Crystal Palace Park, Crystal Palace - Centuries in first-class cricket

224*CCT DollMarylebone Cricket Club v London County1901f5679
222  L WalkerLondon County v Marylebone Cricket Club1901f5679
181  EHD SewellLondon County v Surrey1904f6288
176  CJB WoodLondon County v Marylebone Cricket Club1902f5903
168  A HearneWG Grace's XI v Australians1899f5178
166  WG GraceLondon County v Marylebone Cricket Club1904f6421
162  MA NobleAustralians v Gentlemen of England1905f6546
161  LOS PoidevinLondon County v Marylebone Cricket Club1902f5903
160  H WrathallGloucestershire v London County1903f6087
155  JHG DeveyWarwickshire v London County1901f5708
154  SE GregoryAustralians v CE de Trafford's XI1896f4413
150  WG GraceLondon County v Gloucestershire1903f6087
145*AE KnightLeicestershire v London County1902f5838
144*WG QuaifeWarwickshire v London County1902f5974
143  W SmithLondon County v Cambridge University1901f5591
141  CL TownsendLondon County v Surrey1900f5282
140  AE KnightLeicestershire v London County1904f6344
139  LG WrightDerbyshire v London County1904f6309
132  WG GraceLondon County v Marylebone Cricket Club1901f5679
132  WL MurdochLondon County v Leicestershire1902f5838
132  KS RanjitsinhjiLondon County v Marylebone Cricket Club1903f6170
131  WG GraceLondon County v Marylebone Cricket Club1902f5903
131  CCT DollMarylebone Cricket Club v London County1903f6170
130  CMH HathornSouth Africans v London County1904f6381
129  WG GraceLondon County v Warwickshire1902f5974
125  LC BraundWG Grace's XI v Australians1899f5178
125  GW BeldamLondon County v Derbyshire1901f5520
124  SE GregoryAustralians v South1899f5054
123  W SmithLondon County v Derbyshire1903f6163
122*JT RawlinMarylebone Cricket Club v London County1902f5903
120  AE RelfMarylebone Cricket Club v London County1903f6170
120  LG ColbeckCambridge University v Gentlemen of England1905f6624
118  JF MarshCambridge University v London County1904f6359
117  CMH HathornLondon County v Derbyshire1904f6309
116*MA NobleAustralians v South1899f5054
115  FA IredaleAustralians v WG Grace's XI1899f5178
115*LC BraundLondon County v Surrey1901f5508
115  GG HearneMarylebone Cricket Club v London County1901f5679
115  CP McGaheyLondon County v Warwickshire1901f5708
114  L WalkerLondon County v South Africans1901f5530
114  TH FowlerGloucestershire v London County1903f6087
110*WG GraceLondon County v Worcestershire1900f5451
110  WG GraceLondon County v Marylebone Cricket Club1900f5473
110  CJB WoodLeicestershire v London County1904f6344
108  TW HaywardSurrey v London County1900f5282
108  EW DillonLondon County v Worcestershire1900f5451
108  WG QuaifeLondon County v Cambridge University1901f5591
108*JH SinclairLondon County v Warwickshire1901f5708
107  LC BraundLondon County v Cambridge University1900f5357
105*R AbelSurrey v London County1901f5508
105  AE LawtonWG Grace's XI v West Indians1906f6888
104  LC BraundLondon County v Australians1902f5771
103  JH SinclairSouth Africans v London County1904f6381
102  TS FishwickLondon County v Derbyshire1901f5520
102*CP McGaheyLondon County v Warwickshire1904f6485





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