Cheshire County Cricket League Division Two 2011

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

23 Apr 2011  Brooklands v Upton Brooklands Sports Club, Sale misc155866
23 Apr 2011  Congleton v Middlewich Booth Street, Congleton misc155867
23 Apr 2011  Mobberley v Tattenhall Church Lane, Mobberley misc155868
23 Apr 2011  Stockport v Stockport Georgians Cale Green, Stockport misc155869
23 Apr 2011  Timperley v Malpas Stockport Road, Timperley misc155870
23 Apr 2011  Warrington v Bredbury St Marks Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc155871
30 Apr 2011  Bredbury St Marks v Timperley Hillside Road, Woodley misc155872
30 Apr 2011  Malpas v Stockport Wrexham Road, Malpas misc155873
30 Apr 2011  Middlewich v Mobberley Haddon Field, Middlewich misc155874
30 Apr 2011  Stockport Georgians v Brooklands Cromley Road, Woodsmoor misc155875
30 Apr 2011  Tattenhall v Warrington Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc155876
30 Apr 2011  Upton v Congleton Old Greasby Road, Upton misc155877
07 May 2011  Brooklands v Malpas Brooklands Sports Club, Sale misc155878
07 May 2011  Mobberley v Congleton Church Lane, Mobberley misc155879
07 May 2011  Stockport v Bredbury St Marks Cale Green, Stockport misc155880
07 May 2011  Stockport Georgians v Upton Cromley Road, Woodsmoor misc155881
07 May 2011  Timperley v Tattenhall Stockport Road, Timperley misc155882
07 May 2011  Warrington v Middlewich Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc155883
14 May 2011  Bredbury St Marks v Brooklands Hillside Road, Woodley misc155884
14 May 2011  Congleton v Warrington Booth Street, Congleton misc155885
14 May 2011  Malpas v Stockport Georgians Wrexham Road, Malpas misc155886
14 May 2011  Middlewich v Timperley Haddon Field, Middlewich misc155887
14 May 2011  Tattenhall v Stockport Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc155888
14 May 2011  Upton v Mobberley Old Greasby Road, Upton misc155889
21 May 2011  Brooklands v Tattenhall Brooklands Sports Club, Sale misc155890
21 May 2011  Malpas v Upton Wrexham Road, Malpas misc155891
21 May 2011  Stockport v Middlewich Cale Green, Stockport misc155892
21 May 2011  Stockport Georgians v Bredbury St Marks Cromley Road, Woodsmoor misc155893
21 May 2011  Timperley v Congleton Stockport Road, Timperley misc155894
21 May 2011  Warrington v Mobberley Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc155895
28 May 2011  Bredbury St Marks v Malpas Hillside Road, Woodley misc155896
28 May 2011  Congleton v Stockport Booth Street, Congleton misc155897
28 May 2011  Middlewich v Brooklands Haddon Field, Middlewich misc155898
28 May 2011  Mobberley v Timperley Church Lane, Mobberley misc155899
28 May 2011  Tattenhall v Stockport Georgians Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc155900
28 May 2011  Upton v Warrington Old Greasby Road, Upton misc155901
04 Jun 2011  Bredbury St Marks v Upton Hillside Road, Woodley misc155902
04 Jun 2011  Brooklands v Congleton Brooklands Sports Club, Sale misc155903
04 Jun 2011  Malpas v Tattenhall Wrexham Road, Malpas misc155904
04 Jun 2011  Stockport v Mobberley Cale Green, Stockport misc155905
04 Jun 2011  Stockport Georgians v Middlewich Cromley Road, Woodsmoor misc155906
04 Jun 2011  Timperley v Warrington Stockport Road, Timperley misc155907
11 Jun 2011  Congleton v Stockport Georgians Booth Street, Congleton misc155908
