Lees Brewery Lancashire County League 2013

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27 Apr 2013  Cheetham Hill v Woodhouses Catherine Road, Higher Crumpsall misc308494
27 Apr 2013  Denton v Woodbank Egerton Street, Denton misc308495
27 Apr 2013  Denton St Lawrence v Thornham Sycamore Park, Denton misc308496
27 Apr 2013  Denton West v Stretford Windsor Park, Denton misc308497
27 Apr 2013  Dukinfield v Stand Higher King Street, Dukinfield misc308498
27 Apr 2013  Flowery Field v Roe Green Flowery Field, Hyde misc308499
27 Apr 2013  Glossop v Prestwich North Road, Glossop misc308500
04 May 2013  Cheetham Hill v Denton Catherine Road, Higher Crumpsall misc308501
04 May 2013  Roe Green v Glossop Greenleach Lane, Roe Green misc308502
04 May 2013  Stand v Flowery Field Hamilton Road, Whitefield misc308503
04 May 2013  Stretford v Dukinfield The Boundary, Stretford misc308504
04 May 2013  Thornham v Denton West Rochdale Road, Slattocks misc308505
04 May 2013  Woodbank v Denton St Lawrence The Kenyons, Bury misc308506
04 May 2013  Woodhouses v Prestwich Medlock Road, Woodhouses misc308507
05 May 2013  Denton v Woodhouses Egerton Street, Denton misc308508
05 May 2013  Denton St Lawrence v Cheetham Hill Sycamore Park, Denton misc308509
05 May 2013  Denton West v Woodbank Windsor Park, Denton misc308510
05 May 2013  Dukinfield v Thornham Higher King Street, Dukinfield misc308511
05 May 2013  Flowery Field v Stretford Flowery Field, Hyde misc308512
05 May 2013  Glossop v Stand North Road, Glossop misc308513
05 May 2013  Prestwich v Roe Green The Heys, Prestwich misc308514
11 May 2013  Cheetham Hill v Denton West Catherine Road, Higher Crumpsall misc308515
11 May 2013  Denton v Denton St Lawrence Egerton Street, Denton misc308516
11 May 2013  Stand v Prestwich Hamilton Road, Whitefield misc308517
11 May 2013  Stretford v Glossop The Boundary, Stretford misc308518
11 May 2013  Thornham v Flowery Field Rochdale Road, Slattocks misc308519
11 May 2013  Woodbank v Dukinfield The Kenyons, Bury misc308520
11 May 2013  Woodhouses v Roe Green Medlock Road, Woodhouses misc308521
18 May 2013  Denton St Lawrence v Woodhouses Sycamore Park, Denton misc308522
18 May 2013  Denton West v Denton Windsor Park, Denton misc308523
18 May 2013  Dukinfield v Cheetham Hill Higher King Street, Dukinfield misc308524
18 May 2013  Flowery Field v Woodbank Flowery Field, Hyde misc308525a
18 May 2013  Glossop v Thornham North Road, Glossop misc308526
18 May 2013  Prestwich v Stretford The Heys, Prestwich misc308527a
18 May 2013  Roe Green v Stand Greenleach Lane, Roe Green misc308528
25 May 2013  Cheetham Hill v Flowery Field Catherine Road, Higher Crumpsall misc308529
25 May 2013  Denton v Dukinfield Egerton Street, Denton misc308530
25 May 2013  Denton St Lawrence v Denton West Sycamore Park, Denton misc308531
25 May 2013  Stretford v Roe Green The Boundary, Stretford misc308532
25 May 2013  Thornham v Prestwich Rochdale Road, Slattocks misc308533
25 May 2013  Woodbank v Glossop The Kenyons, Bury misc308534
25 May 2013  Woodhouses v Stand Medlock Road, Woodhouses misc308535
01 Jun 2013  Denton West v Woodhouses Windsor Park, Denton misc308536
01 Jun 2013  Dukinfield v Denton St Lawrence Higher King Street, Dukinfield misc308537
