Pune Club Ground, Pune - Centuries in first-class cricket

443*BB NimbalkarMaharashtra v Kathiawar1948/49f18171
316*VS HazareMaharashtra v Baroda1939/40f16769
246  DB DeodharMaharashtra v Bombay1940/41f16788
225  SS SugwekarMaharashtra v Orissa1993/94f41000
223  VS HazareWestern India States v Rest of India1943/44f16909
221*YKT GoudRailways v Maharashtra2000/01f45715
210*SS SugwekarMaharashtra v Gujarat1998/99f43980
209*RP MehraNorthern India v Maharashtra1940/41f16827
205  KV BhandarkarMaharashtra v Kathiawar1948/49f18171
205  HH KanitkarMaharashtra v Gujarat1996/97f42646
202  KM RangnekarBombay v Maharashtra1940/41f16788
202*VG KambliBombay v Maharashtra1992/93f40291
200  MK MantriBombay v Maharashtra1948/49f18226
199  J MadanagopalTamil Nadu v Maharashtra1998/99f44331
196  DB DeodharMaharashtra v Northern India1940/41f16827
188  A SharmaRailways v Maharashtra2000/01f45715
185*SHM ColahWestern India v Gujarat1935/36f15208
182  SV JedheMaharashtra v Gujarat1990/91f39017
180  SS SugwekarMaharashtra v Saurashtra1991/92f39712
164*HR AdhikariBaroda v Maharashtra1944/45f16937
162*VS HazareBaroda v Maharashtra1944/45f16937
160  DG PhadkarBombay v Maharashtra1948/49f18226
158  SV JedheMaharashtra v Gujarat1996/97f42646
157*DB DeodharMaharashtra v Western India1939/40f16762
156  UM MerchantBombay v Maharashtra1948/49f18226
155  VS HazareMaharashtra v Southern Punjab1939/40f16779
152  S Wazir AliSouthern Punjab v Maharashtra1939/40f16779
152  KB PawanKarnataka v Maharashtra2009/10f52023
151  S Nazir AliSouthern Punjab v Maharashtra1939/40f16779
151  R PuriNorth Zone v East Zone1993/94f40742
150*AA VermaKarnataka v Maharashtra2009/10f52023
146  SD DeodharMaharashtra v Bombay1948/49f18226
145*R ShamshadUttar Pradesh v Maharashtra1992/93f40456
143  UM MerchantBombay v Maharashtra1948/49f18226
143  MC DatarMaharashtra v Bombay1948/49f18226
143  SS SugwekarMaharashtra v Uttar Pradesh1992/93f40456
141  DB DeodharMaharashtra v Nawanagar1944/45f16932
141  R ShamshadCentral Zone v South Zone1993/94f40730
141  AV KaleMaharashtra v Gujarat1994/95f41530
141  G SatishKarnataka v Maharashtra2009/10f52023
137  VS HazareWest Zone v West Indians1948/49f18164
136  SHM ColahNawanagar v Western India1936/37f15633
136  AR BawneMaharashtra v Karnataka2009/10f52023
134  JJ MartinBaroda v Maharashtra1993/94f40821
134  MH ParmarGujarat v Maharashtra1996/97f42646
133  MR RegeMaharashtra v Bombay1948/49f18226
132  AV KaleMaharashtra v Baroda1993/94f40821
131*BR PatelBombay v Western India1935/36f15216
131  DG PhadkarBombay v Maharashtra1948/49f18226
129  CC WilliamsBaroda v Maharashtra2009/10f52138
127  VS HazareBaroda v Maharashtra1944/45f16937
125  SC GudgeMaharashtra v Gujarat1994/95f41530
124  HH KanitkarMaharashtra v Railways2000/01f45715
123  SV JedheMaharashtra v Saurashtra1991/92f39712
122  RS CooperRest of India v Western India States1943/44f16909
122  AC BedadeBaroda v Maharashtra1993/94f40821
121*MH ParmarGujarat v Maharashtra1990/91f39017
120  MM NaiduBaroda v Maharashtra1939/40f16769
120  SW SohoniMaharashtra v Bombay1940/41f16788
120  RV BhajekarMaharashtra v Northern India1940/41f16827
120  CL WalcottWest Indians v West Zone1948/49f18164
118  Mohammad SharifNorthern India v Maharashtra1940/41f16827
118  SA GaekwadBaroda v Maharashtra2009/10f52138
117  RB NimbalkarBaroda v Maharashtra1944/45f16937
116  Gul MohammadRest of India v Western India States1941/42f16856
116  A RayOrissa v Maharashtra1993/94f41000
116  IR SiddiquiMaharashtra v Orissa1998/99f44248
115  KM JadhavMaharashtra v Northern India1940/41f16827
114  SM KadriBombay v Western India1935/36f15216
114  HH KhadiwaleMaharashtra v Bengal2009/10f51894
111  SS BhaveMaharashtra v Baroda1993/94f40821
111  HH KhadiwaleMaharashtra v Baroda2009/10f52138
109  SW SohoniMaharashtra v Western India1939/40f16762
109  VM MerchantBombay v Maharashtra1940/41f16788
109  SN BanerjeeRest of India v Western India States1943/44f16909
106  SV JedheMaharashtra v Bombay1992/93f40291
106*S MaheshTamil Nadu v Maharashtra1998/99f44331
105  SM KadriBombay v Western India1935/36f15216
105  Faiz AhmedWestern India v Maharashtra1936/37f15626
105  DB DeodharMaharashtra v Nawanagar1944/45f16932
104*SS BhaveMaharashtra v Gujarat1990/91f39017
104  SS BhaveMaharashtra v Orissa1993/94f41000
103*Naoomal JaoomalSind v Bombay1935/36f15211
103  DR HavewalaBombay v Western India1935/36f15216
102  KM RangnekarMaharashtra v Western India1939/40f16762
100  MR RegeMaharashtra v Bombay1948/49f18226
100*NH PhadnisMaharashtra v Gujarat1990/91f39017
100  SS DigheBombay v Maharashtra1992/93f40291
100*HH KanitkarMaharashtra v Gujarat1994/95f41530
100  Parvinder SinghUttar Pradesh v Maharashtra2009/10f52054





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