Bowling in Sheffield Shield 1989/90 (Ordered by Average)

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GR Marsh (WA)121111-11.00 00
TH Bayliss (NSW)363911-79.00 00
TJ Zoehrer (WA)4221311-913.00 00
GR Parker (Vic)9343022-3015.00 00
SG Law (Qld)1811611-1616.00 00
CG Rackemann (Qld)154264598334-3918.12 00
SP O'Donnell (Vic)89147328174-3819.29 00
GF Lawson (NSW)2078102786394-2620.15 00
GD Campbell (Tas)131360475236-8020.65 10
CD Matthews (WA)156972686326-8121.43 20
TM Alderman (WA)54229241115-6221.90 10
GRJ Matthews (NSW)2619156950437-5022.09 31
DR Gilbert (Tas)193966904387-12723.78 20
CJ Owen (SAus)60025296123-8024.66 00
BP Julian (WA)10555021-725.00 00
CJ McDermott (Qld)25921001376548-4425.48 40
DW Fleming (Vic)106147513206-3725.65 10
PT McPhee (Tas)105054413165-7325.81 10
CR Miller (SAus)2203971038406-8325.95 10
AE Tucker (NSW)55723260104-2526.00 00
PW Young (Vic)5402611-2626.00 00
AR Border (Qld)264810743-4426.75 00
MA Polzin (Qld)131054566218-5126.95 10
KH MacLeay (WA)122676421153-2228.06 00
GJ Rowell (NSW)18698633-4128.66 00
AMJ Hilditch (SAus)15075821-529.00 00
BP Inwood (Qld)271209031-930.00 00
MR Whitney (NSW)112749564185-12531.33 10
JC Scuderi (SAus)195582848276-631.40 10
TM Moody (WA)3501512643-5731.50 00
PL Taylor (NSW)7504428694-2931.77 00
TG Hogan (WA)125759509165-6031.81 10
D Tazelaar (Qld)163659703226-4831.95 10
BE McNamara (NSW)4203311-2433.00 00
PR Reiffel (Vic)129734770224-4335.00 00
WJ Holdsworth (NSW)117727736215-7135.04 10
RJ Tucker (Tas)117549495143-3635.35 00
WS Andrews (WA)3241614243-4335.50 00
ME Waugh (NSW)72617429122-2235.75 00
PA Capes (WA)169259869244-6036.20 00
CD Mack (WA)88734415113-7037.72 00
AIC Dodemaide (Vic)158960698174-5441.05 00
DJ Hickey (Vic)369820753-8941.40 00
PJS Alley (SAus)4971925264-9842.00 00
MD O'Neill (NSW)114358466113-5142.36 00
RCAM McCarthy (Vic)6301833982-4342.37 00
MG Hughes (Vic)8403835083-6843.75 00
SP George (SAus)85229487112-5344.27 00
PW Jackson (Vic)5642418443-10346.00 00
SC Storey (Qld)96038557124-1946.41 00
TBA May (SAus)122448597113-8954.27 00
PE McIntyre (Vic)213385952173-5556.00 00
AJ de Winter (Tas)9002944882-6056.00 00
PR Sleep (SAus)132134673123-10756.08 00
RS Russell (WA)3361217032-7256.66 00
B Yardley (WA)3481717132-3757.00 00
GR Robertson (Tas)212080897153-10759.80 00
DM Jones (Vic)13276011-2560.00 00
PH Marks (NSW)12646311-2463.00 00
RM Stobo (NSW)4521525942-7364.75 00
AD Mullally (WA)11624752683-7465.75 00
DW Hookes (SAus)4631820132-8967.00 00
GI Foley (Qld)5883127642-5769.00 00
MS Kasprowicz (Qld)7592245162-5975.16 00
PE Cantrell (Qld)14436071493-7179.33 00
PJ Carew (Qld)252818122-18190.50 00
PW Gladigau (SAus)7922940742-109101.75 00
TJ Cooley (Tas)6121243321-16216.50 00
SM Small (NSW)12200    
SG Hookey (Tas)6010    
PC Nobes (SAus)6020    
JD Siddons (Vic)6050    
DM Wellham (Tas)24160    
J Cox (Tas)12160    
DFG O'Connor (Tas)12060    
TJ Barsby (Qld)6070    
MG Bevan (SAus)120100    
WN Phillips (Vic)362130    
BD Williams (SAus)241150    
PS Clifford (Qld)423160    
MG Farrell (Tas)1023300    
PI Faulkner (Tas)1084420    
GM Ritchie (Qld)781510    
NR Plummer (SAus)733600    
JA Brayshaw (WA)24012940    





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