Women's World Cup Head to Head Records

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Australia v Denmark
Australia v England
Australia v India
Australia v International XI
Australia v Ireland
Australia v Jamaica
Australia v Netherlands
Australia v New Zealand
Australia v Pakistan
Australia v South Africa
Australia v Sri Lanka
Australia v Trinidad and Tobago
Australia v West Indies
Australia v Young England
Denmark v Australia
Denmark v England
Denmark v India
Denmark v Ireland
Denmark v Netherlands
Denmark v New Zealand
Denmark v Pakistan
Denmark v South Africa
Denmark v West Indies
England v Australia
England v Denmark
England v India
England v International XI
England v Ireland
England v Jamaica
England v Netherlands
England v New Zealand
England v Pakistan
England v South Africa
England v Sri Lanka
England v Trinidad and Tobago
England v West Indies
England v Young England
India v Australia
India v Denmark
India v England
India v International XI
India v Ireland
India v Netherlands
India v New Zealand
India v Pakistan
India v South Africa
India v Sri Lanka
India v West Indies
International XI v Australia
International XI v England
International XI v India
International XI v Jamaica
International XI v New Zealand
International XI v Trinidad and Tobago
International XI v Young England
Ireland v Australia
Ireland v Denmark
Ireland v England
Ireland v India
Ireland v Netherlands
Ireland v New Zealand
Ireland v Pakistan
Ireland v South Africa
Ireland v Sri Lanka
Ireland v West Indies
Jamaica v Australia
Jamaica v England
Jamaica v International XI
Jamaica v New Zealand
Jamaica v Trinidad and Tobago
Jamaica v Young England
Netherlands v Australia
Netherlands v Denmark
Netherlands v England
Netherlands v India
Netherlands v Ireland
Netherlands v New Zealand
Netherlands v South Africa
Netherlands v Sri Lanka
Netherlands v West Indies
New Zealand v Australia
New Zealand v Denmark
New Zealand v England
New Zealand v India
New Zealand v International XI
New Zealand v Ireland
New Zealand v Jamaica
New Zealand v Netherlands
New Zealand v Pakistan
New Zealand v South Africa
New Zealand v Sri Lanka
New Zealand v Trinidad and Tobago
New Zealand v West Indies
New Zealand v Young England
Pakistan v Australia
Pakistan v Denmark
Pakistan v England
Pakistan v India
Pakistan v Ireland
Pakistan v New Zealand
Pakistan v South Africa
Pakistan v Sri Lanka
Pakistan v West Indies
South Africa v Australia
South Africa v Denmark
South Africa v England
South Africa v India
South Africa v Ireland
South Africa v Netherlands
South Africa v New Zealand
South Africa v Pakistan
South Africa v Sri Lanka
South Africa v West Indies
Sri Lanka v Australia
Sri Lanka v England
Sri Lanka v India
Sri Lanka v Ireland
Sri Lanka v Netherlands
Sri Lanka v New Zealand
Sri Lanka v Pakistan
Sri Lanka v South Africa
Sri Lanka v West Indies
Trinidad and Tobago v Australia
Trinidad and Tobago v England
Trinidad and Tobago v International XI
Trinidad and Tobago v Jamaica
Trinidad and Tobago v New Zealand
Trinidad and Tobago v Young England
West Indies v Australia
West Indies v Denmark
West Indies v England
West Indies v India
West Indies v Ireland
West Indies v Netherlands
West Indies v New Zealand
West Indies v Pakistan
West Indies v South Africa
West Indies v Sri Lanka
Young England v Australia
Young England v England
Young England v International XI
Young England v Jamaica
Young England v New Zealand
Young England v Trinidad and Tobago





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