New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in Test cricket

3TL GoddardEngland v South Africa1956/57t434
3MC CowdreySouth Africa v England1956/57t434
3DJ InsoleSouth Africa v England1956/57t434
3RB SimpsonSouth Africa v Australia1957/58t449
3EJ BarlowEngland v South Africa1964/65t575
3RB SimpsonSouth Africa v Australia1966/67t611
3MD CroweSouth Africa v New Zealand1994/95t1276
3GC SmithSri Lanka v South Africa2002/03t1624
3GC SmithEngland v South Africa2004/05t1734
3JH KallisAustralia v South Africa2008/09t1910
2HJ KeithEngland v South Africa1956/57t434
2WR EndeanEngland v South Africa1956/57t434
2JH WardleSouth Africa v England1956/57t437
2WR EndeanEngland v South Africa1956/57t437
2TL GoddardEngland v South Africa1956/57t437
2DJ InsoleSouth Africa v England1956/57t437
2MC CowdreySouth Africa v England1956/57t437
2HJ TayfieldEngland v South Africa1956/57t437
2WR EndeanEngland v South Africa1956/57t437
2RB SimpsonSouth Africa v Australia1957/58t444
2WR EndeanAustralia v South Africa1957/58t449
2PT BartonSouth Africa v New Zealand1961/62t517
2GB LawrenceNew Zealand v South Africa1961/62t523
2RA McLeanNew Zealand v South Africa1961/62t523
2MJK SmithSouth Africa v England1964/65t572
2MJK SmithSouth Africa v England1964/65t572
2TW CartwrightSouth Africa v England1964/65t575
2RW BarberSouth Africa v England1964/65t575
2RG PollockEngland v South Africa1964/65t575
2TL GoddardAustralia v South Africa1966/67t611
2IM ChappellSouth Africa v Australia1966/67t611
2PHJ TrimbornAustralia v South Africa1966/67t616
2RB SimpsonSouth Africa v Australia1966/67t616
2KR StackpoleSouth Africa v Australia1969/70t672
2WM LawrySouth Africa v Australia1969/70t672
2M AzharuddinSouth Africa v India1992/93t1201
2KC WesselsIndia v South Africa1992/93t1201
2DC BoonSouth Africa v Australia1993/94t1252
2AR BorderSouth Africa v Australia1993/94t1252
2G KirstenAustralia v South Africa1993/94t1252
2BM McMillanNew Zealand v South Africa1994/95t1276
2Inzamam-ul-HaqSouth Africa v Pakistan1994/95t1283
2G KirstenEngland v South Africa1995/96t1315
2AC HudsonIndia v South Africa1996/97t1350
2BM McMillanIndia v South Africa1996/97t1350
2M AzharuddinSouth Africa v India1996/97t1350
2ME WaughSouth Africa v Australia1996/97t1356
2PR AdamsAustralia v South Africa1996/97t1356
2ML HaydenSouth Africa v Australia1996/97t1356
2Mohammad WasimSouth Africa v Pakistan1997/98t1400
2WJ CronjeWest Indies v South Africa1998/99t1429
2JH KallisNew Zealand v South Africa2000/01t1522
2L KlusenerNew Zealand v South Africa2000/01t1522
2SK WarneSouth Africa v Australia2001/02t1590
2G KirstenSri Lanka v South Africa2002/03t1624
2BC LaraSouth Africa v West Indies2003/04t1674
2RJ PetersonWest Indies v South Africa2003/04t1674
2AF GilesSouth Africa v England2004/05t1734
2JH KallisEngland v South Africa2004/05t1734
2AB de VilliersEngland v South Africa2004/05t1734
2DR MartynSouth Africa v Australia2005/06t1795
2JL LangerSouth Africa v Australia2005/06t1795
2HH GibbsAustralia v South Africa2005/06t1795
2A SymondsSouth Africa v Australia2005/06t1795
2AB de VilliersNew Zealand v South Africa2005/06t1801
2AB de VilliersNew Zealand v South Africa2005/06t1801
2SM PollockIndia v South Africa2006/07t1823
2VVS LaxmanSouth Africa v India2006/07t1823
2V SehwagSouth Africa v India2006/07t1823
2GC SmithIndia v South Africa2006/07t1823
2V SehwagSouth Africa v India2006/07t1823
2SP FlemingSouth Africa v New Zealand2007/08t1846
2PL HarrisNew Zealand v South Africa2007/08t1846
2AB de VilliersNew Zealand v South Africa2007/08t1846
2GC SmithNew Zealand v South Africa2007/08t1846
2JH KallisAustralia v South Africa2008/09t1910
2PJ HughesSouth Africa v Australia2008/09t1910
2PD CollingwoodSouth Africa v England2009/10t1948
2GC SmithEngland v South Africa2009/10t1948
2AB de VilliersEngland v South Africa2009/10t1948
2AB de VilliersAustralia v South Africa2011/12t2018
2MJ ClarkeSouth Africa v Australia2011/12t2018
2JH KallisAustralia v South Africa2011/12t2018
2GC SmithPakistan v South Africa2012/13t2072
2JWA TaylorSouth Africa v England2015/16t2199
2BKG MendisSouth Africa v Sri Lanka2016/17t2247
2F du PlessisSri Lanka v South Africa2016/17t2247





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