01 Jun 2013  Flowery Field v Denton Flowery Field, Hyde misc308538
01 Jun 2013  Glossop v Cheetham Hill North Road, Glossop misc308539
01 Jun 2013  Prestwich v Woodbank The Heys, Prestwich misc308540
01 Jun 2013  Roe Green v Thornham Greenleach Lane, Roe Green misc308541
01 Jun 2013  Stand v Stretford Hamilton Road, Whitefield misc308542
08 Jun 2013  Cheetham Hill v Prestwich Catherine Road, Higher Crumpsall misc308543
08 Jun 2013  Denton v Glossop Egerton Street, Denton misc308544
08 Jun 2013  Denton St Lawrence v Flowery Field Sycamore Park, Denton misc308545
08 Jun 2013  Denton West v Dukinfield Windsor Park, Denton misc308546
08 Jun 2013  Thornham v Stand Rochdale Road, Slattocks misc308547
08 Jun 2013  Woodbank v Roe Green The Kenyons, Bury misc308548
08 Jun 2013  Woodhouses v Stretford Medlock Road, Woodhouses misc308549
15 Jun 2013  Dukinfield v Woodhouses Higher King Street, Dukinfield misc308550
15 Jun 2013  Flowery Field v Denton West Flowery Field, Hyde misc308551
15 Jun 2013  Glossop v Denton St Lawrence North Road, Glossop misc308552
15 Jun 2013  Prestwich v Denton The Heys, Prestwich misc308553
15 Jun 2013  Roe Green v Cheetham Hill Greenleach Lane, Roe Green misc308554
15 Jun 2013  Stand v Woodbank Hamilton Road, Whitefield misc308555
15 Jun 2013  Stretford v Thornham The Boundary, Stretford misc308556
22 Jun 2013  Cheetham Hill v Stand Catherine Road, Higher Crumpsall misc308557
22 Jun 2013  Denton v Roe Green Egerton Street, Denton misc308558
22 Jun 2013  Denton St Lawrence v Prestwich Sycamore Park, Denton misc308559
22 Jun 2013  Denton West v Glossop Windsor Park, Denton misc308560
22 Jun 2013  Dukinfield v Flowery Field Higher King Street, Dukinfield misc308561
22 Jun 2013  Woodbank v Stretford The Kenyons, Bury misc308562
22 Jun 2013  Woodhouses v Thornham Medlock Road, Woodhouses misc308563
23 Jun 2013  Flowery Field v Woodhouses Flowery Field, Hyde misc308564
23 Jun 2013  Glossop v Dukinfield North Road, Glossop misc308565
23 Jun 2013  Prestwich v Denton West The Heys, Prestwich misc308566
23 Jun 2013  Roe Green v Denton St Lawrence Greenleach Lane, Roe Green misc308567
23 Jun 2013  Stand v Denton Hamilton Road, Whitefield misc308568
23 Jun 2013  Stretford v Cheetham Hill The Boundary, Stretford misc308569
23 Jun 2013  Thornham v Woodbank Rochdale Road, Slattocks misc308570
29 Jun 2013  Cheetham Hill v Thornham Catherine Road, Higher Crumpsall misc308571
29 Jun 2013  Denton v Stretford Egerton Street, Denton misc308572
29 Jun 2013  Denton St Lawrence v Stand Sycamore Park, Denton misc308573
29 Jun 2013  Denton West v Roe Green Windsor Park, Denton misc308574
29 Jun 2013  Dukinfield v Prestwich Higher King Street, Dukinfield misc308575
29 Jun 2013  Flowery Field v Glossop Flowery Field, Hyde misc308576
29 Jun 2013  Woodhouses v Woodbank Medlock Road, Woodhouses misc308577
06 Jul 2013  Glossop v Woodhouses North Road, Glossop misc308578
06 Jul 2013  Prestwich v Flowery Field The Heys, Prestwich misc308579
06 Jul 2013  Roe Green v Dukinfield Greenleach Lane, Roe Green misc308580
06 Jul 2013  Stand v Denton West Hamilton Road, Whitefield misc308581
06 Jul 2013  Stretford v Denton St Lawrence The Boundary, Stretford misc308582
06 Jul 2013  Thornham v Denton Rochdale Road, Slattocks misc308583
06 Jul 2013  Woodbank v Cheetham Hill The Kenyons, Bury misc308584
