Kennington Oval, Kennington - Highest Team Totals in Twenty20 matches

240-3Glamorgan v Surrey2015tt4899
231-7Kent v Surrey2015tt4973
217-4Lancashire v Surrey2005tt239
215Surrey v Glamorgan2015tt4899
212-4Surrey v Kent2016tt5866
211-5South Africa v Scotland2009tt1285
210-3Essex v Surrey2009tt1325
208-1Surrey v Somerset2015tt5085
208-8West Indies v England2007tt667
201-4New Zealand v England2013tt3651
200-8Surrey v Hampshire2010tt1789
198-5Surrey v Hampshire2004tt75
198-6Surrey v Kent2006tt373
196-5England v New Zealand2013tt3651
195-7Surrey v Lancashire2005tt239
193-7England v West Indies2007tt667
192-4Glamorgan v Surrey2014tt4436
189-6Essex v Surrey2006tt388
189-6Hampshire v Surrey2010tt1789
188-4Surrey v Glamorgan2014tt4436
188-5Surrey v Hampshire2016tt5750
188-7Surrey v Essex2006tt388
185-5England v Pakistan2009tt1286
185-7Surrey v Kent2004tt88
184-9Sussex v Surrey2009tt1229
183-7South Africa v West Indies2009tt1297
183-7Sri Lanka v England2014tt4332
182-9Kent v Surrey2004tt88
181-5Kent v Surrey2008tt925
181-9Kent v Surrey2011tt2339
180-7Surrey v Middlesex2005tt198
177-6Hampshire v Surrey2008tt946
177Surrey v Kent2015tt4973
176-7Middlesex v Lancashire2008tt997
175-6Surrey v Hampshire2008tt946
175-7Kent v Surrey2016tt5866
174-6Essex v Kent2010tt1838
174-7England v Sri Lanka2014tt4332
173-5England v West Indies2007tt672
173-7Surrey v Middlesex2016tt5764
172-3West Indies v Australia2009tt1283
172-5Glamorgan v Surrey2010tt1830
171-6Surrey v Somerset2010tt1822
171-6Kent v Essex2010tt1838
170-4Essex v Surrey2015tt4946
170-7Somerset v Surrey2015tt5085
169-7West Indies v England2007tt672
169-7Australia v West Indies2009tt1283
169-7Somerset v Surrey2011tt2294
169-8Surrey v Essex2015tt4946
168-4Surrey v Middlesex2007tt648
168-4Surrey v Glamorgan2010tt1830
168-6Kent v Surrey2009tt1321
168-7Surrey v Kent2008tt925
167-6Surrey v Kent2005tt213
167-7Glamorgan v Surrey2011tt2230
167-9Hampshire v Surrey2004tt75
167Surrey v Kent2009tt1321
166Surrey v Kent2011tt2339
164-8Lancashire v Middlesex2008tt997
163-5Surrey v Middlesex2011tt2258
163-6Middlesex v Surrey2007tt648
163-9Surrey v Sussex2009tt1229
163-9West Indies v South Africa2009tt1297
162-3Middlesex v Surrey2009tt1333
161-6England v West Indies2009tt1302
160-5Surrey v Middlesex2009tt1333
159-5Pakistan v Ireland2009tt1301
158-5Sri Lanka v West Indies2009tt1306
158-6Surrey v Middlesex2003tt4
158-7Sussex v Surrey2010tt1785
157-9Somerset v Leicestershire2005tt240
157-9Middlesex v Surrey2012tt3039
156-2Surrey v Gloucestershire2011tt2202
156-2Surrey v Kent2014tt4416
155-2Middlesex v Somerset2014tt4387
155-4Kent v Surrey2014tt4416
155-5Essex v Surrey2014tt4370
155-6Surrey v Gloucestershire2015tt5004
155-8Gloucestershire v Surrey2011tt2202
155Middlesex v Surrey2003tt4
154-4Surrey v Middlesex2012tt3039
154-4Surrey v Sussex2016tt5850
154-5Gloucestershire v Surrey2015tt5004
154-7Surrey v Essex2011tt2237
154-8Surrey v Somerset2016tt5811
153-6Sussex v Surrey2016tt5850
153-8Leicestershire v Somerset2005tt240
152-4Somerset v Middlesex2014tt4387
151-5Surrey v Hampshire2011tt2326
151-6Surrey v Essex2014tt4370
151-7Surrey v Somerset2013tt3781
150-7Surrey v Kent2010tt1775





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