Trent Bridge, Nottingham - Five Wickets in an Innings in Test cricket

8-15SCJ BroadEngland v Australia2015t2175
8-70M MuralitharanSri Lanka v England2006t1804
8-107BJT BosanquetEngland v Australia1905t83
7-43JM AndersonEngland v New Zealand2008t1878
7-44AV BedserEngland v Australia1953t372
7-54WJ O'ReillyAustralia v England1934t233
7-55AV BedserEngland v Australia1953t372
7-64FJ LaverAustralia v England1905t83
6-17JM AndersonEngland v Pakistan2010t1967
6-28FH TysonEngland v South Africa1955t407
6-33SK WarneAustralia v England2001t1554
6-34IT BothamEngland v New Zealand1978t829
6-34RJ KirtleyEngland v South Africa2003t1654
6-35MS NicholsEngland v South Africa1935t242
6-36BA StokesEngland v Australia2015t2175
6-37AV BedserEngland v South Africa1951t334
6-39SM PollockSouth Africa v England2003t1654
6-46SCJ BroadEngland v India2011t2001
6-58JM GregoryAustralia v England1921t140
6-67RJ SidebottomEngland v New Zealand2008t1878
6-69MD MarshallWest Indies v England1988t1098
6-80RJ HadleeNew Zealand v England1986t1050
6-94TW CartwrightEngland v South Africa1965t595
6-111MA StarcAustralia v England2015t2175
5-27FS TruemanEngland v South Africa1960t494
5-31JB StathamEngland v India1959t474
5-32EA McDonaldAustralia v England1921t140
5-34PM PollockSouth Africa v England1965t595
5-36WA JohnstonAustralia v England1948t299
5-44AJ TudorEngland v Australia2001t1554
5-44SP JonesEngland v Australia2005t1762
5-46DK LilleeAustralia v England1981t903
5-48TT BresnanEngland v India2011t2001
5-49GD McGrathAustralia v England2001t1554
5-50PM SiddleAustralia v England2013t2090
5-51R AppleyardEngland v Pakistan1954t388
5-52FS JacksonEngland v Australia1905t83
5-52DL UnderwoodEngland v Pakistan1967t622
5-53GD McKenzieAustralia v England1964t561
5-53PM PollockSouth Africa v England1965t595
5-53PAJ DeFreitasEngland v New Zealand1990t1145
5-54JM AndersonEngland v Pakistan2010t1967
5-57RR LindwallAustralia v England1953t372
5-60ARC FraserEngland v South Africa1998t1421
5-62TM AldermanAustralia v England1981t903
5-62ARC FraserEngland v South Africa1998t1421
5-63FS TruemanEngland v West Indies1957t441
5-63NGB CookEngland v New Zealand1983t960
5-65RGD WillisEngland v West Indies1980t880
5-68LTD TuckettSouth Africa v England1947t285
5-68AMB RowanSouth Africa v England1951t334
5-68JDF LarterEngland v South Africa1965t595
5-69TM AldermanAustralia v England1989t1125
5-69KCG BenjaminWest Indies v England1995t1302
5-71PAJ DeFreitasEngland v New Zealand1994t1260
5-72AME RobertsWest Indies v England1980t880
5-73JM AndersonEngland v Australia2013t2090
5-74IT BothamEngland v Australia1977t806
5-74CEL AmbroseWest Indies v England1991t1173
5-75Z KhanIndia v England2007t1841
5-77K FarnesEngland v Australia1934t233
5-77Mohammad AsifPakistan v England2010t1967
5-78MS PanesarEngland v Sri Lanka2006t1804
5-79CL CairnsNew Zealand v England2004t1704
5-80TL GoddardSouth Africa v England1960t494
5-81CV GrimmettAustralia v England1934t233
5-82Bhuvneshwar KumarIndia v England2014t2128
5-85JM AndersonEngland v Australia2013t2090
5-88E JonesAustralia v England1899t60
5-88RGD WillisEngland v Australia1977t806
5-92JA SnowEngland v Australia1972t700
5-92MG HughesAustralia v England1993t1225
5-94CV GrimmettAustralia v England1930t194
5-102K FarnesEngland v Australia1934t233
5-102JM AndersonEngland v South Africa2003t1654
5-103GF LawsonAustralia v England1985t1019
5-105KCG BenjaminWest Indies v England1995t1302
5-107CV GrimmettAustralia v England1930t194
5-109AA DonaldSouth Africa v England1998t1421
5-118JB StathamEngland v West Indies1957t441
5-123WE HolliesEngland v South Africa1947t285
5-127AV BedserEngland v West Indies1950t325
5-131GG ArnoldEngland v New Zealand1973t722
5-135S RamadhinWest Indies v England1950t325





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