Tours in 2004

Ahmedabad Circle in England 2004
Australia in Zimbabwe 2004
Australian Old Collegians in England 2004
Bangladesh in Ireland and Scotland 2004
Bangladesh in West Indies 2004
Bangladesh Under-19s in England 2004
Barbados in Bermuda 2004
Cramond in England 2004
Delhi Blues in England 2004
Denmark in England 2004
Derbyshire Women in Scotland 2004
Durham Under-13s in Scotland 2004
Durham Women in Scotland 2004
East of Scotland Under-13s in England 2004
East Sutton in Alderney 2004
Guernsey in Jersey 2004
Guernsey in Scotland 2004
Guernsey Under-16s in Scotland 2004
HCC in England 2004
India A in Kenya and Zimbabwe 2004
Irish Schools in England 2004
Kenya Kongonis in England 2004
Lord's Taverners in France 2004
Lord's Taverners in Sark 2004
Marylebone Cricket Club in Gibraltar and Morocco 2004
Marylebone Cricket Club in Ireland 2004
Marylebone Cricket Club in Italy 2004
Marylebone Cricket Club in Scotland 2004
Marylebone Cricket Club in United States of America 2004
New Zealand in England 2004
New Zealand Women in British Isles 2004
Nomads and Virgin in France 2004
Nomads in France 2004
Nomads in Spain 2004
Northumberland Under-15s in Scotland 2004
Pakistan A in Kenya 2004
Pakistan in Netherlands 2004
Scotland B in England 2004
Scotland Under-15s in England 2004
Scotland Under-17s in England 2004
Scotland Under-19s in England 2004
Scotland Women in England 2004
South Africa A in Zimbabwe 2004
South Africa in Sri Lanka 2004
Sri Lanka A in England 2004
Sri Lanka in Australia 2004
Sri Lanka in Zimbabwe 2004
Star Club of India in Scotland 2004
United States of America in Jamaica 2004
West Indies in Bermuda 2004
West Indies in British Isles 2004





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