Murray Goodwin quits ICL for Sussex
by CricketArchive Staff Reporter

Player:MW Goodwin

DateLine: 4th June 2009


Former Zimbabwe cricketer Murray Goodwin has left the rebel Indian Cricket League and will focus his attention totally to his affairs with Sussex.


According to a Sussex CCC can release, Goodwin has resigned his contract with the Indian Cricket League for the benefit of the Club.


Counties that have players contracted to the ICL have been banned from playing in the Twenty20 Champions League should they qualify by winning their national competition.


Goodwin’s resignation allows Sussex to do just that if their 2009 campaign is successful. However, he would not be allowed to play in the competition until 2010.


Goodwin felt it was time to commit to official cricket and wants to help out the county as much as possible, the release said.


The year 2009 is also his benefit year, it added.


Goodwin said: "It's been a busy year with the benefit year going on, but a very enjoyable one. It's the right move to resign my ICL contract and I want to give Sussex every opportunity of progressing as far as we can in cricket."


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