13 Jul 2013  Prestwich v Glossop The Heys, Prestwich misc308585
13 Jul 2013  Roe Green v Flowery Field Greenleach Lane, Roe Green misc308586
13 Jul 2013  Stand v Dukinfield Hamilton Road, Whitefield misc308587
13 Jul 2013  Stretford v Denton West The Boundary, Stretford misc308588
13 Jul 2013  Thornham v Denton St Lawrence Rochdale Road, Slattocks misc308589
13 Jul 2013  Woodbank v Denton The Kenyons, Bury misc308590
13 Jul 2013  Woodhouses v Cheetham Hill Medlock Road, Woodhouses misc308591
20 Jul 2013  Denton v Cheetham Hill Egerton Street, Denton misc308592
20 Jul 2013  Denton St Lawrence v Woodbank Sycamore Park, Denton misc308593
20 Jul 2013  Denton West v Thornham Windsor Park, Denton misc308594
20 Jul 2013  Dukinfield v Stretford Higher King Street, Dukinfield misc308595
20 Jul 2013  Flowery Field v Stand Flowery Field, Hyde misc308596
20 Jul 2013  Glossop v Roe Green North Road, Glossop misc308597
20 Jul 2013  Prestwich v Woodhouses The Heys, Prestwich misc308598
27 Jul 2013  Cheetham Hill v Denton St Lawrence Catherine Road, Higher Crumpsall misc308599
27 Jul 2013  Roe Green v Prestwich Greenleach Lane, Roe Green misc308600
27 Jul 2013  Stand v Glossop Hamilton Road, Whitefield misc308601
27 Jul 2013  Stretford v Flowery Field The Boundary, Stretford misc308602
27 Jul 2013  Thornham v Dukinfield Rochdale Road, Slattocks misc308603
27 Jul 2013  Woodbank v Denton West The Kenyons, Bury misc308604
27 Jul 2013  Woodhouses v Denton Medlock Road, Woodhouses misc308605
28 Jul 2013  Denton St Lawrence v Denton Sycamore Park, Denton misc308606
28 Jul 2013  Denton West v Cheetham Hill Windsor Park, Denton misc308607
28 Jul 2013  Dukinfield v Woodbank Higher King Street, Dukinfield misc308608
28 Jul 2013  Flowery Field v Thornham Flowery Field, Hyde misc308609
28 Jul 2013  Glossop v Stretford North Road, Glossop misc308610
28 Jul 2013  Prestwich v Stand The Heys, Prestwich misc308611
28 Jul 2013  Roe Green v Woodhouses Greenleach Lane, Roe Green misc308612
03 Aug 2013  Cheetham Hill v Dukinfield Catherine Road, Higher Crumpsall misc308613
03 Aug 2013  Denton v Denton West Egerton Street, Denton misc308614
03 Aug 2013  Stand v Roe Green Hamilton Road, Whitefield misc308615
03 Aug 2013  Stretford v Prestwich The Boundary, Stretford misc308616
03 Aug 2013  Thornham v Glossop Rochdale Road, Slattocks misc308617
03 Aug 2013  Woodbank v Flowery Field The Kenyons, Bury misc308618
03 Aug 2013  Woodhouses v Denton St Lawrence Medlock Road, Woodhouses misc308619
10 Aug 2013  Denton West v Denton St Lawrence Windsor Park, Denton misc308620
10 Aug 2013  Dukinfield v Denton Higher King Street, Dukinfield misc308621
10 Aug 2013  Flowery Field v Cheetham Hill Flowery Field, Hyde misc308622
10 Aug 2013  Glossop v Woodbank North Road, Glossop misc308623
10 Aug 2013  Prestwich v Thornham The Heys, Prestwich misc308624
10 Aug 2013  Roe Green v Stretford Greenleach Lane, Roe Green misc308625
10 Aug 2013  Stand v Woodhouses Hamilton Road, Whitefield misc308626
17 Aug 2013  Cheetham Hill v Glossop Catherine Road, Higher Crumpsall misc308627
17 Aug 2013  Denton v Flowery Field Egerton Street, Denton misc308628
17 Aug 2013  Denton St Lawrence v Dukinfield Sycamore Park, Denton misc308629
17 Aug 2013  Stretford v Stand The Boundary, Stretford misc308630
