Fielding in Baroda Under-12 Interschool Knock-out Invitation Tournament 2012/13 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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K Patel (Shr)3055
T Kahar (Bag)53 3
N Shah (NavV)43 3
N Shah (Alem)1213
Y More (Alk)3022
D Patel (NavV)42 2
R Patel (Alk)32 2
U Patel (Guj)22 2
P Agrawal (Shr)31 1
A Bhagwat (Guj)21 1
A Chauhan (Bag)4011
A Desai (NavS)11 1
V Gohil (Guj)11 1
S Grewal (Amer)11 1
R Issrani (Alk)31 1
R Joshi (Bag)51 1
S Kushwaha (Shr)21 1
S Patel (NavI)11 1
A Rajesh (New)21 1
K Rao (New)21 1
D Ravat (Silv)2011
H Shah (Bag)51 1
A Shastrabudhe (Alk)21 1
A Sidhu (Amer)11 1
B Tungare (Bag)51 1
Y Vakil (Alk)21 1
D Waghela (Bag)51 1





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