Bowling in Sheffield Shield 1988/89 (Ordered by Average)

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J Dyson (NSW)313811-08.00 00
TM Alderman (WA)174274672355-2619.20 20
RA Jones (NSW)240710153-1820.20 00
TM Moody (WA)55223220103-2422.00 00
GF Lawson (NSW)206995815376-3622.02 30
D Tazelaar (Qld)179564777345-2522.85 21
SR Waugh (NSW)129649620266-5123.84 10
WS Andrews (WA)3932713352-1926.60 00
WJ Holdsworth (NSW)282718876-5526.85 10
M Osborne (Vic)63925377144-1726.92 00
BD Williams (SAus)6632711-2127.00 00
MR Whitney (NSW)2085861020374-4927.56 00
JC Scuderi (SAus)2199105910336-5327.57 30
KH MacLeay (WA)2128109801284-2428.60 00
CR Miller (SAus)5071926197-11229.00 10
MG Hughes (Vic)151450745257-8129.80 21
CJ McDermott (Qld)92229478165-8529.87 10
TBA May (SAus)32551411301437-9330.25 30
JN Maguire (Qld)150849647214-2130.80 00
CG Rackemann (Qld)140355619206-6530.95 10
BA Reid (WA)80825348113-2831.63 00
PA Capes (WA)172161894285-6931.92 31
AK Zesers (SAus)8525129693-4132.88 00
GD Campbell (Tas)2382841127345-4433.14 30
CM Killen (SAus)4542516752-1533.40 00
PW Gladigau (SAus)2304971000284-5335.71 00
AIC Dodemaide (Vic)178266837235-9436.39 10
RJ Tucker (Tas)95828452123-3837.66 00
PL Taylor (NSW)161980679183-3537.72 00
TV Hohns (Qld)133358532145-5038.00 10
DR Gilbert (Tas)1951491019265-8839.19 10
AD Mullally (WA)121138640163-8240.00 00
DB Scott (SAus)4814011-4040.00 00
PW Jackson (Vic)165692696176-5540.94 10
GRJ Matthews (NSW)2271113914223-4341.54 00
TG Hogan (WA)8343137993-7842.11 00
PE Cantrell (Qld)119438551134-5242.38 00
KE Lilly (WA)360825563-7242.50 00
PJ Carew (SAus)8414311-4343.00 00
AJ de Winter (Tas)137143632143-7645.14 00
RCAM McCarthy (Vic)402622654-8445.20 00
MA Polzin (Qld)19869522-9547.50 00
DS Chyer (SAus)16859621-3148.00 00
PE McIntyre (Vic)2401110922-10954.50 00
PI Faulkner (Tas)174084611113-6055.54 00
SP O'Donnell (Vic)159053784146-5456.00 10
GS Trimble (Qld)14285811-1658.00 00
AR Border (Qld)10236111-3761.00 00
DK Walker (Vic)246912522-11762.50 00
PR Sleep (SAus)146469688104-10968.80 00
SBJ Whitfield (NSW)5823721232-5470.66 00
RM Stobo (NSW)3902017521-1687.50 00
PR Reiffel (Vic)7361739841-2399.50 00
GR Robertson (NSW)246812911-100129.00 00
CD Matthews (WA)4891027921-66139.50 00
GA Hughes (Tas)9364142832-57142.66 00
BA Cruse (Tas)312417811-16178.00 00
SL Saunders (Tas)234119911-54199.00 00
TH Bayliss (NSW)6100    
TJ Zoehrer (WA)6010    
DF Whatmore (Vic)6020    
WG Ayres (Vic)2020    
GR Marsh (WA)6030    
DS Lehmann (SAus)6050    
GR Parker (Vic)18150    
DM Jones (Vic)7070    
PW Anderson (SAus)24070    
AMJ Hilditch (SAus)24080    
GM Ritchie (Qld)120110    
DC Boon (Tas)180130    
GM Wood (WA)180230    
JA Brayshaw (WA)300270    
JD Siddons (Vic)240310    
WN Phillips (Vic)1024410    
DA Clarke (SAus)845480    
DW Hookes (SAus)1142650    
AB Henschell (Qld)1445690    
ME Waugh (NSW)1322930    





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