SP Jones (NSW)1627750    
EE Bean (Vic)1266850    





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