Park Avenue Cricket Ground, Bradford - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

9-30AE ThomasNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire1920f9672
9-36E RobinsonYorkshire v Lancashire1920f9581
9-38JA CuffeWorcestershire v Yorkshire1907f7290
9-45GE TribeNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire1955f20813
9-76W RingroseYorkshire v Australians1905f6604
9-78JT HearneMiddlesex v Yorkshire1908f7540
9-100HJ KnuttonEngland XI v Australians1902f5874
8-2JC LakerEngland v The Rest1950f18698
8-34E WainwrightYorkshire v Essex1896f4458
8-35A WaddingtonYorkshire v Hampshire1922f10365
8-37FS TruemanYorkshire v Essex1966f26357
8-40R KilnerYorkshire v Middlesex1926f11677
8-41DA AllenGloucestershire v Yorkshire1960f23180
8-42H VerityYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1936f15460
8-43W RhodesYorkshire v Lancashire1900f5348
8-44FG BullEssex v Yorkshire1896f4458
8-44W RhodesYorkshire v Warwickshire1919f9490
8-45FS TruemanYorkshire v Gloucestershire1963f24738
8-48GH HirstYorkshire v Australians1899f5119
8-61W RhodesYorkshire v Lancashire1903f6195
8-65T RushbySurrey v Yorkshire1907f7157
8-70DL UnderwoodKent v Yorkshire1972f29323
8-72W RhodesYorkshire v Gloucestershire1900f5417
8-75PF JudgeGlamorgan v Yorkshire1939f16558
8-78S HaighYorkshire v Australians1896f4488
8-88GE TribeNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire1954f20520
8-107H VerityYorkshire v Lancashire1932f13806
7-10JT NewsteadYorkshire v Worcestershire1907f7290
7-10FM SibblesLancashire v Yorkshire1932f13806
7-18H VerityYorkshire v Leicestershire1938f16319
7-20W RhodesYorkshire v Worcestershire1900f5287
7-20H VerityYorkshire v Glamorgan1939f16558
7-23TR McKibbinAustralians v Yorkshire1896f4488
7-24W RhodesYorkshire v Surrey1898f4895
7-24W RhodesYorkshire v Middlesex1902f5843
7-25E RobinsonYorkshire v Hampshire1930f13105
7-28AS KennedyHampshire v Yorkshire1922f10365
7-28DL UnderwoodKent v Yorkshire1971f28650
7-29PEW JonesWest Indians v Yorkshire1950f18654
7-31GG MacaulayYorkshire v Leicestershire1924f11042
7-32DAD SydenhamSurrey v Yorkshire1965f25864
7-34TW CartwrightWarwickshire v Yorkshire1969f27700
7-35R AppleyardYorkshire v Hampshire1954f20403
7-38H VerityYorkshire v Worcestershire1937f15926
7-42FS TruemanYorkshire v Warwickshire1960f23310
7-44JA YoungMiddlesex v Yorkshire1951f19243
7-45W RhodesYorkshire v Middlesex1905f6760
7-46T EmmettYorkshire v Middlesex1886f3066
7-46FS TruemanYorkshire v Worcestershire1952f19542
7-46R BenaudAustralians v Yorkshire1953f19949
7-47S HaighYorkshire v Middlesex1902f5843
7-47MA RobinsonYorkshire v Worcestershire1993f40512
7-48H VerityYorkshire v Glamorgan1939f16558
7-48R AppleyardYorkshire v Warwickshire1956f21391
7-49JS HeapLancashire v Yorkshire1909f7797
7-51H DeanLancashire v Yorkshire1920f9581
7-52M LeylandYorkshire v Lancashire1929f12858
7-52GG MacaulayYorkshire v Middlesex1933f14327
7-52A BussSussex v Yorkshire1965f25730
7-53W RhodesYorkshire v Middlesex1920f9740
7-59GA LohmannSurrey v Yorkshire1888f3320
7-60W RhodesYorkshire v Derbyshire1923f10697
7-61GA LohmannSurrey v Yorkshire1896f4453
7-61RTD PerksWorcestershire v Yorkshire1948f18102
7-62FBR BrowneSussex v Yorkshire1925f11382
7-62H VerityYorkshire v Northamptonshire1931f13647
7-62A CoxonYorkshire v Middlesex1948f18020
7-62DB CloseYorkshire v Essex1955f21020
7-63T RichardsonSurrey v Yorkshire1895f4259
7-63E RobinsonYorkshire v Hampshire1928f12335
7-67GG MacaulayYorkshire v Sussex1925f11382
7-68W RhodesYorkshire v Lancashire1909f7797
7-69A DrakeYorkshire v Essex1913f8969
7-70RK PlattYorkshire v Sussex1956f21326
7-71RK TyldesleyLancashire v Yorkshire1923f10681
7-73E WainwrightYorkshire v Somerset1891f3654
7-74H VerityYorkshire v Warwickshire1936f15524
7-76B SteadYorkshire v Indians1959f22906
7-78GH HirstYorkshire v Surrey1901f5581
7-78D ShackletonHampshire v Yorkshire1962f24340
7-79GC GillLeicestershire v Yorkshire1904f6307
7-82TW GarrettAustralians v Players1886f3082
7-82K GillhouleyYorkshire v Middlesex1961f23773
7-84R AppleyardYorkshire v Gloucestershire1951f19140
7-84E SmithDerbyshire v Yorkshire1970f28178
7-86JH CornfordSussex v Yorkshire1947f17484
7-87W RhodesYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1909f7747
7-90R PeelYorkshire v Lancashire1891f3613
7-91J BriggsLancashire v Yorkshire1894f4111
7-96RC OntongGlamorgan v Yorkshire1984f35370
7-97DL UnderwoodKent v Yorkshire1964f25216
7-99JA NewmanHampshire v Yorkshire1910f7954
7-99E MignonMiddlesex v Yorkshire1911f8387
7-99JW HearneMiddlesex v Yorkshire1923f10484
7-105T RichardsonSurrey v Yorkshire1901f5581
7-108AP FreemanKent v Yorkshire1935f14958
7-109OS WheatleyWarwickshire v Yorkshire1960f23310
7-116R PeelYorkshire v Australians1893f3875
7-123W RhodesYorkshire v Essex1902f5906
7-143RO JenkinsWorcestershire v Yorkshire1952f19542





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