Cricket in England in 1971

List of all First-Class matches
List of all ListA matches
Season's First-class Averages for Batting or Bowling
Season's ListA Averages for Batting or Bowling
Arthur Holt Cup 1971
Aynsley-Jonson Cup 1971
Barbados Cricket League in England 1971
British Universities Tournament 1971
Canadian Cricket Association Colts in England 1971
Church Times Cricket Cup 1971
Coleshill Chronicle Knock-Out Cup 1971
County Championship 1971
Davis Cup 1971
Dublin University in England 1971
Fenner Trophy 1971
Gillette Cup 1971
Gillette Cup Winners v John Player League Winners 1971
India in England 1971
Ireland in England 1971
John Player League 1971
Kemp Cup 1971
Kenya Kongonis in England 1971
League Cricket Conference Rothmans Cup 1971
Lincolnshire Cricket League Triangular Tournament 1971
Malaysia-Singapore Ligers in England 1971
Minor Counties Championship 1971
National Sports Club in England 1971
Netherlands in England 1971
Netherlands Schools in England 1971
Orange Free State in England 1971
Other First-Class matches in England 1971
Other matches in England 1971
Pakistan in British Isles 1971
Scotland in England 1971
Second Eleven Championship 1971
Somers Isles Cricket League in England 1971
Stenbok in England 1971
Strathallan Occasionals in England 1971
The Cricketer Cup 1971
The Forty Club Triangular Tournament 1971
University Match 1971
Age Group Cricket
Schools Cricket
Irish Schools in England 1971
Under-15 Cricket
English Schools Cricket Association Under-15 Festival 1971
Under-19 Cricket
Hilda Overy Trophy 1971
Cup Cricket
National Club Championship
DH Robins' Trophy 1971
Cricket in Cumberland
Cup Cricket
Higson Cup 1971
Meageen Cumberland County Cup 1971
Cricket in Essex
League Cricket
Essex Senior Competition 1971
Cricket in Hampshire
Cup Cricket
County Ground Knock Out 1971
Hector Young Cup Competition 1971
Romsey Advertiser Knock Out 1971
Cricket in Kent
League Cricket
Kent Cricket League 1971
Kent Cricket League Second XIs 1971
Cricket in Lancashire
Cup Cricket
Accrington and District Cricket League Harry Wood Cup 1971
Central Lancashire League John Willie Lees Wood Cup 1971
Lancashire League Worsley Cup 1971
League Cricket
Accrington and District Cricket League 1971
Central Lancashire League 1971
Lancashire Junior League 1971
Lancashire League 1971
Liverpool and District Cricket Competition 1971
North East Lancashire League 1971
Cricket in Leicestershire
Cup Cricket
Leicestershire County Cup 1971
Cricket in Lincolnshire
Cup Cricket
Broughton Evening League Knock Out Cup 1971
Grimsby Town Knockout 1971
North Lindsey League Knock Out Cup 1971
Scunthorpe Junior Charity Cup 1971
League Cricket
Broughton Evening League 1971
Lincolnshire County League Premier Division 1971
North Lindsey League Division One 1971
Cricket in Middlesex
Cup Cricket
Wills Middlesex Trophy 1971
Cricket in North Wales
League Cricket
North Wales County Championship 1971
Cricket in Northumberland
League Cricket
Northumberland League Division A 1971
Schools Cricket
Northumberland Schools Cricket Cup 1971
Cricket in Staffordshire
Cup Cricket
Burton Cup 1971
Foseco Cup 1971
Cricket in Warwickshire
Cup Cricket
North Warwickshire Cup 1971
School Cricket
Warwickshire Grammar Schools Cup 1971
Cricket in Yorkshire
League Cricket
Barkston Ash and Yorkshire Central Cricket League Section 1 1971
Barkston Ash and Yorkshire Central Cricket League Section 2 1971
Barkston Ash and Yorkshire Central Cricket League Section 3 1971





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