11 Jun 2011  Middlewich v Malpas Haddon Field, Middlewich misc155909
11 Jun 2011  Mobberley v Brooklands Church Lane, Mobberley misc155910
11 Jun 2011  Tattenhall v Bredbury St Marks Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc155911
11 Jun 2011  Upton v Timperley Old Greasby Road, Upton misc155912
11 Jun 2011  Warrington v Stockport Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc155913
18 Jun 2011  Bredbury St Marks v Middlewich Hillside Road, Woodley misc155914
18 Jun 2011  Brooklands v Warrington Brooklands Sports Club, Sale misc155915
18 Jun 2011  Malpas v Congleton Wrexham Road, Malpas misc155916
18 Jun 2011  Stockport v Timperley Cale Green, Stockport misc155917
18 Jun 2011  Stockport Georgians v Mobberley Cromley Road, Woodsmoor misc155918
18 Jun 2011  Tattenhall v Upton Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc155919
25 Jun 2011  Congleton v Bredbury St Marks Booth Street, Congleton misc155920
25 Jun 2011  Middlewich v Tattenhall Haddon Field, Middlewich misc155921
25 Jun 2011  Mobberley v Malpas Church Lane, Mobberley misc155922
25 Jun 2011  Timperley v Brooklands Stockport Road, Timperley misc155923a
25 Jun 2011  Upton v Stockport Old Greasby Road, Upton misc155924
25 Jun 2011  Warrington v Stockport Georgians Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc155925
02 Jul 2011  Bredbury St Marks v Mobberley Hillside Road, Woodley misc155926
02 Jul 2011  Brooklands v Stockport Brooklands Sports Club, Sale misc155927
02 Jul 2011  Malpas v Warrington Wrexham Road, Malpas misc155928
02 Jul 2011  Middlewich v Upton Haddon Field, Middlewich misc155929
02 Jul 2011  Stockport Georgians v Timperley Cromley Road, Woodsmoor misc155930
02 Jul 2011  Tattenhall v Congleton Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc155931
09 Jul 2011  Bredbury St Marks v Warrington Hillside Road, Woodley misc155932
09 Jul 2011  Malpas v Timperley Wrexham Road, Malpas misc155933
09 Jul 2011  Middlewich v Congleton Haddon Field, Middlewich misc155934
09 Jul 2011  Stockport Georgians v Stockport Cromley Road, Woodsmoor misc155935
09 Jul 2011  Tattenhall v Mobberley Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc155936
09 Jul 2011  Upton v Brooklands Old Greasby Road, Upton misc155937
16 Jul 2011  Brooklands v Stockport Georgians Brooklands Sports Club, Sale misc155938
16 Jul 2011  Congleton v Upton Booth Street, Congleton misc155939
16 Jul 2011  Mobberley v Middlewich Church Lane, Mobberley misc155940
16 Jul 2011  Stockport v Malpas Cale Green, Stockport misc155941
16 Jul 2011  Timperley v Bredbury St Marks Stockport Road, Timperley misc155942
16 Jul 2011  Warrington v Tattenhall Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc155943
23 Jul 2011  Bredbury St Marks v Stockport Hillside Road, Woodley misc155944
23 Jul 2011  Congleton v Mobberley Booth Street, Congleton misc155945
23 Jul 2011  Malpas v Brooklands Wrexham Road, Malpas misc155946
23 Jul 2011  Middlewich v Warrington Haddon Field, Middlewich misc155947
23 Jul 2011  Tattenhall v Timperley Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc155948
23 Jul 2011  Upton v Stockport Georgians Old Greasby Road, Upton misc155949
30 Jul 2011  Brooklands v Bredbury St Marks Brooklands Sports Club, Sale misc155950
30 Jul 2011  Mobberley v Upton Church Lane, Mobberley misc155951
30 Jul 2011  Stockport v Tattenhall Cale Green, Stockport misc155952
30 Jul 2011  Stockport Georgians v Malpas Cromley Road, Woodsmoor misc155953