17 Aug 2013  Thornham v Roe Green Rochdale Road, Slattocks misc308631
17 Aug 2013  Woodbank v Prestwich The Kenyons, Bury misc308632
17 Aug 2013  Woodhouses v Denton West Medlock Road, Woodhouses misc308633
18 Aug 2013  Dukinfield v Denton West Higher King Street, Dukinfield misc308634
18 Aug 2013  Flowery Field v Denton St Lawrence Flowery Field, Hyde misc308635
18 Aug 2013  Glossop v Denton North Road, Glossop misc308636
18 Aug 2013  Prestwich v Cheetham Hill The Heys, Prestwich misc308637
18 Aug 2013  Roe Green v Woodbank Greenleach Lane, Roe Green misc308638
18 Aug 2013  Stand v Thornham Hamilton Road, Whitefield misc308639
18 Aug 2013  Stretford v Woodhouses The Boundary, Stretford misc308640
24 Aug 2013  Cheetham Hill v Roe Green Catherine Road, Higher Crumpsall misc308641
24 Aug 2013  Denton v Prestwich Egerton Street, Denton misc308642
24 Aug 2013  Denton St Lawrence v Glossop Sycamore Park, Denton misc308643
24 Aug 2013  Denton West v Flowery Field Windsor Park, Denton misc308644
24 Aug 2013  Thornham v Stretford Rochdale Road, Slattocks misc308645
24 Aug 2013  Woodbank v Stand The Kenyons, Bury misc308646
24 Aug 2013  Woodhouses v Dukinfield Medlock Road, Woodhouses misc308647
31 Aug 2013  Flowery Field v Dukinfield Flowery Field, Hyde misc308648
31 Aug 2013  Glossop v Denton West North Road, Glossop misc308649
31 Aug 2013  Prestwich v Denton St Lawrence The Heys, Prestwich misc308650
31 Aug 2013  Roe Green v Denton Greenleach Lane, Roe Green misc308651
31 Aug 2013  Stand v Cheetham Hill Hamilton Road, Whitefield misc308652
31 Aug 2013  Stretford v Woodbank The Boundary, Stretford misc308653
31 Aug 2013  Thornham v Woodhouses Rochdale Road, Slattocks misc308654
07 Sep 2013  Cheetham Hill v Stretford Catherine Road, Higher Crumpsall misc308655
07 Sep 2013  Denton v Stand Egerton Street, Denton misc308656
07 Sep 2013  Denton St Lawrence v Roe Green Sycamore Park, Denton misc308657
07 Sep 2013  Denton West v Prestwich Windsor Park, Denton misc308658
07 Sep 2013  Dukinfield v Glossop Higher King Street, Dukinfield misc308659
07 Sep 2013  Woodbank v Thornham The Kenyons, Bury misc308660
07 Sep 2013  Woodhouses v Flowery Field Medlock Road, Woodhouses misc308661
08 Sep 2013  Glossop v Flowery Field North Road, Glossop misc308662
08 Sep 2013  Prestwich v Dukinfield The Heys, Prestwich misc308663
08 Sep 2013  Roe Green v Denton West Greenleach Lane, Roe Green misc308664
08 Sep 2013  Stand v Denton St Lawrence Hamilton Road, Whitefield misc308665
08 Sep 2013  Stretford v Denton The Boundary, Stretford misc308666
08 Sep 2013  Thornham v Cheetham Hill Rochdale Road, Slattocks misc308667
08 Sep 2013  Woodbank v Woodhouses The Kenyons, Bury misc308668
14 Sep 2013  Cheetham Hill v Woodbank Catherine Road, Higher Crumpsall misc308669
14 Sep 2013  Denton v Thornham Egerton Street, Denton misc308670
14 Sep 2013  Denton St Lawrence v Stretford Sycamore Park, Denton misc308671
14 Sep 2013  Denton West v Stand Windsor Park, Denton misc308672
14 Sep 2013  Dukinfield v Roe Green Higher King Street, Dukinfield misc308673
14 Sep 2013  Flowery Field v Prestwich Flowery Field, Hyde misc308674
14 Sep 2013  Woodhouses v Glossop Medlock Road, Woodhouses misc308675





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