Kidderminster v United Eleven
United Eleven matches 1881
VenueChester Road North, Kidderminster on 6th, 7th June 1881 (2-day match)
Balls per over4
PlayersKidderminster: 22; United Eleven: 11
TossToss not known
ResultMatch drawn
Close of play day 1

United Eleven first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
WR Gilbertb Hinde2     
LM Dayc Hughes b Millward8     
HRJ Charlwoodc Greenwood b Millward17     
FE McDonnelllbw b Millward1     
CJ Showersc Otter b Millward0     
A Shrewsburyrun out10     
R Humphreyrun out8     
L Hallc and b Millward0     
WH Scottonb Hinde0     
W Shrewsburyb Hinde11     
EW Pooleynot out0     
Total(all out, 72.3 overs)63
Fall of wickets:
1-?, 2-?, 3-?, 4-?, 5-?, 6-?, 7-?, 8-?, 9-?, 10-63 (72.3 ov)
Kidderminster bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Millward36   ?215--

Kidderminster first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
A Butcherc A Shrewsbury b Gilbert23     
Pennc W Shrewsbury b Gilbert14     
AJ Otterc and b Gilbert18     
J Darkesc Pooley b Gilbert9     
AJ Shillitoelbw b Gilbert13     
Hinderun out8     
A Millwardc Pooley b Gilbert2     
J Greenwoodb [unknown]0     
JW Hughesc Showers b Gilbert1     
D McLeanc Charlwood b Gilbert9     
H Hillc Charlwood b Gilbert2     
J Coatesc and b Gilbert4     
T Bluntc Gilbert b Scotton1     
F Beresfordb Gilbert0     
J Pennc [unknown] b Gilbert6     
T Bollingsb Gilbert1     
T Leab Scotton3     
T Powellc Hall b Scotton4     
Kempc and b Scotton9     
TF Ivensb Gilbert0     
W Mountfordb Scotton0     
H Geltinsnot out3     
Total(all out, 56.2 overs)138
Fall of wickets:
1-?, 2-?, 3-?, 4-?, 5-?, 6-?, 7-?, 8-?, 9-?, 10-?, 11-?, 12-?, 13-?, 14-?, 15-?, 16-?, 17-?, 18-?, 19-?, 20-?, 21-138 (56.2 ov)
United Eleven bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Gilbert28   ?4714--
Scotton6   ?1951-
[unknown]11   ?1011-
Hall7   ?90--

United Eleven second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
WR Gilbertc Blunt b Hill3     
LM Dayc Butcher b Hill25     
HRJ Charlwoodc Darkes b Millward72     
FE McDonnellb Hinde5     
CJ Showersc Penn b Hinde52     
A Shrewsburyc Hill b Millward4     
R Humphreyc Hughes b Millward3     
L Hallrun out6     
WH Scottonc and b Millward17     
W Shrewsburyst McLean b Millward22     
EW Pooleynot out1     
Total(all out, 134 overs)223
Fall of wickets:
1-?, 2-?, 3-?, 4-?, 5-?, 6-?, 7-?, 8-?, 9-?, 10-223 (134 ov)
Kidderminster bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Millward55   ?75511
Hinde26   ?48212
Hill30   ?462--
Darkes12   ?240--
Penn11   ?180--

Kidderminster second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
A Butcherrun out9     
Pennc Charlwood b Gilbert2     
AJ Otterc Showers b Scotton0     
J Darkesc Charlwood b Scotton11     
AJ Shillitoec [unknown] b Scotton1     
Hindec McDonnell b Scotton1     
A Millwardc [unknown] b Scotton2     
J Greenwoodrun out1     
JW Hughesb Gilbert0     
D McLeanb Scotton4     
H Hillb Scotton5     
J Coatesnot out2     
T Bluntc Day b Scotton0     
T Least Hall b Scotton11     
Kempnot out1     
F Beresforddid not bat      
J Penndid not bat      
T Bollingsdid not bat      
T Powelldid not bat      
TF Ivensdid not bat      
W Mountforddid not bat      
H Geltinsdid not bat      
Total(13 wickets, 26.2 overs)50
Fall of wickets:
1-?, 2-?, 3-?, 4-?, 5-?, 6-?, 7-?, 8-?, 9-?, 10-?, 11-?, 12-?, 13-?
United Eleven bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Gilbert13   ?112--

--> United Eleven first innings batting adds 1 run under
--> Kidderminster first innings batting adds 1 run under
--> Bowling in the Kidderminster first innings adds 36 runs under
--> Bowling in the United Eleven second innings adds 1 run over
--> Bowling in the Kidderminster second innings adds 15 runs under

In the Kidderminster first innings, J Greenwood was bowled by Shrewsbury but it is not shown which bowled
J Penn was also caught by Shrewsbury but it is not known which
In the Kidderminster second innings, A Shillo and A Millward was caught by Shrewsbury but it is not shown which





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