County Ground, Taunton - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

37Gloucestershire v Somerset1907f7245
41Derbyshire v Somerset1913f8829
44Warwickshire v Somerset1906f6842
48Lancashire v Somerset1892f3765
48Somerset v Yorkshire1954f20393
49Somerset v Surrey1892f3788
50Somerset v Warwickshire2011f53170
55Gloucestershire v Somerset1913f8782
55Somerset v Kent1927f12139
57Somerset v Gloucestershire1897f4712
57Somerset v Gloucestershire1910f7928
59Somerset v Yorkshire1910f8118
59Somerset v Australians1912f8563
60Somerset v Gloucestershire1925f11207
61Somerset v Derbyshire1937f15846
62Somerset v Derbyshire1960f23177
63Derbyshire v Somerset1914f9212
63Kent v Somerset1929f12664
63Somerset v Derbyshire1949f18423
64Somerset v Australians1893f3920
64Somerset v Australian Imperial Forces1919f9509
64Indians v Somerset1946f17263
66Kent v Somerset1902f5961
68Worcestershire v Somerset1920f9636
68Somerset v South Africans1955f20911
68Worcestershire v Somerset1958f22275
69Nottinghamshire v Somerset1892f3793
69Surrey v Somerset1896f4577
69Somerset v Surrey1904f6487
69Somerset v Yorkshire1912f8707
69Somerset v Essex1948f17927
69Somerset v Durham2009f51582
70Somerset v Worcestershire1905f6736
70Somerset v Australian Imperial Forces1919f9509
70Somerset v Yorkshire1966f26221
71Somerset v Australians1948f18134
71Somerset v Yorkshire1956f21423
72Somerset v Lancashire1892f3765
72Worcestershire v Somerset1903f6215
72Gloucestershire v Somerset1984f35195
72Lancashire v Somerset1993f40509
74Somerset v Lancashire1882f2556
74Somerset v Kent1901f5691
74Gentlemen of Philadelphia v Somerset1903f6135
74Oxford Universities v Somerset2000f45072
75Somerset v Northamptonshire1935f14905
77Somerset v Sussex1897f4770
77Somerset v Worcestershire1908f7396
77Somerset v Hampshire1913f8948
77Gloucestershire v Somerset1920f9585
77Hampshire v Somerset1932f13805
77Loughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence v Somerset2007f50015
78Somerset v Kent1901f5691
78Somerset v Glamorgan1924f10939
78West Indians v Somerset1957f21872
78Somerset v Glamorgan1982f34165
79Gloucestershire v Somerset1976f31087
80Somerset v Gloucestershire1921f9854
80Somerset v Sussex1954f20537
81Leicestershire v Somerset1922f10235
81Somerset v Australians1930f13243
83Kent v Somerset1894f4099
84Somerset v Kent1935f15011
84West Indians v Somerset1939f16658
84Cambridge University v Somerset1965f25830
85Somerset v Surrey1883f2679
85Australian Imperial Forces v Somerset1919f9509
86Somerset v Lancashire1884f2808
86Somerset v Kent1913f8960
86Somerset v South Africans1951f19300
86Somerset v Hampshire1983f34793
87Gloucestershire v Somerset1923f10496
87Somerset v Sussex1931f13662
87Somerset v West Indians1995f41847
88Somerset v Kent1884f2718
88Somerset v Hampshire1920f9725
88Lancashire v Somerset1997f43104
89Somerset v Middlesex1900f5438
89Somerset v Worcestershire1913f8986
89Somerset v Yorkshire1965f25989
89Somerset v Lancashire1969f27807
90Sussex v Somerset1907f7126
90Somerset v Yorkshire1965f25989
91Somerset v Surrey1919f9507
92Somerset v Essex1977f31709
93Surrey v Somerset1897f4802
94Gloucestershire v Somerset1891f3640
94Hampshire v Somerset1895f4228
94Warwickshire v Somerset1921f10061
94Somerset v Leicestershire1929f12777
94Warwickshire v Somerset1965f25909
94Gloucestershire v Somerset1972f29301
94Middlesex v Somerset1974f30199
95Somerset v Hampshire1907f7267
95Somerset v Kent1924f11032
96Somerset v Australians1882f2564
96Kent v Somerset1891f3649
96Lancashire v Somerset1965f25715
97Sussex v Somerset1895f4330
97Somerset v Warwickshire1924f10998
98Somerset v Yorkshire1905f6547
99Somerset v Yorkshire1894f4134
99Gloucestershire v Somerset1921f9854
99Somerset v Warwickshire1924f10998
99Somerset v Essex1933f14353
99Pakistanis v Somerset1962f24300





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