30 Jul 2011  Timperley v Middlewich Stockport Road, Timperley misc155954
30 Jul 2011  Warrington v Congleton Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc155955
06 Aug 2011  Bredbury St Marks v Stockport Georgians Hillside Road, Woodley misc155956
06 Aug 2011  Congleton v Timperley Booth Street, Congleton misc155957
06 Aug 2011  Middlewich v Stockport Haddon Field, Middlewich misc155958
06 Aug 2011  Mobberley v Warrington Church Lane, Mobberley misc155959
06 Aug 2011  Tattenhall v Brooklands Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc155960
06 Aug 2011  Upton v Malpas Old Greasby Road, Upton misc155961
13 Aug 2011  Brooklands v Middlewich Brooklands Sports Club, Sale misc155962
13 Aug 2011  Malpas v Bredbury St Marks Wrexham Road, Malpas misc155963
13 Aug 2011  Stockport v Congleton Cale Green, Stockport misc155964
13 Aug 2011  Stockport Georgians v Tattenhall Cromley Road, Woodsmoor misc155965
13 Aug 2011  Timperley v Mobberley Stockport Road, Timperley misc155966
13 Aug 2011  Warrington v Upton Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc155967
20 Aug 2011  Congleton v Brooklands Booth Street, Congleton misc155968
20 Aug 2011  Middlewich v Stockport Georgians Haddon Field, Middlewich misc155969
20 Aug 2011  Mobberley v Stockport Church Lane, Mobberley misc155970
20 Aug 2011  Tattenhall v Malpas Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc155971
20 Aug 2011  Upton v Bredbury St Marks Old Greasby Road, Upton misc155972
20 Aug 2011  Warrington v Timperley Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc155973
27 Aug 2011  Bredbury St Marks v Tattenhall Hillside Road, Woodley misc155974
27 Aug 2011  Brooklands v Mobberley Brooklands Sports Club, Sale misc155975
27 Aug 2011  Malpas v Middlewich Wrexham Road, Malpas misc155976
27 Aug 2011  Stockport v Warrington Cale Green, Stockport misc155977
27 Aug 2011  Stockport Georgians v Congleton Cromley Road, Woodsmoor misc155978
27 Aug 2011  Timperley v Upton Stockport Road, Timperley misc155979
03 Sep 2011  Congleton v Malpas Booth Street, Congleton misc155980
03 Sep 2011  Middlewich v Bredbury St Marks Haddon Field, Middlewich misc155981
03 Sep 2011  Mobberley v Stockport Georgians Church Lane, Mobberley misc155982
03 Sep 2011  Timperley v Stockport Stockport Road, Timperley misc155983
03 Sep 2011  Upton v Tattenhall Old Greasby Road, Upton misc155984
03 Sep 2011  Warrington v Brooklands Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc155985
10 Sep 2011  Bredbury St Marks v Congleton Hillside Road, Woodley misc155986
10 Sep 2011  Brooklands v Timperley Brooklands Sports Club, Sale misc155987
10 Sep 2011  Malpas v Mobberley Wrexham Road, Malpas misc155988
10 Sep 2011  Stockport v Upton Cale Green, Stockport misc155989
10 Sep 2011  Stockport Georgians v Warrington Cromley Road, Woodsmoor misc155990
10 Sep 2011  Tattenhall v Middlewich Flacca Field, Tattenhall misc155991
17 Sep 2011  Congleton v Tattenhall Booth Street, Congleton misc155992
17 Sep 2011  Mobberley v Bredbury St Marks Church Lane, Mobberley misc155993
17 Sep 2011  Stockport v Brooklands Cale Green, Stockport misc155994
17 Sep 2011  Timperley v Stockport Georgians Stockport Road, Timperley misc155995
17 Sep 2011  Upton v Middlewich Old Greasby Road, Upton misc155996
17 Sep 2011  Warrington v Malpas Walton Lea Road, Warrington misc155997





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