Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain - Five Wickets in an Innings in Test cricket

9-95JM NoreigaWest Indies v India1970/71t683
8-29CEH CroftWest Indies v Pakistan1976/77t799
8-53ARC FraserEngland v West Indies1997/98t1398
8-86AW GreigEngland v West Indies1973/74t738
7-37M NtiniSouth Africa v West Indies2004/05t1747
7-70W VoceEngland v West Indies1929/30t189
7-162SP GupteIndia v West Indies1952/53t363
6-24CEL AmbroseWest Indies v England1993/94t1257
6-28VA HolderWest Indies v Australia1977/78t823
6-46CC GriffithWest Indies v Australia1964/65t590
6-47GD McGrathAustralia v West Indies1994/95t1296
6-55MD MarshallWest Indies v India1988/89t1119
6-60J GarnerWest Indies v Australia1983/84t983
6-61CA WalshWest Indies v South Africa2000/01t1538
6-61SJ HarmisonEngland v West Indies2003/04t1690
6-65MA HoldingWest Indies v India1975/76t775
6-65AR CaddickEngland v West Indies1993/94t1257
6-67Nasim-ul-GhaniPakistan v West Indies1957/58t453
6-73EJ ChatfieldNew Zealand v West Indies1984/85t1013
6-77DE MalcolmEngland v West Indies1989/90t1142
6-83Fazal MahmoodPakistan v West Indies1957/58t453
6-92W FergusonWest Indies v England1947/48t296
6-95RR LindwallAustralia v West Indies1954/55t404
6-95M NtiniSouth Africa v West Indies2004/05t1747
6-108LR GibbsWest Indies v England1973/74t731
6-120BS ChandrasekharIndia v West Indies1975/76t775
5-15DR ParryWest Indies v Australia1977/78t823
5-20WW HallWest Indies v India1961/62t528
5-25CEL AmbroseWest Indies v England1997/98t1399
5-27HH StreakZimbabwe v West Indies1999/00t1490
5-28Mushtaq MohammadPakistan v West Indies1976/77t802
5-28GD McGrathAustralia v West Indies1998/99t1448
5-29DW SteynSouth Africa v West Indies2010t1960
5-33GD McKenzieAustralia v West Indies1964/65t590
5-34BF ButcherWest Indies v England1967/68t635
5-34MD MarshallWest Indies v India1988/89t1119
5-35FS TruemanEngland v West Indies1959/60t488
5-37MD MarshallWest Indies v India1982/83t952
5-40CEH CroftWest Indies v England1980/81t896
5-40CL HooperWest Indies v Pakistan1992/93t1220
5-40ARC FraserEngland v West Indies1997/98t1399
5-41BR TaylorNew Zealand v West Indies1971/72t697
5-41KAJ RoachWest Indies v Australia2011/12t2041
5-43IR BishopWest Indies v Pakistan1992/93t1220
5-45CEL AmbroseWest Indies v Australia1994/95t1296
5-50GD McGrathAustralia v West Indies1998/99t1448
5-52CEL AmbroseWest Indies v England1997/98t1398
5-56AME RobertsWest Indies v Australia1977/78t819
5-57SP JonesEngland v West Indies2003/04t1690
5-58Kapil DevIndia v West Indies1988/89t1119
5-59I AliWest Indies v New Zealand1971/72t697
5-60CEL AmbroseWest Indies v England1993/94t1257
5-63HC GriffithWest Indies v England1929/30t189
5-67AR CaddickEngland v West Indies1997/98t1399
5-68NM LyonAustralia v West Indies2011/12t2041
5-69CC GriffithWest Indies v England1967/68t627
5-70AW GreigEngland v West Indies1973/74t738
5-71IT BothamEngland v West Indies1985/86t1044
5-74FM KingWest Indies v India1952/53t367
5-75MHN WalkerAustralia v West Indies1972/73t721
5-78JE EmbureyEngland v West Indies1985/86t1039
5-79M MuralitharanSri Lanka v West Indies2007/08t1872
5-82BS BediIndia v West Indies1975/76t774
5-87CEL AmbroseWest Indies v India1996/97t1361
5-90TJ JennerAustralia v West Indies1972/73t721
5-95S VenkataraghavanIndia v West Indies1970/71t683
5-102LR GibbsWest Indies v Australia1972/73t718
5-104A KumbleIndia v West Indies1996/97t1361
5-105KAJ RoachWest Indies v Australia2011/12t2041
5-107SP GupteIndia v West Indies1952/53t367
5-107PR UmrigarIndia v West Indies1961/62t528
5-109JO TaylorWest Indies v Pakistan1957/58t453
5-110PI PocockEngland v West Indies1973/74t731
5-115Imran KhanPakistan v West Indies1987/88t1096
5-117Arshad AyubIndia v West Indies1988/89t1119
5-120SJ BennWest Indies v South Africa2010t1960
5-124JE EmbureyEngland v West Indies1980/81t896
5-129JM NoreigaWest Indies v India1970/71t686
5-137W FergusonWest Indies v England1947/48t296





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