Bowling in Sheffield Shield 1975/76 (Ordered by Average)

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DW Hookes (SAus)160811-88.00 00
W Prior (SAus)114118568335-4417.21 41
GS Chappell (Qld)4901316193-2717.88 00
JR Douglas (Vic)14037344-6518.25 00
GJ Cosier (SAus)79616281153-2018.73 00
MF Malone (WA)124623525285-2818.75 20
RM Hogg (SAus)256217194-5719.00 00
JR Thomson (Qld)143924642336-4719.45 21
IJ Brayshaw (WA)81218301146-4821.50 10
DK Lillee (WA)146222778357-4122.22 31
IR Redpath (Vic)14436732-3622.33 00
AA Mallett (SAus)223647849385-6822.34 10
PH Carlson (Qld)9734821-124.00 00
DW Hourn (NSW)109924514215-6024.47 20
FM Francke (Qld)153045653265-5625.11 10
RS Langer (WA)4832611-1426.00 00
RJ Bright (Vic)161841560214-3626.66 00
AG Hurst (Vic)163928855325-5026.71 10
TM Alderman (WA)5855352134-5827.07 00
JD Higgs (Vic)379519774-8628.14 00
MHN Walker (Vic)150441591206-4929.55 10
LS Pascoe (NSW)131019740245-9630.83 10
CG Thwaites (Vic)12826322-3131.50 00
GR Attenborough (SAus)96319452134-6134.76 00
G Dymock (Qld)137925650184-6436.11 00
KJ O'Keeffe (NSW)131029617175-4536.29 10
DJ Colley (NSW)117616658184-5436.55 00
RG Paulsen (WA)78514406113-10836.90 00
RP Collins (NSW)232311933-6339.66 00
TJ Jenner (SAus)156226780195-7341.05 10
LJ Baker (Vic)472820752-4041.40 00
GJ Gilmour (NSW)109312659155-7543.93 10
WM Clark (WA)28059722-7948.50 00
TJ Laughlin (Vic)854848193-2453.44 00
GK Whyte (Qld)14455711-5757.00 00
DM Chardon (NSW)152011921-4759.50 00
SV Wilson (SAus)8808311-6783.00 00
DC Schuller (Qld)344617521-2387.50 00
KD Walters (NSW)256514411-41144.00 00
GR Beard (NSW)16080    
WJ Edwards (WA)90160    
RK Blewett (SAus)240170    
IM Chappell (SAus)641260    
WJ Scholes (Vic)560290    
RJ Inverarity (WA)1204430    
B Yardley (WA)355121320    





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