New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg - Five Wickets in an Innings in Test cricket

9-113HJ TayfieldSouth Africa v England1956/57t437
8-53GB LawrenceSouth Africa v New Zealand1961/62t517
7-61MJ HoggardEngland v South Africa2004/05t1734
6-8DW SteynSouth Africa v Pakistan2012/13t2072
6-17SCJ BroadEngland v South Africa2015/16t2199
6-34AK DavidsonAustralia v South Africa1957/58t444
6-53TL GoddardSouth Africa v Australia1966/67t611
6-53A KumbleIndia v South Africa1992/93t1201
6-53AA DonaldSouth Africa v England1999/00t1471
6-58PS HeineSouth Africa v Australia1957/58t444
6-79PJ CumminsAustralia v South Africa2011/12t2018
6-81PS de VilliersSouth Africa v Pakistan1994/95t1283
6-96PS HeineSouth Africa v Australia1957/58t449
6-100M NtiniSouth Africa v Australia2005/06t1795
5-20TE BaileyEngland v South Africa1956/57t434
5-21GD McGrathAustralia v South Africa2001/02t1590
5-34DW SteynSouth Africa v New Zealand2007/08t1846
5-35M NtiniSouth Africa v New Zealand2005/06t1801
5-37CS MartinNew Zealand v South Africa2005/06t1801
5-39PM PollockSouth Africa v Australia1969/70t672
5-40S SreesanthIndia v South Africa2006/07t1823
5-42CR MatthewsSouth Africa v New Zealand1994/95t1276
5-46GD McKenzieAustralia v South Africa1966/67t611
5-51DW SteynSouth Africa v England2009/10t1948
5-52GB LawrenceSouth Africa v New Zealand1961/62t523
5-52DW SteynSouth Africa v Pakistan2012/13t2072
5-54SM PollockSouth Africa v West Indies1998/99t1429
5-59DW SteynSouth Africa v New Zealand2007/08t1846
5-70D GoughEngland v South Africa1999/00t1471
5-70VD PhilanderSouth Africa v Australia2011/12t2018
5-74AA DonaldSouth Africa v England1999/00t1471
5-77MN HartNew Zealand v South Africa1994/95t1276
5-78K RabadaSouth Africa v England2015/16t2199
5-83FJ CameronNew Zealand v South Africa1961/62t517
5-84R BenaudAustralia v South Africa1957/58t449
5-84DG CorkEngland v South Africa1995/96t1315
5-94M NtiniSouth Africa v West Indies2003/04t1674
5-97DA RennebergAustralia v South Africa1966/67t616
5-104J SrinathIndia v South Africa1996/97t1350
5-125I MeckiffAustralia v South Africa1957/58t444
5-125JW GleesonAustralia v South Africa1969/70t672
5-129PM PollockSouth Africa v England1964/65t572
5-144MJ HoggardEngland v South Africa2004/05t1734





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